Free For Seniors- For Your Senior Activities

An elderly enjoying a bicycle ride

Free for senior activities include all those activities that do not cost a single penny and keep the elderly engaged. While there are other activities such as playing games or simply taking a walk in a nearby park, there are photos, artwork, reading material, and e-frames on the other hand as well … Read more

Best June Senior Activities

Elderly playing golf

If you’re looking for some June senior activities that go beyond the ordinary, you’ve come to the right page. Whether crafts, recipes and food, games, outdoor fun, outings, we’ve got all sorts of ideas. And some are quite unique. They’re suitable for, or can be modified for any abilities, and individuals or … Read more

Sizzling Summer Senior Activities

An elderly enjoying nature

The summer season is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year. You have the opportunity to go on field trips, participate in annual festivals, and indulge in crafting activities. Since the season is not harsh or difficult on the seniors, even something simple such as a walk-in a nearby garden … Read more

Festive Valentines Crafts for Seniors and Elderly

Some valentine crafts

Valentine’s day is an exciting part of the year, people exchange a lot of sweets and lovely gifts to celebrate the festivity of the event. While there are a lot of ready-made gifts that you can buy, there are also some brilliant ideas that you can use for making wonderful valentine’s day … Read more

Perfect Spring Senior Activities

A senior citizen playing golf

Spring is all about new life, rain, flowers, new growth; and our mood tends to perk up too. Many activities can now be brought outdoors. Here is a list of some of the activities that we think are best suited for the elderly. Fresh Strawberry Activities Strawberries are one of our favorite … Read more

Straw Bale Gardening For Seniors

Straw bale construction project in Willits, California

Straw bale gardening for seniors is a fantastically creative and easy way of gardening. Whether flower gardens or vegetables or herbs –  it’s almost like magic!  Especially if you don’t know how to garden. Or have only a small garden space like a deck or patio. What is so amazing about straw … Read more

Creative Elderly Stress Activities

A smiling old woman

Fun and effective elderly stress activities are an important part of overall senior care. And can help give relief and distraction from burdens that befall the aging. It should be noted that some seniors are introverts and need special and/or gentle urging to participate in some elderly stress activities. Others may have … Read more

Easy Halloween Crafts For Seniors and Elderly

A couple of Jacko-o-Lanterns

Halloween is an exciting time of the year and as it enjoys the status of one of the biggest festivals of the year. Young or old, age is just a number when it comes to enjoying the joy of halloween. As an adult or a senior citizen you may not be able … Read more

Outdoor Elderly Activities

An elderly couple bicycling 

Whether playing outdoor games, gardening, trying metal detecting, or visiting a park, there is always an activity to do outdoors, for almost anyone. Some ideas here are group outdoor activities, but some can be done solo as well. Elders/ Senior Citizens have a great range of interests. These outdoor elderly activities range … Read more

Dipping Chocolate Activities For Seniors and Elderly

An elderly couple enjoying outdoor activities

Dipping chocolate projects make wonderful gifts! Or at least a fun activity you can eat! It is perfect for the elderly and can also be done with kids. The examples here can also easily be modified for those who may have limitations. For your ease, we have prepared a guide for you. … Read more