What are Fat Burner Supplements and Do They Work?

Losing weight is regarded as one of the most difficult challenges or goals that a lot of people are trying to accomplish. This challenge forces you to learn different aspects of nutrition and fitness in order to get a fitter and healthier body.

While having a healthy diet and regular exercise is usually enough for you to lose weight, it would sometimes take years before you can get significant results. Luckily, there are fat burner supplements that you can take to burn faster and get fit faster. To know more about these supplements, here is a simple guide to fat burner supplements and their effectiveness.

What are Fat Burner Supplements?

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Fat burner supplements are ingestible supplements that increase your body’s resting metabolic rate. By having faster metabolism, you will be able to burn more calories and body fats while exercising or doing activities that make you sweat.

These fat burner supplements would sometimes also have ingredients that can help reduce fats in your body. In addition, they may also help in reducing your appetite, so you wouldn’t crave food frequently, especially after a hard workout.

Ingredients Found in Fat Burner Supplements


Fat burner supplements consist of different ingredients that serve various roles once they get inside the body. Here are more details about these ingredients that are found in fat burner supplements.

  • Caffeine – the most common ingredient in fat burner supplements that is primarily consumed to increase the body’s metabolic rate.
  • Carnitine – another ingredient that boosts the metabolic rate of the body. In addition, carnitine can also give you energy so that you will have a much better time exercising to burn calories.
  • Green Tea Extract – this ingredient can help in burning calories faster while also reducing the amount of fat that your body absorbs from different foods.
  • Soluble Fiber – although this ingredient is not as common in fat burner supplements as caffeine, they are still added in some supplements to help reduce appetite and absorb less fat.

These ingredients work well when they are together, hence the reason why fat burner supplements have these ingredients combined into one package. Most fat burner supplements have the said ingredients compressed into multiple capsules or tablets, but there are also supplements that are in powder form, meaning that you can mix the powder with water to create a drink.

Do Fat Burner Supplements Work?

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According to studies, there may be instances where fat burner supplements might not work in actually reducing body fat, but they are effective in improving the processes that do help you lose weight. These processes include increasing your metabolic rate, reducing the fat that you absorb from food, and reducing your appetite so that you will eat less. [1]

Because of how effective they are in improving metabolism and reducing fat absorption, it can be said that fat burner supplements really work, but they won’t be able to help you lose weight on their own. So, you would need to do activities that will greatly benefit from your increased metabolic rate, and these activities include working out and playing sports. In addition, you may also want to have a much healthier diet that doesn’t have a lot of fats and calories. With the reduced fat absorption that your body has thanks to fat burner supplements, you will be able to eat healthy meals without the need to worry about consuming too much fat, which is sometimes inevitable if you want to eat a full meal.

The best time to consume fat burner supplements is 30 to 40 minutes before eating breakfast or working out. When you take fat burner supplements during the said time period, your body will first be able to absorb the ingredients of the supplements, and then you will already get the benefits of those ingredients while eating or exercising.

Remember to just take one tablet or capsule of fat burner supplements a day to avoid side effects or complications that may arise from consuming too much of the supplements. If your supplements are in powdered form, make sure to read the back of the packaging or box so that you will know how many milligrams of supplement powder you need to mix with one glass of water per day.

How Safe are Fat Burner Supplements?

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Fat burner supplements are primarily made of natural ingredients, so they are relatively safe to consume, as long as you don’t take them too much daily and you don’t have allergies to particular ingredients inside these supplements.

When you take too many fat burner supplements every day, you may develop issues that are associated with consuming too many of the ingredients inside those supplements. For example, consuming too much caffeine can lead to restlessness and insomnia, and you may also get chronic headaches and muscle tremors. As the saying goes, “too much of anything is bad,” so be sure that you regulate or monitor your intake of fat burner supplements in order to not have problems with your body.

Another important thing to keep in mind when it comes to fat burner supplements is that they aren’t regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), so you may need to take these supplements with caution. Always read the ingredients list in the packaging of the supplements so that you will know if there are ingredients that you are allergic to or can be dangerous to your health.

Fat burner supplements wouldn’t be effective on their own, so you would need to get exercise regularly and eat healthy meals daily to get the best results. It is all up to your hard work if the supplements, the diet, and the exercise can be effective in giving you a healthy and fit body fast.


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