Smart Products to Help You Fall Asleep Faster

Most of us might be experiencing some difficulties in sleeping once in a while. This is the reason why a lot of people are trying to find ways on how to improve their sleep quality. There are some who takes different kinds of medicines or drink herbal teas that they believe would help them fall asleep faster. Sleeping pills are not proven to work effectively for most people and some might experience dangerous side effects from them especially when taken incorrectly.

But with the advancement of technology, you no longer have to rely on taking sleeping pills or counting sheep just to doze off easily. It’s because there are now smart products such as sleep trackers, apps, and other natural sleep aids that can help you fall asleep faster. If you want to know more, here are some of them.

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Temperature Regulating Bed Sheets
Eclipse Blackout Curtain
Sleep Envie Pillow
C-Sleep Smart LED Light
URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser
Polar Smart Band
Dodow – Sleep Aid Device
Remee Sleep Mask
Hello Sense Sleep Monitor System


1. Temperature Regulating Bed Sheets

Most of us are unable to fall asleep because of the uncomfortable temperature. Sometimes we get awakened by the heat especially when our roommates tend to keep the air off because they are cold. But today, you no longer have to experience sleepless hot summer nights with the use of these temperature regulating bed sheets.

These sheets are more breathable compared to regular bed sheets and they will definitely keep you cool when you sleep. They can make you feel warm in the winter and fresh in the summer. They are made with a single ply satin weave making them soft and smooth and looking elegant as well. These bed sheets are mostly used in famous hotels such as Marriott, Sheraton, and Hilton by Doubletree.

2. Eclipse Blackout Curtain

You will be able to make a more conducive sleep environment when your room is as dark as possible because it’s difficult to sleep when there’s a warning light visible such as city lights or street lights and as well as when the sun is shining especially during summer when the sun rises earlier.

With this, the Eclipse blackout curtain will help you in keeping your room as dark as possible. More than being a decorative accent in your bedroom, this curtain is able to block 99 percent of intrusive light, as well as reduce unwanted noise that will make your sleep more peaceful.

3. Sleep Envie Pillow

Another thing that may be hindering you from falling asleep faster is your lumpy old pillow especially during times that you’re stressed. But before you go out to buy a new pillow, you might want to check out the Sleep Envie pillow first.

This pillow is made with a soft memory foam that will give your head and neck total support and supreme comfort. It will help align your spine and will prevent you from waking up with neck and shoulder pain. Not only will it enable you to sleep faster, but it will also give you a comfortable sleep.

4. C-Sleep Smart LED Light

Light is known to keep us awake at night even those from other rooms that’s why it’s advisable to turn down the lights in your home at the end of the day. Lower lights promote the natural melatonin production of your brain which is known as your sleep hormone. With this, the C-Sleep smart LED light can help you.

It is a Bluetooth light bulb that can emit calm light at night and vibrant light in the morning. Since it works through an app, you can easily brighten and dim it without having to get out of bed.

5. URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

One of the best ways that can help you sleep faster is by using essential oils. You can place this essential oil diffuser inside your bedroom. It is a great solution for insomnia, stress, and even sinus congestion. Using lavender scent is great because it is known to promote relaxation and can calm the mind. It is advisable to use this 30 minutes before you go to bed.

6. Polar Smart Band

This is an activity tracker that can also monitor your sleep patterns. With this device, you will be able to track the number of hours you sleep. This way, you will be aware if you’re getting the right amount of sleep and if you sleep around the same time every day.

This smart band can record different metrics as you sleep such as the total duration of your sleep, the time you fall asleep and wake up, and your actual sleep time. It also allows you to rate your sleep the next morning and it will provide feedback on ways to achieve better sleep. This device will help you adjust your sleeping schedules for better sleep.

7. Dodow – Sleep Aid Device

This is a smart digital sleep lamp that is designed especially for people who suffer from insomnia to help them sleep faster. This device uses a hypnotizing blue light to coordinate with your body’s natural resting state, slowing down your breaths and stimulating your mind. This device will teach you how to fall asleep naturally without taking any pills. It is also a great device for people who are stressed and always restless.

8. Remee Sleep Mask

This is a sleep mask that can help enhance your REM sleep. It is during our REM sleep that our blood flow decreases to the brain and goes to the muscles. This allows our bodies and minds to rest properly and recover. Remee Sleep Mask has customizable light signals that will help you increase dream recall that will improve your REM sleep.

9. Hello Sense Sleep Monitor System

This smart device will help you improve your sleep, wake up feeling great, and will help you learn how your bedroom’s environment affects your sleep. If you’re aware of your sleeping patterns, you will be able to easily cure your difficulties in falling asleep.

By using this sleep monitor system, you will be able to document the time you get into bed and the exact time to fall asleep. It can also record how long you sleep, and how many times you woke and for how long. Then when you wake up, it will let you know if you had enough sleep. If not, it will prescribe how much sleep you need to get.

Aside from its sleep tracking feature, this device also has some ambient sounds that will help you fall asleep faster. It also has sensors that will tell you if your environment, such as lights, temperature, air quality, sounds, and others, are affecting your sleep or lack of sleep.

10. Calm App

This is an app that you can install in your smartphone. It is focused on mindfulness and meditation which can help you have better sleep. It will allow you to do a guided meditation at night that will calm your anxiety and will promote deep sleep. This is a great app that is perfect for people who are having trouble falling asleep.

These are some of the best smart products for people who find it difficult to sleep at night. Some might say that gadgets should be limited in the bedroom, but not all of them should be avoided because there are some technologies that can help you sleep. We hope this list will help you find the best product that will help you fall asleep faster.