Unusual and Useful Alarm Clocks

For busy people, sleep is a luxury, while for others, it could be a hobby or a pastime. However, the common problem we have when we fall into a really good sleep is how to wake up on time especially if we have work, class, a meeting, or any scheduled activity. With this, the most useful thing we use to be able to wake up on time is an alarm clock. In fact, it has been a must-have bedroom item for almost every one of us.  It can also be especially difficult to wake up kids from a deep slumber.

However, hearing the alarm clock’s ordinary ringing is kind of boring and sometimes it doesn’t wake us up anymore because we’re used to its sound. But no worries because we have solutions for that. If you’re a heavy sleeper and you find it difficult to wake up on time, we’ve gathered some of the unusual and useful alarm clocks which might be helpful for you.

Flying Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is committed to waking you up by making its propeller fly off the alarm. But that’s not what will make you get up the bed. It’s the loud sound it creates which blares throughout your room. The only way to stop the alarm clock is to use the machine’s propeller. An LCD screen with an alarm clock, a snooze button, and a blue background. This alarm clock has the appearance of a taking off helicopter. The time is displayed in a beautiful and accurate manner on the LCD screen. There is always the option to hit the snooze button on the LCD alarm clock if you’re not quite ready to face the day.

Clocky Robotic Alarm

Another good way to wake you up is by making you run after your alarm clock. Clocky robotic alarm can escape your nightstand and run around your room while making an annoying sound. You’ll have to catch it and turn it off. If you’re a heavy sleeper, you might want to have more than one of this.

Target Alarm Clock

If you like video games, specifically shooting games, then this is the perfect alarm clock for you. Once the alarm sound starts, what you need to do is shoot the bullseye using the laser target gun. You’ll really have to get up to be able to aim better and shoot the bullseye to turn off the alarm sound.

Shape Up Alarm Clock

More than waking you up in the morning, this alarm clock will also make you have your morning workout. When this clock’s alarm starts to sound, what you have to do is swing it up and down 30 times for the sound to stop. After turning it off, you’ve also finished a good morning workout for your biceps.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

This is probably the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers or mega-heavy sleepers. Its alarm has 113 decibels which are louder than a rock concert. It also comes with a bed shaker to make sure that you’ll get out of bed instantly. However, it’s not advisable to use this alarm every day because regular exposure to this level of loudness can make a person permanently deaf. Maybe you can use it if you have to wake up really early for a certain appointment.


This alarm clock will wake you up in a creative way. Not only it will wake you up, but it will also help you save money every day. It’s because to be able to turn off this clock’s alarm, you’ll have to put a coin in it. Isn’t it cool? It’s great for kids who find it hard to wake up early and save their pocket money as well.

Flip Alarm Clock

This is also a cool alarm clock which is useful in waking you up. Most of the alarm clocks we know have snooze buttons to make the alarm sound stop. For this clock, there are no buttons to press. What you need to do to shut off this bold alarm clock is to pick it up and flip it upside down.

Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Some find it hard to wake up especially when it’s still dark. If you’re someone who can be woken up by sunshine, then this is the perfect alarm clock for you. This alarm clock has a yellow light which appears like the natural light coming from the sun. It’s light gradually increases until it reaches your wake-up time. It also has a gentle beep but it can surely wake you up.

Screaming Meanie Alarm Clock

This alarm clock has three volume levels which are loud, louder, and loudest. It has a maximum of 120 decibels which is as loud as an ambulance siren. That loud sound will surely make you get out of bed.

These alarm clocks sure are unusual but very creative as well. Have you chosen the best one that will wake you up every morning?

If your senior loved one wakes up earlier than you, and you are worried that he or she might go somewhere or fall upon getting out of bed while you are still asleep, then you should check our Guide to Selecting Bed Alarms to learn about the different tools that you can use.