Swimming Headbands – Avoiding Ear and Hair Damage

A few alternatives are available to recreational swimmers for keeping water out of their ears when in the water. Many swimmers use silicone putty earplugs to keep their ears dry. Although this is far from foolproof, you might also try placing a swimming cap completely around your head.

The swimmer’s swimming headband is another choice for protecting your ears, and in this article, we’ll discuss its benefits and offer you a list of the top headbands on the market.

What Are Swimming Headbands?

When combined with earplugs, headbands are a doctor-recommended means of ear protection. It’s crucial to realize that a swimming ear band won’t keep your ears dry on its own. You must use them in tandem with earplugs.

Whether you have a perforated eardrum, are prone to ear infections (aka swimmer’s ear), are tired of having to apply ear drops for swimming each time you climb out of the water or wear ear tubes, the ear band keeps your ears dry so you can concentrate on having fun in the water.

Benefits of Using Swimming Headbands


Kids Adore Them!

Adults adore them as well! Ear bands are safe, comfortable, and effective. Adults and children love the soothing feeling of increased protection and security that headbands provide when worn over waterproof earplugs. Relax and enjoy yourself knowing that your or your child’s ear cover is securely fastened.

Keep the Water Out and the Earplugs in

During water sports, a headband keeps personalized earmolds and earplugs in place. These ear bands, which provide an additional layer of protection over earplugs, also assist in keeping children from fussing with or removing their ear protection.

The Perfect Combination for Total Protection

When worn simultaneously, ear bands and earplugs make an effective barrier to keeping water from the ear canals.


Headbands are great for swimming, canoeing, water skiing, bathing, kayaking, surfing, and other water activities. They not only help keep earplugs in place, but they also keep ears warm during winter and cold aquatic activities, and they keep hair out of your face. Bring them to the beach, the pool, or the lake.

Doctor Recommended and Aids in the Prevention of Ear Infections

Don’t allow painful ear infections to ruin another enjoyable occasion. Ear bands are suggested by doctors when used in conjunction with waterproof earplugs for those who have ear tubes (myringotomy tubes), swimmer’s ear infections (otitis externa), eardrum perforations, and middle ear infections (otitis media). Wear ear bands and earplugs, and be certain that your and your children’s ears are safe.

Best Swimming Headbands


Mack’s Ear Band Swimming Headband

Mack’s has long been a poolside fixture. The Mack’s Ear Band Headband is designed to be used with their waterproof earplugs to provide double-layer ear protection. It is comprised of neoprene, the same material used to make wetsuits.

The headband is tough, elastic, and floats, making it ideal for those times when it falls off your head like a glorious cannonball. This headband is our top recommendation for the best swimming ear band when combined with a pair of silicone earplugs.

These reversible swimming headbands come in purple and blue and include a Velcro clasp, which you can adjust to fit kids to medium-sized adults. They’re comprised of chlorine-resistant neoprene and will keep your head toasty.

Not only that, but they’re also helping to keep waterproof headphones in place while swimming—perfect for the beach or pool!

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Ear Band-It Swimming Headband

The Ear Band-It Headband is quite similar to the Macks Headband, but it includes more alternatives for swimmers wishing to protect their ears in the water.

To begin, the Ear Band-It is available in three sizes: small for babies (1-3 years old), medium for toddlers and older kids (4-9 old), and big for adults (10 years old). They also come in 10 different color combinations if you want more color schemes.

These headbands, made of long-lasting neoprene, keep water out by holding earplugs securely in place and contain a grippy inside lining to keep the band from sliding off. They’re thicker than other ear band headbands for extra warmth, and they’re the only ones that come in infant sizes.

NOVOs Swimming Ear band

The NOVOs Swimming Earband Headband is available in several designs and colors, allowing you to choose the look and style you desire wrapped around your head. They are available in two sizes: medium for kids aged 4 to 9 and large for children aged 10 to adults.

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This headband is available in ten sizes and is constructed of soft neoprene on the head. It does not exist in infant sizes, but it includes an adjustable Velcro clasp to hold the headband securely. This 3mm thick headband comes with a storage bag as well.

Sync Hair Guard & Ear Guard Headband

Sync Hair Guard & Ear Guard Headband is perfect for putting beneath swim caps to give an extra layer of protection. You can use it as an extension to your swim hat for hair security, or you can wear it on its own for ear protection. This headband, like other headbands, protects your hair and ears while swimming in a pool, beach, lake, or bath.

The Good Ears Swimming Headband

When swimming with earplugs, the Good Ears Swimming Headband adds an extra layer of protection and helps keep them in place. You can wear swim goggles over this headband.

It is a robust, low-maintenance headband made of neoprene that insulates against cold. It is designed to impress and built to stay. These swimming headbands are also fully adjustable thanks to the velcro closure. As a result, they should suit most men, women, teens, and children over the age of five.

Will & Fox Swimming Headband With Earplugs

This soft-to-the-touch and long-lasting headband is tight-fitting to avoid sliding. The swim headband secures earplugs, providing a double layer of protection.

It’s made of a lightweight, quick-drying, and silky fabric. It’s also machine-washable, so you can quickly wash, hang, and dry them! This headband is made of premium neoprene and is resistant to wear and tear.

Your and your kid’s ears will be kept dry by the headband. This all-star headband stretches and fits snugly around the head, keeping water out of your face during exciting water activities.

The adjustable velcro snaps on the Will & Fox Swimming Headband ensure a great fit for children of all ages. So, no more slipping headbands while swimming at the beach or in the pool.