Picture Frame Crafts for Senior Activities

Picture frame crafts can be simple or very fancy, and perfect to give as gifts. Plus, frame your own art or photo. These crafts make great senior activities too. And simple to modify for those who need extra help, as with the beaded frame.

The best type of frame to use is one with a flat, somewhat wide frame area, so you have a good surface on which to glue your decorations. This can be worked around, however, depending on what you are gluing on. Besides using what I have at home, I pick up inexpensive frames at thrift stores, dollar stores, flea markets, etc.

Picture Frame Crafts – Ideas

Themes — First, choose the theme for your picture frame crafts. Are you giving it away? Does the recipient have a favorite hobby, like gardening, sailing, a sport like golf? You can use a variety of golf tees, and even a golf ball, depending on the size of the frame.

How about fishing? Try tackle, lures (remove the hooks), bobbers. And there’s the sewing theme. Or a frame for an artist — use old tubes of paint, brushes, etc., plus paint blobs like a palette. The sky’s the limit.

Cookie Cutter Frames

Or perhaps you’re decorating a frame for a holiday or festivity, like Valentine’s Day. You can find all sorts of decorations, doilies, heart shaped buttons, even candy.

These heart frames could also be painted white and used for a wedding or anniversary. Or used another shaped cookie cutter for Christmas, Halloween, or a birthday. A more general shaped cookie cutter, such as a flower, can be used for any occasion.

Candy Picture Frame Crafts

How about candy? Yes, you can glue hard candies on to a frame (not chocolates!).

You can get variety bags of candy inexpensively at most dollar stores. Or have your group all bring candy from home and share.

After gluing candies in place, you must apply several coats of water-based varnish, drying the frame several hours between coats. Obviously, candy picture frame crafts are not edible — but are cute!

The Beaded Frame

This beaded frame, pictured on the top of the page, is a cinch to make. You may want a color scheme. Try an all-white theme (perfect for weddings or anniversaries). Or pink and white for Valentine’s Day.

You may want to have a variety of bead sizes, but not necessary. Do you have an old bracelet or necklace? If not, you can get them cheap at a garage sale or thrift store. If you’re doing this with a group, have everyone bring something in, and share! You may want to glue on a pattern or just random groups of beads.

Frame with gold beads.

You will need:

Glue gun

Old newspaper to spread under project

Picture frame, any size, but 5×7 is very good to start with

Variety of beads — think of color and size

Plastic container(s) for beads, by color and/or size

Acrylic paint – optional if you need to paint the frame first

Cover your work surface with old newspapers. Make sure the frame is clean and in good repair. Paint it first with acrylic paint, if necessary, and dry thoroughly, at least one hour or according to directions.

You can even paint the frame in a color that contrasts with your beads. If you’re making a frame for a special occasion such as an anniversary or wedding, you can paint the frame gold, silver, or white, and use the same color of beads – metallic gold, silver, or pearls.

It’s easiest to have your beads ready in a plastic container. Then just use the glue gun to adhere them, one by one. It actually goes fast! Let the glue dry thoroughly before putting anything in the frame. That’s it!

Patriotic Frame

Patriotic themes and colors are always popular, whether with national or local colors and symbols.

You can also make the matching ornaments with it. These also make really nice 4th of July crafts. Use the ornament idea for any holiday — not just Christmas!

Rope Frame

The image for your picture frame crafts made with rope depends on the kind of rope you use. The one shown here uses nylon and is sort of nautical. But you could also use hemp rope or fiber rope of the type used on a farm or in camping. Then choose your picture.

Rope frames can capture your memories in a conventional style

You will need:

Use a regular picture frame or get creative

Cut heavy cardboard or foam for backing into a shape

A length of rope, as long as you need, with a little overlap

Glue gun or contact glue

Spray glue (if needed)

Clear contact paper, or laminating machine (optional)

The easy way — You can certainly just glue the rope around the edges of a frame you already have.

Creative shapes — But this one has a creative shape that no regular backing or glass would fit. So, a backing was cut in the shape from heavy cardboard.

Choose a print, magazine picture, photo, etc., and cut it to the shape of your backing. If you’re using a regular frame, just insert the picture behind the glass.

Otherwise, with a creative shape you won’t have glass. So, you can laminate the image, or cover it with a piece of clear contact paper, for protection. After covering it attach the image to your backing with spray glue, smoothing it out. Dry.

Then glue the rope round the frame; or around the picture/backing, using plenty of strong glue. Dry. And you’re done!

Seashell Frame

The project to the right is a seashell frame craft submitted by one of our readers in our craft share forum. If you used a wider frame, you could fit even more small shells on it.

Any type of water picture would look great in it, including something beachy or with palm trees.

Seashell Frames could be a unique idea.

Some useful supplies

The following few items are going to be useful for you before you engage in different types of picture frame crafts. We have listed down some products which you can get delivered at your place directly from Amazon.com. These are based on customer reviews, and overall features related to quality.

Where to Buy
Mix of White Seashells - Set includes 1 Pound White Shells up to 3 inches - Home Decor, Vase Filler, Wedding Centerpiece, Christmas, Craft, Candle Making-Sea Shell Mix by Tumbler Home
American Flag Picture Frame
Beachcombers 5x7 Cream Rope Picture Frame Wood Composite Cotton Home Décor Coastal Nautical Marine 8.07x1.18x10.43 White


Mix of White Seashells by Tumbler Home Store

As we mentioned above, you can take a picture frame out of the seashells. Although you can get the seashells at the beach, what if there is no beach nearby. Or perhaps there are restrictions on travelling to the beach owing to recent situations of COVID-19. This product is recommended mainly because it is a part of Amazon’s choice products based on high number of sales and maximum average customer rating as well. It has received an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars which is why we recommend it as well.

As far as the technical aspects are considered, one pack weighs about 1 pound of white shells which are roughly 0.5 to 3 inches in their size. They are pure white and off white in color and you can easily make a small frame with just one packet. However, if you want a bigger frame, do order at least two packs.

American Flag Picture Frame by Burton & Burton

If you are an American and a wholehearted patriotic person, this one picture frame could be the best one. We all know that our seniors have participated in different types of wars for the sovereignty of America. Therefore, this could be the perfect gift for a senior perhaps with yours and their picture in them.

The full dimensions of this frame are 8 1/4″H X 6 1/4″W while it can hold a 4 by 6 inches photograph. For those who are not able to make a patriotic frame out themselves can get this one. It will truly depict the honorary memory that you might have with someone.

Beachcombers 5×7 Cream Rope Picture Frame

If you are looking for something cheap and valuable at the same time, this nautical-themed frame would be the perfect one. As we mentioned above, this is a rope style frame which adds more to the grace of the picture. Its dimensions are 8.07” W x 10.43” H x 1.18” D. while it weighs about 1.14 pounds. It can hold a 5” x 7” photo.

The average rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars which is why you should be sure that this is going to be a good quality choice.


Picture frame crafts are one of the most interesting activities for seniors because they would be having many different photos of different events of their life. They can be a perfect gift item too. In case you are not able to make one yourself, you can always buy some of the best frames online from the products that we mentioned above.