Tips and Treatments for Candida

Dealing with candidiasis can be irritating and painful. The infection caused by a genus of yeasts called candida can present significant effects on the affected parts of the body.

Those who are infected with high amounts of candida in the mouth are suffering from thrush, a condition wherein the tongue and the parts around it like the tonsils and the throat will have white spots that can be painful when touched. For those who are infected in the vagina and the penis, they will be dealing with the condition that can be even more irritating than thrush as the yeasts are hidden away inside the vaginal canal or underneath the foreskin.


While candida is prevalent in our bodies, they will not start infecting us until our immune systems are not compromised. That is why medicines or supplements that can boost our body’s defenses are essential for us not to contract infectious candida and other pathogens that can cause serious diseases.

If you already have candidiasis, there are still oral and topical medications that you can use to fight the yeasts in your body. Here are a few of the best products to use for candidiasis.

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Prevention Mouth Rinse

For those suffering from thrush, one of the most effective ways to reduce the pain and get rid of the candida is by rinsing using a mouthwash, and the Prevention Mouth Rinse is the best product to use for this method according to online reviewers.

Some of the ingredients found on the Prevention Mouth Rise are deionized water, USP natural glycerin, and hydrogen peroxide, which are potent in killing germs, bacteria, and fungi.

The mouth rinse also has citric acid and menthol for a refreshing taste that will make the product much more pleasant in your mouth than other mouthwashes.

Cure Oils Essential Oil Oral Cure Treatment

The Cure Oils Oral Cure Treatment is an essential oil that you can use as a substitute to toothpaste for better results in fighting fungal infection in your mouth.

The essential oil is made from lavender, peppermint, ginger, and grapefruit, which does not only give the oil a satisfying taste but also provides added protection against fungi and bacteria.

You can spread the essential oil on your tongue and your gums by using a toothbrush, but if you want to be gentler, you can just use a cotton swab and dab the oil around your mouth.

Truremedy Naturals Remedy Soap

Those who are affected by skin candidiasis can use the Truremedy Natural Remedy Soap, which has tea tree oil and Aloe Vera to help alleviate the symptoms of the disease. It also contains rosemary and mint for a cool and refreshing feel on your body while soothing the irritation and itchiness caused by candidiasis and other skin conditions like athlete’s foot and dry skin.

Moreover, it can be used by those who have body odor, as the combined ingredients can help eliminate the bacteria causing the foul smell on your body.

Solpri Shield Antifungal Soap Bar

The Solpri Shield Soap Bar is similar to the Truremedy Naturals Soap, but it has the added benefits of orange and lime oil to give the skin a noticeable glow and a pleasing citrusy smell.

Lime oil and orange are said to be natural antioxidants that can help eliminate free radicals in the body. These free radicals can cause much more severe problems than what the candida can do, as the toxins are able to destroy DNA and hinder the proper growth of cells in the body, which can often lead to cancer.

Candida Wellness Candicyn Dietary Supplement

Women who are experiencing recurrent yeast infections can take a dietary supplement called Candicyn that can be helpful to control and fight back the candida in the body to prevent infection.

The Candicyn dietary supplement is made of zinc, berberine hydrochloride hydrate, Pau D’Arco inner bark leaf extract, cinnamon bark, oregano leaf extract, and ginger root. All of these ingredients are beneficial for proper candida management.

Monistat 1-Day Yeast Infection Treatment

The 1-Day Yeast Infection Treatment by Monistat comes with an Ovule insert and an external cream to eliminate the candida in the vagina from both the inside and the outside.

You can put the medicinal capsule inside the vaginal canal using the special insert, and then you can use the external cream to reduce the itchiness in the outer parts of the vagina that is caused by the yeast. The inserted capsule is supposed to remain in place for one day or night, but the apparatus that is used to insert it should be discarded immediately.

Both the insert and the external cream are made of Miconazole, which is the most common medication in treating infections brought by yeasts or fungi.

vH Essentials Prebiotic Vaginal Suppositories

Another medication that can be applied topically in the vagina, the vH Essentials Prebiotic Vaginal Suppositories is developed to protect the sensitive body part against yeast infections and other harmful diseases.

The vaginal suppositories contain lactic acid and fructooligosaccharides that are both potent in killing bacteria lurking around and inside the vagina.

To apply the suppositories, you would need a suppository applicator, and one of the best applicators in the market is the NutraBlast Disposable Vagina Suppository Applicators that you can easily buy online or in drug stores.

Yeast-Gard Advanced Homeopathic Treatment Capsules

The Yeast-Gard Treatment Capsule can be taken orally like the Candicyn dietary supplements, but it is made of entirely different ingredients such as homeopathic calcium carbonate, stone root, and potassium chloride that are specially used to relieve swelling, irritation, and itching associated with candidiases while destroying the abundant yeasts in the vagina.

It can help control the amount of candida in your body, and it can also improve your body’s defense to prevent them from infecting weak spots again.

The Yeast-Gard capsule should be taken at least once a day, and children who are suffering from yeast infection should consult the doctor first before taking the pills.