Wearing Flip Flops with Plantar Fasciitis

You know the pain of walking around in the wrong shoes if you’ve got plantar fasciitis. Your feet are uncomfortable with every step, without the proper support. If your heel pain comes and goes throughout the day, perhaps you need to rethink your overall remedy for your injury.

If you really want to relieve that heel pain, you need to take care of your feet all day long. While flip flops may not offer full support, wearing them can alleviate the pain of your heel. From kitchen to bed, to your mailbox, flip-flops for plantar fasciitis can be ideal for your tired feet.

Choosing the Right Flip Flop

Nothing beats like coming home and freeing your feet from wearing shoes all day. But the moment your bare feet step on the cold, hard floor — it can easily ruin your mood! Not to mention searing pain. Common foot ailments such as arthritis and plantar fasciitis can become worse when standing or walking on hard surfaces without proper arch support.

Here are some of the features of the best flip flops to choose from if you have plantar fasciitis:

Arch support

Not all flip-flops offer the same benefits, so if you have foot pain such as plantar fasciitis, choose flip-flops with good arch support. But finding a good pair of flip-flops with such support can be quite difficult, as most of them do no have any shock absorption and can aggravate the pain in many parts of your feet.

However, you can still find flip-flops that are designed for people with foot problems. They will help relieve pain and will help your feet remain comfortable throughout the time you’re wearing them.

  • Perfect for Home – If it’s your day off or you just want to stay at home or you just like to wear flip-flops, wearing a pair designed for arch support is perfect for wearing on a regular basis.
  • Convenient – These flip flops are easy on-and-off which means it’s convenient to wear at any point
  • Comfortable – Flip flops are even more breathable than slippers for your feet and of course shoes.

What to look for in a good Flip-Flop

There are no lots of components to assess when looking for the appropriate flip-flops for Plantar Fasciitis, but there are definitely a few key characteristics, such as:

  • You’ll want to have the proper arch support with a snug foot strap
  • Deep heel cup for motion stability
  • Comfortable and Functional
  • Must feel good and work to alleviate pain
  • A brand synonymous with foot health
  • Positive reports that they actually promote healing

Usual complaints of people suffering from plantar fasciitis who wear flip-flops 

  • Depending on how much you dislike strong heel support, these flip-flops may take a while to get used to.
  • They do not have an adequate ankle support.
  • Flip flops are more expensive than adding orthotic slippers you may already have

Here are some of the best Flip-Flops for Plantar Fasciitis that are available in the market today:

Where to Buy
Vionic Bryce Toe Post
Orthaheel Ryder
SOLE Sport Flips
Chaco Flip EcoTread
Spenco PolySorb Total Support Yumi
Orthaheel Tide Slide
OluKai ‘Ohana


1. Vionic Bryce Toe Post

These biochemically-contoured flip-slops are made of leather. It also features a triple-density EVA foam in the midsole for additional cushioning and stability. The VIBRAM outsole gives optimum traction, which means these flip-flops will do well on many kinds of surfaces.



  • They have strong arch-support
  • They have quality construction
  • It is a brand name for foot health


  • The high arches take getting used to
  • They are expensive versus the competition

2. Orthaheel Ryder

This podiatrist-designed flip flop is engineered to correct excess pronation and to bring your stride back to its natural motion. This Ryder flip flop also comes with a foam-lined strap and soft toe post for comfort and to prevent irritability, while at the same time giving the sandal a very dress-casual look.


  • Comfortable heel cushioning
  • Good arch support
  • Adjustable strap


  • They’re not good for narrow feet
  • It takes time to get used to hard sole

3. SOLE Sport Flips

This lightweight flip flop comes with an orthopedic footbed for maximum arch and heel support, which is optimal for the plantar fasciitis sufferer. These SOLE flips are waterproof, with non-marking outsoles, and it also comes with a forefoot cushion pad as an added benefit.


  • They have prominent arch support.
  • They are good for narrow feet.
  • They are great-looking sandals.


  • Strap material may cause initial blistering
  • The foot bed feels hard.

4. Chaco Flip EcoTread

This refers to their sandals as “the flips without the flop”, which is perfect for undercover operatives and people who just don’t like the added clacking in their stride. This Chaco Flip comes with a polyurethane foot bed and a slip-resistant design to optimize user experience, as well as a contoured heel cup and arch support for proper functionality.


  • Great arch support.
  • Excellent durability.
  • They have this nice, comfortable feel.


  • Tight-fitting out of the box
  • Strange footbed

5. Spenco PolySorb Total Support Yumi

This flip flop is one of the best sandals for comfort and support. With a compression-molded, contoured footbed, you can be sure that you are getting enough arch support with this flip flop. Not to mention that the Spenco name practically stands for foot health with its quality orthotic inserts and other reputable footwear products.


  • Great for flat feet
  • Medium arch support
  • Stable support for multiple types


  • They may cause something scuffing on floors
  • They have a cheap-ish look

6. Orthaheel Tide Slide

The Orthaheel brand finds itself on the top of the many “best flip-flops” list, once again. It has an excellent arch support that help in relieving pain from plantar fasciitis and other related pains, which is why people love these flip-flops. The deep heel cup also helps in correcting in correct motion control, stabilizing it.



  • Excellent support after the break-in period.
  • Lots of positive customer reviews.


  • The high arch takes getting used to.
  • They are quite expensive.

7. OluKai ‘Ohana

This sandal is a popular women’s flip flop for plantar fasciitis not only for its excellent arch support but also for its attractive design. You can be assured of comfort and support, which are provided by the compression-molded EVA midsole and a soft “drop-in” footbed.


  • They are comfortable.
  • They are supportive for high arches.


  • They may not be good for wide-footers.
  • It takes time to get used to.

8. Spenco PolySorb Total Support Yumi

This is considered as one of the best flip flops for plantar fasciitis. It provides a deep heel cup and orthotic-grade arch support to combat heel pain. This flip flop is lightweight, with a cushioned forefoot and non-marking soles which gives it high ratings all around.


  • Some very positive reviews
  • Plenty of design choices
  • Good arch support


  • Thin soles.
  • They feel flimsy and cheap.
  • The toe strap may cause discomfort.

9. CROCS Capri IV

CROCS are always a popular choice and this Capri IV has proven to be the favorite for those looking to settle their foot woes and look stylish at the same time. Its formed footbed and elevated heel provide a custom fit, while its “massage pods” keep your feet feeling cushioned at all times.


  • They offer good support
  • They feel very comfortable on soles
  • They are good for wide feet


  • Loose fitting straps
  • Some durability concerns

People with plantar fasciitis customers may rant that their cheap flip-flops cause them an unbearable foot or heel pain. This is because their flip flops or sandals lack proper support.  Many people keep wearing cheap flimsy flip-flops which keep pulling on their plantar fascia, which then causes great harm to their health.