Tips to Cutting Toenails When You Can’t Reach Your Feet

Cutting toenails is necessary to keep them neat and clean and to avoid certain complications, such as an ingrown or an infection. But what if you need to trim your toenails but you cannot reach down towards your feet?

Each person has his or her own reasons why they cannot reach their toenails to trim them. Sure, it may not be a big deal for a lot of people, because they can go to the salon to have a pedicure when they need it. But somehow, their inability to cut their toenails speaks their inability to do even such simple tasks… and sometimes, it leaves them helpless. Some people can be really bothered even just by thinking about it.  So what makes it difficult for them to cut their toenails?

Here are some of the possible reasons:

1) Excess weight

Being overweight or obese makes it hard for people to stretch and reach down to their feet. They may need help from someone else to cut their toenails for them.

2) Joint pains

Joint pains such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains or bursitis can limit a person’s flexibility. Thus, they may not be able to stretch down to cut their toenails.

3) Age

As people age, their bodies usually become less flexible, which can make cutting toenails more difficult, almost impossible and more painful. Also, their failing sight may render them unable to see which toenails they’re about to trim. This explains why many older people usually leave their toenails growing long because they cannot reach them.

4) Injury

People who sustain injuries, especially on the legs, feet, arms or hands, leave them physically challenged to clean their toenails. For instance, a person with an injured arm or hand cannot use them to trim their toenails. Or their injured feet have become severely wounded that they should be completely swathed with bandages. Or they have just undergone a hip surgery that they cannot bend down to cut their toenails.

5) Disability

People who are disabled as a result of genetic condition or injury will leave them physically challenged to do even the simplest tasks, such as cutting toenails.

Because of their failure to cut their toenails, they usually grow longer and become hardened and thickened. Thus, this makes cutting them even more troubling.  It can also be dangerous to cut your toenails on your own if you have a health condition. You may be able to have your home health care professional to help you.

6) Pregnancy

As pregnant women’s bellies become bigger, it will be harder for them to bend forward and reach down to their feet to cut their toenails.

How to cut your toenails when you can’t reach down to your feet?

If you’re in this situation, don’t lose hope! There are some tricks which will help you in cutting your toenails successfully – even without attempting to bend down to reach your feet.

1) Going to a salon or spa to have a pedicure.
2) Having someone to cut toenails for them.
3) Using a nail clipper with a long handle.
4) Using an automatic electric nail clipper.

Using special nail clippers

For people who cannot find time or who cannot afford to go to a salon, or who cannot find someone else to cut their toenails for them, the only option is to use special nail clippers.

For people who have excess weight or flexibility issues, these special nail clippers usually have long handles which enable them to reach their toenails and cut them more easily.

They can also find other special nail clippers which are run by batteries. These electric nail clippers usually work automatically.

BONUS TIP IN CUTTING TOENAILS: People with such problems usually leave their own toenails growing long and becoming thickened and hardened. And usually, such nails are causing them pain and they cannot be trimmed for some reason. Taking a bath and then applying a liberal amount of petroleum jelly on their toes can soften the nails, which will make cutting toenails much easier and less of a burden.

Here are some of the best nail clippers that are specially made for people who cannot reach their feet:


1. The Big Black Clipper

Measuring 22 inches long and weighing 62 ounces, this long nail clipper is also sharp that it can cut even the toughest and thickest nails. It satisfies the need of every people who have difficulty in cutting nails – you can see that satisfaction through reading its reviews on Amazon.

2. Easy Reach 4mm Toenail Clipper

Had a backache just by reaching down to your feet to cut your toenails? Suffer no more with the Easy Reach 4mm Toenail Clipper. As the handle is long, it takes some time of getting used to but you will eventually get the hang of it.

3. Happy Healthy Smart Finger and Toenail Scissors

This set of toenail scissors may be shorter than the first two on the list, measuring 20.955 cm or 8 1/4 inch in length. However, the handles are ergonomically intended to resemble those of a pair of scissors, giving you better control and comfort while trimming.

4. Three Seven (777) Nail Clipper

Three Seven (777)’s grooming products are made from South Korea and they are all of great quality. This toenail clipper is no exception. If you are suffering from flexibility issues, are obese or are pregnant, you can always rely on this product. It has a 4 millimeter-wide jaw opening that this nail clipper is also perfect for trimming really thick nails. It features an ergonomic design and a long handle for a more secure and more comfortable grip, plus it also has a built-in nail file.

5. Vanrro Electric Nail Clipper

This easy-to-use electric nail clipper eases the burden of putting your effort to cut nails… especially those thick and tough ones! Just switch it on and you’re ready to trim your nails. It is manufactured in such a way that it doesn’t hurt the fingers. It does not consume a lot of power, does not make a lot of noise, and is rechargeable.