The Best Moisturizing Socks for Dry and Cracked Feet

The Best Moisturizing Socks for Dry and Cracked Feet

Your humble pair of socks has gone a long way. Thanks to the combination of technological and medical advances, the socks of the 21st century are more than just something that you slip on before finally wearing your favorite pair of shoes. The socks of today have additional benefits apart from covering and protecting your feet. They even pamper your feet as you go along!

Our feet do not exactly get to have an off-season, because they keep on working for us all the time, all throughout the year. Our feet often get squeezed inside heavy boots during frigid winters; while they wear nothing but sandals under the punishing summer heat. Weather changes, together with our lifestyles and wearing inappropriate footwear, have led to a plethora of foot ailments such as dry and cracked feet.

Dry and cracked feet are a common problem among a lot of us. But we may not have the time to go a foot spa or to podiatrist to have our feet treated. Fortunately, these moisturizing socks are there to hydrate dry and cracked feet even as go about with our own daily routine. These moisturizing socks are beneficial especially to busy bees who may not have the time to treat themselves to a foot spa for the meantime.

These moisturizing socks basically have gel formulation in their lining, that’s why they are sometimes called “moisturizing gel socks.” They are designed to address your dry and cracked feet. One of the nice things about these socks is that you do not have to pause and take off your shoes to apply foot creams, oils or balms. These socks work by reducing dryness on your feet and restoring their natural softness and suppleness as you go along with your daily routine. You can also wear these moisturizing socks before going to bed (and we’d like to think that this is the best way to take advantage of these socks’ benefits).

Due to the increasing conusmer demand as well as growing competition among manufacturers, these moisturizing socks have become more affordable than ever.

The following are some of the best moisturizing sock brands that are highly recommended by satisfied users themselves:

Where to Buy
BelleSha Moisturizing Gel Socks
ZenToes Moisturizing Heel Socks
NatraCure Vented Gel Heel Sleeves
NatraCure 5-Toe Moisturizing Socks
Bememo Soft Ventilate Gel Heel Socks


1. BelleSha Moisturizing Gel Socks

These socks are often advertised as “spa treatment in the comfort of your own home,” and this claim could not be any truer! Like many other moisturizing socks, BelleSha Moisturizing Gel Socks feature specially formulated gel lining. They are guaranteed not to slip, slide or get out of place from your feet as these socks have “grippers” at the bottoms, making them comfortable to your feet. These socks also contain jojoba oil and vitamin which help in softening dry and coarse skin.

For best results, apply a moisturizing cream or lotion after taking a bath, then slip on these socks and let them remain on your feet for 30 to 60 minutes. Or, wear them before going to bed – you will see the big difference to your feet after you wake up!

2. ZenToes Moisturizing Heel Socks

These open-toed socks specifically target dry and cracked heels. ZenToes moisturizing socks help in healing and repairing ugly cracked toes while you do your daily routine or while you sleep. Once you remove these heel socks, you will see the big difference – your heels will feel soft and supple, and the cracks will become less visible too.

Like with many other moisturizing socks, ZenToes’ effect on your heels will be better if you also use your favorite moisturizing lotion, cream or balm. Just apply your foot lotion, cream or balm onto your heels before wearing ZenToes moisturizing socks.

3. NatraCure Vented Gel Heel Sleeves

Most of the moisturizing socks on the market are made from thick cotton, which means they do not have a lot of breathability. However, NatraCure Vented Gel Heel Sleeves are made of breathable fabric that makes them perfect for people who lead active lifestyles, such as athletes. These open-toed socks specifically targets dry and cracked heels, helping to restore its natural softness and suppleness. These sleeves are formulated with vitamin E, shea butter and aloe vera which replenish lost suppleness, sooth and then soften the skin on your heels. One of the best things about these heel sleeves is that it can comfortably fit a variety of shoe sizes, including very large ones; they can also accommodate wide feet.

4. NatraCure 5-Toe Moisturizing Socks

These socks are something you need to moisturize the entirety of your foot, including between the toes and the cuticles. These gel socks are formulated with a variety of good stuff – vitamin E, a blend of high-grade botanical oils and aloe vera, among others. Wearing these socks feel like you’re in a professional foot spa treatment but in the comfort of your own home. These socks are also hypoallergenic and washable so they are recommended for daily use. Wear them during the day or before going to bed.

5. Bememo Soft Ventilate Gel Heel Socks

If dry and cracked heels are especially an issue to you, get rid of them with Bememo Soft Ventilate Gel Heel Socks! Its open-toed design and light and soft fabric ensure breathability around your feet, while offering treatment to your dry, cracked and flaky heels. These socks are perfect for people whose active lifestyles tend to make their feet feeling hot, stifling and sweaty. These socks will make the feet and heels cool all day long. They are perfect for a variety of shoe sizes owing to their elasticity.

How to take care of moisturizing socks

Taking care of moisturizing socks will ensure them a longer useful life.

Most of these socks go by with simple hand washing, so do not ever wash them in the washing machine. Also, apply only mild detergent to clean and wash these socks. Do not use bleach or any other caustic detergent. Do not also dry-clean them.

As for drying moisturizing socks, they prefer to be air-dried under the shade. Do no put them to dry under direct sunlight.