Plastic Egg Fairy Craft


If you are all bored up at home, you could start up with some common things at your place to design some unique crafts. Not only will this help you kill time but will also bring the element of creativity within you. We have several ideas regarding crafts and activities for seniors at our website.

Right now, let’s discuss how to make a plastic egg fairy from some common home items. In case you are not able to get all of them arranged from your home, be sure to check out the products we mentioned below which can be directly ordered from

Some uniquely colored and designed Easter Eggs

Making the Cute Fairy

The cute fairy craft is made out of a plastic Easter egg, so you can open it up and have a few surprise treats inside. You may have some extras of these types of eggs around. I had about a dozen of extras from over the years. And you can use them any time for any holiday, not just at Easter.

Here is what you do to make a fairy from an egg.

Materials you will need

Plastic Easter eggs, any colors

2 craft eyes

Fuzzy craft pompom for nose

Red & black markers to draw face

Hair – I used shredded paper. You could also use ribbon or a fancy bow.

Wings – I used fancy wired ribbon

Lid from an old bottle for a stand

Ribbon to wrap around stand

Strong craft glue or a glue gun (I think is better)

Treats for inside the egg


I like to have a color scheme going when I make crafts, so for this fairy I decided to make it in greens.

First put a thick area of glue on top of the egghead, then attach in lots of paper shreds (or other hair like ribbon). Add a little more glue to really hold it on. Glue the craft eyes and the pompom nose on to the egg. Then draw in the rest of the face with your markers.

Next cut 2 oval shapes from wide ribbon (or other material like net or lace) for the wings. Gather a wing at one end and secure by wrapping thread around it and tying the thread. When both wings are gathered and tied, then glue them onto the back of the egg. Make sure you use plenty of glue. It will dry clear.

Wrap a decorative ribbon around the bottle cap for the stand. Then just place the fairy onto its stand (after you’ve filled it with treats, of course!) As usual, if you want to make one of these for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, then just change the colors and the type of wings and ribbons. The wings could be heart shaped. You can even set the fairy on top of a (flat) chocolate candy heart.

Some colorful Easter Eggs.

Some Cool Easter Eggs to Get Started With!

Of course, the easter eggs are what matter the most in this craft. Here are a few best options which you can consider. We have mentioned both, the ones with a gift and the ones without a gift so you can choose as per your requirements.

Where to Buy
Plastic Easter Eggs Surprise Toys Blind Bags Colorful Assortment Bright Empty Shells, Crafts Basket Stuffers for Party Hunt Games (72 Pack)
TOMY Toomies Squeak Toy, Hide & Squeak Eggs
12 Pack Dinosaur Eggs with 3D Puzzle Dino Figure- Dinosaurs Party Favor Dino Supplies- Easter Eggs Toys Easter Basket Fillers Gifts for Kids
Aitey 3.9” Jumbo Filled Easter Eggs with Prefilled 12 Pack Pull Back Animal Vehicles, Easter Surprise Eggs Car Toys for Kids Easter Theme Party Favor, Easter Eggs Hunt, Basket Stuffers Fillers


Plastic Easter Eggs Surprise Toys Blind Bags Colorful Assortment Bright Empty Shells

Buy this one set and have all your crafts made. This one set comes in the packing of either 72 empty Easter eggshells or 144 empty Easter eggshells. This could be perfect for a birthday party too. You can make many fairies. Or perhaps make other items such as dolls. Afterall, creativity has no limits. Our main reason to recommend these is because they have been an Amazon’s choice product too.

What’s good about these shells is that they have been made from strong and durable plastic. As a result of this, your craft will last long and will not break off right away unlike many other products available in the market. There are eggs with a diameter of 1.5″ inches. These eggs come in 6 different colors and are equally distributed in whatever packing size you would choose.

TOMY Toomies Squeak Toy

Perhaps this is the best choice in the entire list, and we know that for sure because it already has different types of faces drawn up on the eggs. This means that you will be able to make your egg fairy in different types of faces. Each face represents a different emotion (happy, sad, excited, sleepy etc.). In addition to that, each egg contains a squeak toy as well.

They come with their own box designed to hold the eggs. Once you have made your craft, these can then be used for gift purposes as well or even a simple home decoration. We are sure you will love these plastic Easter eggs as they are just too cute.

12 Pack Dinosaur Eggs with 3D Puzzle Dino Figure

If you want to avoid the hassle of having the different toys in the eggs yourself, you can get these dinosaur design eggs by the Toyriffic Store. These are way cooler than the simple ones because of how the egg is an exact replica of an original dinosaur egg design which could add more to the creativity and be attractive for the children as well.

Each of the eggs comes with a dinosaur puzzle toy so that you can have the craft fairy giving out a treat as well. The dinosaur eggs are 3 inches in height. Most users liked the dinosaur eggs themselves.

Aitey 3.9” Jumbo Filled Easter Eggs with Prefilled 12 Pack Pull Back Animal Vehicles

If you want a different type of a gift for a party, these bull pack animal vehicles could be a great one. At a very reasonable price, you get 12 different colored eggs along with featured cars having animal face shapes. As far as there are any quality concerns, keep your mind stress free while purchasing these Easter eggs because they have a non-toxic plastic that is safe for the children.

Moreover, it is odor free so there aren’t any chances of bad smell and the child getting dissatisfied. We consider these eggs as a blind buy for everyone not just because of the quality or design, but also because there is a 100% money back guarantee with them (no questions asked).

Easter eggs like these could become the perfect craft item for a fairy.


The plastic egg fairy craft is a unique one, but one must try that sometime. Try doing it with some of the products that we mentioned above because they are an addition to the overall design and have a satisfactory quality too.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out a good way to hang these, like for a Christmas tree ornament. So, if anyone has an idea on how to get a cord or thread on it so it stays and hangs well, please make a post to this submission!

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