Helping Seniors Remember with Picture Frames

a frame on an old wall

As a person grows older, their mind does not work as well as it used to. Therefore, their memory is not as sharp, and they start to forget more and more. However, for those who suffer from diseases such as dementia, it goes beyond normal forgetfulness, and they start to forget important …

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Best Fidget Toys for Seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Fidget Blanket for Dementia 14  x 22  MEMORY CARE WHOLESALE LOT | FREE EMBROIDERY | NEW LOWER PRICE for Six Fidget Quilts Alzheimer s Blanket by Restless Remedy

If you’re caring for an aging parent or a patient with Alzheimer’s or dementia, most of your day is most likely devoted to keeping them comfortable and safe as much as possible. You may have noticed that when a person with dementia becomes stressed or anxious, their hands become restless. They tend …

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Dealing with Personal Hygiene in Dementia Patients

Dementia is a disturbing condition in any case, but certain aspects of it are especially hard to deal with for the caregivers. One of the most common complaints about living with dementia patients is that they might lose their sense of personal hygiene. Regardless of how meticulous they were about cleanliness before, …

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Living with Dementia: How to Cope When Your Loved One Forgets You

When any of your loved ones is suffering from disease, their condition affects you as well. This is an especially disturbing phase of life when the condition in question is dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Such issues are characterized by memory regression, so much so that the patient might not even recognize their …

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Dealing with Dementia: What You Shouldn’t Do or Say

  Whether you’re a professional caregiver or are dealing with a loved one suffering from dementia, the situation isn’t easy to handle. When this condition is in the middle and later stages, there are several behavioral issues to contend with. In all cases, however, we are the ones who have to stay …

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Fulfilling Your Vows: Taking Care of A Spouse With Dementia

A couple holding hands, signifying unity, compassion, and support

They say the purest emotion a person can feel is love. Caring unconditionally for someone just because they exist is exceptionally pure and honest. And one of the best representations of this bond between two people is marriage. When you marry, you pledge never-ending trust and support to your loved one. It …

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Dementia Caregiving: Tips for When To Call The Doctor

old depressed man

Caring for the elderly at home can be a difficult and often challenging process. Caring for someone with Dementia is even harder. And an elderly loved one suffering from dementia can end up testing your patience and anger management. That is why it’s important that you be aware of when you require …

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Maintaining Healthy Conversations With A Dementia Patient

Patients with Dementia try to relax in familiar surroundings

Caring for elderly loved ones, especially those suffering from Dementia, can start testing your resolve pretty fast. It is quite common to be on the receiving end of an argument that makes no sense and be powerless to do anything about it. Furthermore, the patient’s recurring forgetfulness can get on your nerves …

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Top 7 Dementia Guidebooks

Books are a remarkable and best source of getting knowledge or guidelines regarding any aspect of life. Families or caregivers who are taking care of people with dementia may not have proper knowledge about its prevention, how to deal with it, and most of all, how to improve the person’s physical condition …

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Best Activity Books for Dementia Patients

Need a hand in helping people with dementia to get more progressive results? Other than physicians and care centers, books can also be a beneficial source in preventing and treating dementia. Dementia can be reduced with the help of activity books. These books help sharpen cognitive skills and recall the memories. They …

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Best Effective Activities for Preventing Dementia

Dementia is a slow but progressive disease. The expense of treatment for dementia patients can frequently surpass the overall expense of cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Researchers are constantly looking for a cure and to pinpoint the particular reasons for dementia. Considering the harm that dementia can have on people, their families, …

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Tips to Encourage Someone with Dementia to Eat More

Alzheimer’s or dementia is a brain disease that causes damage to one’s cognitive and reasoning abilities, resulting in severe loss of his/her mental functioning. A person with dementia would not eat like a normal person; he will try to avoid even his favorite food. If you are a caregiver and your elderly …

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