Tips and Treatments for Foot Blisters

Foot blisters can be tough to deal with, especially if they are painful and can hinder your movement. While foot blister can heal over time, some of us can’t afford to take a break or two from work or school just to wait for the irritating lumps of fluid in our feet to subside.


Treatments and medications have been developed to effectively heal foot blisters much quicker, but some can be much more potent than the others. Here are a few of the best treatments for foot blisters based on customer feedback and reviews online.

Where to Buy
Dr. Frederick's Original Better Blister Bandages - 12 ct Variety - Waterproof Hydrocolloid Bandages for Foot, Toe, Heel Blister Prevention & Recovery - Blister Pads
Compeed Advanced Blister Care Cushions 10 Count Medium Pads (2 Pack)
Compeed Advanced Blister Care Cushions 6 Count Small Pads (2 Pack)
Compeed Advanced Corn Blister Care Cushions 10 Count Pads (2 Pack)
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Miracle Heel Stick with UltraAloe, 2.5 Ounce Stick
Spenco 2nd Skin Squares Soothing Protection for Blisters, Hot Spots and Skin Irritations, Gel Squares 200-Count

1. Dr. Frederick’s Original Better Blister Bandages

The Better Blister Bandages by Dr. Frederick has been around for years, and it is still being used by most people due to its effectiveness and preventing blisters from occurring on the foot as well as protecting existing blisters from damage that can cause inflammation and infection.

One package includes six bandages for the heel, three bandages for the side of the first toe where bunions typically appear, and another three bandages to be placed on the second toe. These specific parts of the foot are usually the hot spots where blisters appear, and by using the blister bandages, you will be able to reduce the friction between those hots spots and your shoes, and you can also control the moisture buildup in those areas. Germs would often stay in spots with high moistures content, so using the bandages will prevent them from infecting a blister.

2. Compeed Advanced Blister Care Cushions

The Compeed Advanced Blister Cushions is similar to Dr. Frederick’s bandages, but it has active gel pads that will not only provide comfort for your foot while wearing stiff shoes, but it can also absorb moisture or sweat faster than a regular blister bandage.

The most popular size of the Compeed cushions is Medium, which is suitable for the heel, but there are also other sizes available for various parts of the foot. Small is for the side of the first toe, and the Corn Care size is for the smaller toes to prevent the development of calluses and painful corns in those spots. In addition, if you want the complete protection for your feet’s hotspots, you can buy the Combo Pack that has all the sizes of cushions mentioned.

3. Solemates Blister Block Anti-Friction Balm

For those that can get easily irritated by pads or bandages, they can use the Solemates Blister Block Anti-Friction Balm without applying any sticky products or substances in their foot. Also, while the blister bandages focus only on certain hot spots, the anti-friction balm by Solemates can be applied in any part of your foot.

The balm contains natural lubricants that can help moisturize the skin while controlling the buildup of sweat in your foot, which would often cause the presence of bacteria and bad odor. Once you apply the balm on your foot, it can provide protection against blisters for up to 6 hours, but its duration typically depends on whether you are always wearing shoes or constantly barefoot.

4. BodyGlide Foot Glide Anti-Blister Balm

Like the Solemates balm, the BodyGlide Foot Glide Anti-Blister Balm can also be applied anywhere on your foot. However, it is infused with Vitamin A and C to provide the skin with enough nutrients to make it softer and preventing drying or cracking.

The ingredients found in the anti-blister balm can also keep the pores of the skin free from excessive sweat and moisture that can lead to more fluid in blisters and bacterial infection. Also, it can reduce the inflammation of several skin conditions on the feet.

It has no fragrance, so this is perfect for those who hate the smell of lotions or ointments on their feet.

5. Badger Foot Balm

The Badger balm is another foot balm, but what differentiates the product from the other balms is that it contains peppermint and tea tree oils that give natural treatment for your foot.

Along with its use to heal blisters, the Badger foot balm can also treat other skin conditions such as eczema and athlete’s foot because of its moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties. It is also USDA Certified Organic, which means that there are no chemical residues or other harmful elements found in the balm.

6. Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion

Despite being used primarily to stop sweaty and smelly foot, it can also be applied to prevent blisters from occurring. If there are already blisters appearing on your foot, you can use the antiperspirant lotion to stop the blisters from getting larger due to excessive moisture caused by sweat.

Because it reduces sweat and moisture on your feet, bacteria, and other dangerous elements that are usually living in spots with lots of moisture will not be able to stay on your feet for long.

Besides the feet, there are also Carpe lotions for the underarmshands, and face, which are body parts where plenty of sweat perspires.

7. Miracle of Aloe Miracle Heel Stick

The Miracle Heel Stick is specially made to alleviate the symptoms of blisters and painful dry or cracked skin in the heel using Aloe Vera for moisture and smoothness. This product is excellent for those who are always on high heels or wearing stiff boots as it gives protection to the heels by allowing less friction between the foot and the shoe while also being able to heal the damaged spots.

Along with Aloe Vera, the stick has cocoa butter, tea tree oil, and peppermint as well for a soothing feel on your heels. After applying, you may notice that your shoes smoothly glides on your foot, which proves that the heel stick if effective in reducing friction.

8. Spenco 2nd Skin Squares

The Spenco 2nd Skin Squares are clear adhesives that act as a second layer of skin and serve as protection against friction that can cause blisters and chafes. These adhesive squares are mostly made of water, so it won’t be painful to remove on the skin, and it also has a cooling or soothing effect to make it more comfortable to remain on your foot.

Since the squares are transparent, you can easily see the status of the covered blister without removing the adhesive if ever you are worried about it getting damaged or wounded.