Sandalwood as a Sleep Aid and Other Natural Sleep Aids

Sleep has become an important problem these days. People struggle to get a good sleep no matter what they try at any time of the day, particularly at night. This is mainly because many people suffer from abnormal sleep cycles. Some only get proper sleep for 2 to 4 hours after which they wake up and cannot sleep again. As a result of this, people feel tired all day and don’t even have a proper day at the office as well. To avoid any of this from happening, there are several natural sleep aids that you can try including Sandalwood. 

What are the Different Types of Natural Sleep Aids?

There are various forms of sleep aids that one can try. 


Sandalwood is a specific type of wood emerging from trees in Santalum Genus. The woods are aromatic and have several uses. They can be used in fragrances, drinks, essential oils, and many other areas as well. Sandalwood is considered to be one of the most expensive woods in the world. Over the past many years, Sandalwood and its benefits for sleep have also been noticed with the help of mass-scale research. 

According to one study, Sandalwood oil contains Santalol which helps the nervous system in reducing any form of abnormal behavior complexities. It helps in sedation. Healthline suggests that if you use Sandalwood essential oil for aromatherapy, it will help in calming your body, reducing stress levels, as well as improving the quality of sleep you have. You won’t wake up frequently if you use sandalwood for sleep. It also has several positive implications on one’s mood. Check out the best sandalwood essential oil we mentioned below. 


Melatonin is the name of hormone which regulates the function of sleeping inside the human body. Melatonin is a natural product produced in humans as well as plants. In case someone has abnormal levels of Melatonin in their body, they are likely to suffer from different types of sleep disorders. Often, Melatonin in your body could be low which is why you may find it difficult to sleep. 

For this reason, one can consume Melatonin supplements which help out in maintaining an appropriate level of sleep. Numerous studies have shown that Melatonin has several positive effects other than regulating sleep which include treatment of uterine disorder, cancer, high blood pressure, jet lag, migraine, anxiety, and other similar problems as well. Therefore, a Melatonin supplement would generally improve various psychological aspects within you which will allow you to live a fuller and much more active life.

Valerian Root

Valerian Root is yet another great natural supplement that can be used to treat different types of sleep problems as well as other health issues. This root is grown in parts of Asia as well as Europe. It will help in treating your insomnia, anxiety, stress, headaches, and even the different types of physical fatigue. It also helps in the treatment of different types of digestive disorders. For women, it can be used when there are any symptoms of menopause. Keep in mind that it does have a strong odor. 

Valerian Root


Chamomile is a herb that comes from the flowers of the Asteraceae plant. Chamomile brings several health benefits to the human body. One can easily have an improvement in their skin tone as well as relieve themselves from different types of skin problems. For patients with cancer, chamomile is used to treat the mouth sores that emerge as a result of cancer treatment. Chamomile tea is a popular way to increase the consumption of chamomile and gain numerous health benefits as highlighted. 

Chamomile essential oil is one of the ways in which it is used to treat sleeplessness, anxiety, and different types of digestive disorders as well. You can use it for aromatherapy every night and have a peaceful sleep. The scent is quite pleasing and helps you have a deep good night’s sleep without any problems. 

You may also try using a weighted blanket to make your sleep more comfortable. If you are interested to learn about it, read our Ultimate Guide to Weighted Blankets.

Expert Recommendation

If you are someone who wants to see quick results and are not willing to let yourself to the different types of fragrances, you can try out the capsules or gummies that we have mentioned. If you want to just stick to non-consumable aids, you can use the essential oils. We recommend all of the essential oils mentioned above because all of them come with a  money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the product, simply return it. 

If you are looking for more recommendations, you may also read our article Wheatgrass for Sleep Issues.


Sandalwood is a great natural sleeping aid and you can use it in the form of sandalwood essential oil as highlighted above. However, if you are looking for something different, there are other natural sleeping aids as well which we have mentioned above. You can get any of those as all of them have worked well for different types of users. Keep in mind that other factors such as a good mattress also matter for sleeping.