The Best Activity Aprons for Dementia Patients

The advantages of “sensory stimulation” for dementia sufferers cannot be overstated. Countless researches have shown that keeping people with dementia helps promote a sense of achievement and may even prolong the period in which the patient stays independent.

One of the easiest way to promote sensory stimulation in seniors is to get them an activity patron. These have several pockets with items and unique fabrics placed onto it that a dementia patient can explore. The essentials in the apron are placed to offer tactical and visual stimulation to the individual by revealing objects and fabrics of various textures and colors.

Activity apron vendors may also achieve auditory inputs by housing objects that give off a noise when tapped, such as a few shell being dangled together). By making aprons with things that of interest or familiar to the elderly, the apron can offer a more personalized experience and offer a chance to reminisce old times. Modern technology has enabled vendors to create activity aprons with an area of interest to the individual, such as gardening, beach, or eating.

In addition, activity aprons can also be used as a calming product by assisting in encouraging the user to perform a quiet activity. Some caregivers can also use it as a distraction method to offer an alternate task for the individual to focus on.

Where to Buy
Special Needs Sensory Activity Apron (Adult Size)
Ddaisy Activity Apron Lap
FlagHouse Activity Apron
Activity Apron Elderly Excellent for Alzheimer Patients


Dementia Activity Aprons to Buy

 Now that you know about the benefits of using an activity apron, let’s take a look at the best options available on the market. Of course, make sure to evaluate the interest of your patient/loved one before making a purchase.

Special Needs Sensory Activity Apron

This activity apron is available for both kids and adults. The vendor says it helps in enhancing dressing skills, such as properly doing buttons and zips. You’ll also find multiple surfaces and textures on it to help increase tactile stimulation. Moreover, it allows for various hand activities in order to improve both hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity. And the fact that the apron offers a range of tasks to reduce boredom makes it ideal for dementia patients.

Ddaisy Activity Apron Lap

Suitable for both genders, this apron will enhance memories of many routines and tasks that seniors may have forgotten. Like the previous apron, it boasts various textures for tactical stimulation. Also, there are several activities to reduce the diversion of attention. Some of the item included in the apron include eyelet lacing, pocket color, belt buckle, zipper, and buttons area. The unique thing about this apron is that it’s made in the vendor’s studio one piece at a time. The vendor also uses quadruple and triple stitching to ensure they’ll last for a good period.

FlagHouse Activity Apron

This particular activity apron provides openings for eye-hand and fine-motor coordination practice all while smoothing “sensory input.” It’s perfect for the busy hands of people suffering from Alzheimer’s or other similar diseases. The apron itself features various areas that include a terrycloth flag, a buckle, a big zipper, edge flap with Velcro brand fasteners, a button pocket, a soft flannel area, and a bow to untie and tie the whole thing. According to the vendor, the apron is going to stimulate memories of the past. It’s also an ideal tool for seniors who’re frequently undressing and dressing. And the best part is that the apron is machine washable.

Activity Apron Elderly Excellent for Alzheimer Patients

This activity apron is made out of polyester, and offers a unique method for providing sensory stimulation in all phases of dementia. This versatile apron can help engage sufferers because its different textures and bright colors offer tactical and visual stimulation. The apron’s collection of beads, pockets, buttons, ties, and zippers also helps build fine motor and dexterity skills, which makes it suitable for those undergoing physical therapy. And because it’s 20-inches long and 32.5-inches wide, it has the capability to fit all adults. Your loved one is going to adore this activity patron as it keeps them busy in a healthy activity.

Who’s Eligible for These Aprons?

Elderly with dementia or Alzheimer’s may display signs of agitation or anxiety via fidgety hands. Symptoms include rubbing hands together, wringing hands, keeping them in motion, and rubbing or pulling at clothes. Because activity aprons offer an ideal way to eliminate anxiety, offer comfort, and clam nerves, they’re best suited for dementia patients. In plain language, the aprons can help keep the sufferers hand busy in soothing, helpful ways.


That’s it. You’re now familiar with activity aprons and what are the best choices. Use them to make Alzheimer’s easier for your loved ones. You can even combine them with other similar things like coloring books to keep seniors busy. All of these things will ultimately enhance the motor skills and sensory abilities of patients, allowing them to return to normal life and take care of themselves as much as they can without supervision.