The Best Arm & Hammer Battery-Powered Toothbrushes

While Arm & Hammer is mostly known as a brand of baking soda, the company that owns the name has launched several different products for home use the brand’s reach in the world. There most popular recent products are laundry detergent, cat litter, deodorant, and toothpaste.

However, the company has further extended its line of dental care products by releasing a few toothbrushes under the Spinbrush series. These are some of the best Arm & Hammer battery-powered toothbrushes that you can buy online.

Where to Buy
Spinbrush Pro White
Spinbrush Pro Clean
Spinbrush Pro+ Deep Clean
Spinbrush Pro+ Gum Health
Spinbrush Pro+ Extra White
Spinbrush Pro Sensitive
Kid’s Spinbrush Super Mario Edition
Kid’s Spinbrush Spider-Man Edition


1. Spinbrush Pro White

The Spinbrush Pro White toothbrush is a best-seller that has dual-action brushing technology, where the top bristles spin and the bottom bristles move side to side. Its handle is not bulky like most battery-powered toothbrushes, and one might mistake that it is a manual toothbrush because of its simplistic design.

Furthermore, if ever its head gets damages or its bristles are not effective in cleaning the teeth anymore, you may take the head off and insert a Spinbrush replacement head. A few great Spinbrush replacement heads include the Pro Clean, the Pro+ Deep Clean, and the Truly Radiant Deep Clean. The default head that comes with the Pro White has Medium bristles, but there is also a Soft bristles version if you want the brush to feel gentler on your teeth.

2. Spinbrush Pro Clean

The Spinbrush Pro Clean is similar to the Pro White because of its dual-action technology and ergonomic shape, but this one has softer bristles that are effective in brushing off food debris and removing 70% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

Like the Pro White, you can replace the head of the Pro Clean if you feel like the bristles are too soft for you. However, keep in mind that only Spinbrush head is compatible with the toothbrush.

3. Spinbrush Pro+ Deep Clean

Instead of removing 70% more plaque, the Spinbrush Pro+ Deep Clean guarantees that it can eliminate 100% more plaque than a regular toothbrush. It features the dual-action technology typically found in Spinbrush toothbrushes, but it has longer bristles that can help clean hard-to-reach areas of the teeth.

In addition, the bristles have the Color-Wear feature that indicates when you should replace the toothbrush’s head. If the blue or green colors fade after three to four months of use, then you may swap the head with another one. While it is available in a solo pack, Arm & Hammer also offers this particular toothbrush in a value pack that contains two battery-powered toothbrushes and four Pro+ Deep Clean replacement heads.

4. Spinbrush Pro+ Gum Health

The fourth Spinbrush on the list is the Pro+ Gum Health, which has special soft bristles that can remove 2x more plaque along the gumline compared to other Spinbrush toothbrushes.

Because of its gum-focused capabilities, the Pro+ Gum Health is supposed to give your teeth a dentist-like clean because it can remove food debris not only on the surface of your teeth but also on the gums where a normal toothbrush may typically not be able to clean properly.

5. Spinbrush Pro+ Extra White

Next up is the Spinbrush Pro+ Extra White that has a special rotating whitening cup in the middle of the brush head that helps in whitening the teeth. Like all Spinbrush heads, the one found on the Pro+ Extra White has Color-Wear bristles that remind the user to change the replacement head when the colors fade.

Also, the Pro+ Extra White has extra-long bristles to reach narrow areas on the teeth for a complete clean. Similar to all the other Spinbrush toothbrushes, you can easily replace its head once it is damaged by purchasing a Spinbrush replacement head online.

6. Spinbrush Pro Sensitive

For those with sensitive teeth, the Spinbrush Pro Sensitive will be able to clean their teeth without aggravating their nerves. Instead of the dual-action technology, the Spinbrush Pro Sensitive bristles only move in a circular motion so that there won’t be any unnecessary movements on the brush that can cause toothache.

Moreover, the bristles are also more flexible than the ones found in other Spinbrush heads. However, if you are not suffering from sensitive teeth anymore, you may replace the Pro Sensitive head with a Spinbrush head with tougher bristles for better clean.

7. Kid’s Spinbrush Super Mario Edition

The Kid’s Spinbrush is the perfect toothbrush for children who are not yet able to use the other Spinbrush toothbrushes because of their large size. Specifically made for kids, this Spinbrush has a smaller handle that makes it suitable for tiny hands. The handle also features Mario from Nintendo’s Super Mario series of video games.

Like the Spinbrush heads for adults, the Kid’s Spinbrush head has rotating bristles at the top, but the side to side movement of the lower bristles are absent on this toothbrush.

8. Kid’s Spinbrush Spider-Man Edition

Another Spinbrush made for children, this edition of the Kid’s Spinbrush has an image of Spider-Man, a popular superhero first appearing in Marvel Comics’ Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1962. Same with the Super Mario edition, this Spinbrush has rotating bristles at the top and fixed bristles at the bottom for a more controlled clean for kids.

However, you cannot replace the head of the Kid’s Spinbrush, unlike the toothbrushes made for adults, and the same drawback is also present in the Super Mario edition. But this negative aspect of the Kid’s Spinbrush can be turned into a positive one since it allows you to surprise your kids with other designs if you are going to replace their current toothbrush.

With these excellent toothbrushes, Arm & Hammer has proven that they can effectively expand their business in the dental care industry. Look out for more Spinbrush products in the future as Arm & Hammer are currently focusing on developing high-quality toothbrushes and toothpastes.