ScarAway Review: Are Silicone Scar Sheets Effective

Scars are often great for telling stories about how we got them to begin with. However, most people would rather not tell the same story over and over again whenever a scar is pointed out. If a scar is hurting your confidence and making you increasingly self-conscious its best to consider treatment.

However, with all the different scar creams, gels, patches and sheets it is difficult to discern which product is best for you. This ScarAway review delves into all the details of ScarAway silicone scar sheets so that you can know if the product is right for you.

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What are ScarAway silicone scar sheets?

ScarAway silicone scar sheets are adhesive silicone strips. Patented with silicon technology, these sheets are made with a specific type of silicone that makes the material flexible, durable and breathable. The smooth fabric is lined on one side of the sheet while the other is made from specifically formulated silicone.

ScarAway silicone sheets can heal most scars broadly including…

  • Burn scars (both hypertrophic, keloid and contractures burn scars)
  • Scars from surgery
  • Wound scars (such as scars from gashes or cuts)

Keep in mind however that these silicone scar sheets are not effective in treating indented scars like ice pick scars from acne.

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How do these scar sheets heal the skin?

Ultimately ScarAway silicone scar sheets can shrink, flatten and restore skin color in scars. You might be wondering how exactly a silicone strip can be effective in treating scars. Below you can find out.

Softening scar tissue

Scars get their rough, and often times raised appearance by some of the excess collagen fibers that form the scar. These tough fibers heal up the skin effectively but unfortunately, often times don’t make the skin look like it was before.

These silicone scar sheets first soften up the skin in order to break down these collagen fibers that give structure to these scars.

Maintaining an ideal healing environment

ScarAway silicone scar sheets primary purpose is to create an ideal healing environment for the skin. When is your skin is exposed to your environment as it always is, outside forces impede the healing of the skin. For example, if you get a scrape on the arm and allow it to heal on its own, when it is an open wound it will take in bacteria which the body will actively fight off. This reaction can slow the healing process and in addition, change the texture of the skin after healing and thus leave a scar.

Ultimately ScarAway silicone sheets create a little micro-environment- a little healing bubble. Shielded from the external elements these silicone sheets allow the skin to recover uninterrupted and in a relatively sterile environment. This way the skin can heal at a relatively faster rate of speed to diminish the appearance of the scar.

Forming of fresh skin

As the silicone sheet continues to soften your skin, the dermis becomes more malleable as new skin forms. As the tougher scarred skin breaks down, fresh new skin will replace it in a way that matches the color and texture of the surrounding skin.

What makes ScarAway silicone scar sheets stand out?

These particular silicone scar sheets have unique advantages over other products. As a result, they have an edge in some respects that separates ScarAway sheets from other products.

Breathable sheets

Many silicone scar sheets don’t provide enough air flow to the healing wound. However proper breath-ability is essential to the healing process. If there isn’t enough air flow, you risk infecting the scarred area. Bacteria and fungi thrive in dark, dank and moist conditions so when you close off your skin with a patch that doesn’t allow air flow, the infection will likely result. This can slow the healing process and potentially even widen the scar.

ScarAway silicone scar sheets are some of the most breathable scar sheets on the market. The quality of material still blocks the healing skin from the influences of the environment but simultaneously allows for proper circulation.

High-quality material

ScarAway uses silon technology in its sheets. Silon silocone, which was formerly only exclusively used by hospitals and the military, is of the best quality material for scar strips. Trusted by surgeons and dermatologists alike, these scar sheets are of the best quality.

However, not all brands use the same silon material in their scar sheets. To undercut prices,  many brands instead use cheaper silicone material which simply is not as effective. This cheaper material can be lacking in strength and adhesion or it simply might not allow for the proper air circulation necessary to heal scars properly.

Thickness of material

scaraway review

ScarAway silicone scar sheets are thin relative to many other sheets on the market. Pads are also an option for scar treatment instead of sheets. However, since these pads are much thicker, they often don’t allow for proper air circulation. Not only that but they are significantly less comfortable and more prone to peeling off if rubbed the wrong way. ScarAway’s sheets are thin enough so that they still shield the healing area from the environment but also provide flexibility and comfort that other pads lack.

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How to apply ScarAway silicone scar sheets

First and foremost it is important that you do not apply these strips to an open wound. If you do have an open wound you should use a bandage until the skin closes up. Once the area closes up, lightly wash the area with soap. From there you can cut the scar sheet to fit the size of the scar. Place the silicone sheet with the adhesive side directly over the scar. You may wear the sheet for up to 12 hours a day and reuse the sheet after washing for up to 7 days.

Pros- ScarAway Reviewscaraway review

  • Scar sheets recommended by surgeons and dermatologist as a viable treatment for scar
  • Relatively more affordable than in-office procedures
  • Sheets are flexible and comfortable
  • Effective in flattening out scars and restoring original skin color. In turn, the area will blend right into the surrounding skin
  • Sheets are washable and reusable for a full 7 days of use

Cons- ScarAway Reviewscaraway scar sheet review

  • To truly be able to reduce the  appearance of the scar  you must be sure to wear the material 12 hours a day, wash the sheets regularly and consistently use them for months
  • Some people are self-conscious about wearing the  material on certain areas
  • Unfortunately, you can not use these silicone scar sheets for indented scars. Any scars that you can identify such as ice pick scars  require other treatment

Verdictsilicone scar sheets

Ultimately to conclude this ScarAway review, ScarAway silicone scar sheets are some of the most effective scar sheets on the market, if not the best. The price is slightly higher than some of its competitors but for the amazing quality of the material, it is surely worth the money. It is better to spend a little bit more for the best quality product and a lifetime of scar-free skin rather than going with a cheaper product and being unable to get rid of your scar.

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Thank you for reading this ScarAway silicone scar sheets review. We hope it helped!

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