What are Remote Controlled Heated Insoles?

For older adults, taking a walk outdoors can be great. The fresh air and sounds of nature can make them feel relaxed, and it also helps them exercise instead of being stuck at home. It can also help in enhancing their stamina and endurance. However, during the cold season, it can be challenging for seniors to go outside due to the cold weather. Even though they wear thick socks and boots, it is still sometimes not enough to keep their feet warm. With this, they just choose to stay at home all throughout the winter season.

If your senior loved ones wish to go out during the winter or when it is cold outdoors, the use of remote-controlled heated insoles may help in keeping their feet warm. It is a type of insole that can keep the feet warm while wearing shoes. There are various types of heated insoles, but one of the best is remote-controlled ones that allow the user to control or turn the heat on and off with just a press of a button. If you are interested to learn more about this type of insoles, you’re in the right place. In this post, we are giving you more information about what remote-controlled heated insoles are.

What is a Remote-Controlled Heated Insole?

a pair of boots with remote-controlled heated insoles

Remote-controlled heated insoles look similar to regular insoles for shoes and boots. However, the difference is that they come equipped with heating elements that can be controlled by the user remotely. They are designed to keep the feet warm and comfortable in cold weather and other conditions that may cause the feet to get cold, like standing on cold floors for a long period.

Most remote-controlled heated insoles are powered by a rechargeable battery. The remote is often attached to the top of the insole, while some remote controls can be worn around the wrist like a watch. It allows you to adjust the temperature of the insoles to your desired level. There are also some remote-controlled heated insoles that allow the user to choose from different heating settings.

There are various activities where a remote-controlled heated insole may be useful. These include skiing, hiking, or hunting during the winter season when you are likely to spend time outdoors. But aside from that, people who have poor circulation and health conditions that cause cold feet may also benefit from them, such as those with diabetes or Raynaud’s disease.

Benefits of Using Remote-Controlled Heated Insoles for Seniors

a woman putting an insole inside a shoe

While hikers and other active people who are going on adventures during the winter season can benefit the most from remote-controlled heated insoles, they can also be useful for some seniors, particularly those who are sensitive to cold temperatures. Below are some of the benefits of using remote-controlled heated insoles for seniors:

Improved Comfort

A lot of seniors are sensitive to cold temperatures. If this is the case, the use of heated insoles may benefit them as they can provide instant relief from cold feet. Also, if the senior has mobility issues, a remote-controlled one can be a great choice as they can control the level of heat remotely without having to bend or remove their shoes. Wearing heated insoles may help improve their overall comfort level and make it easier for them to engage in activities, even outdoors.

Better Circulation

As people age, circulation can become impaired, which may lead to cold feet and other health problems. If a senior needs to improve his or her circulation in the feet, the use of heated insoles may help. These can reduce the risk of cold-related injuries, which can improve their overall health.

Increased Mobility

As we’ve mentioned earlier, during the winter season, a lot of seniors are discouraged from going outside as they cannot bear the cold temperature, particularly on their feet. The cold weather can make it challenging for them to walk and engage in outdoor activities. But with the use of heated insoles, their feet can become warmer, which may also motivate them to take short outdoor walks or engage in other outdoor activities. Doing this may help improve their overall health and well-being as they will not be isolated at home. Improved mobility may also help them reduce their risk of falls and other injuries.

Customizable Temperature

One of the best things about remote-controlled heated insoles is that they can be adjusted depending on the preferences of your senior loved ones. The comfort levels of seniors may differ from one person to another, and remote-controlled heated insoles can be customized in order to suit their individual preferences. Using the remote, they are allowed to adjust the temperature to their liking without having to bend down or take off their boots or shoes.


Remote-controlled heated insoles are very easy to use. Since they can be controlled remotely, they are very convenient options for seniors, especially those who have limited movement abilities. They will be able to keep their feet warm without the need to take off their shoes or bend over. In fact, they can even ask their caregiver to adjust the temperature level of the insoles for them if they are not too techy.

Disadvantages of Using Remote-Controlled Heated Insoles for Seniors

man putting an insole inside a shoe

While remote-controlled heated insoles provide a range of benefits for seniors, like other things, they also have a few disadvantages. You can learn more about these below:


The idea of using remote-controlled heated insoles for seniors can be great. However, note that these types of insoles can be quite expensive, particularly if they are high-quality and come with remote control features. With this, some seniors may find it difficult to afford remote-controlled heated insoles.


Another thing you need to consider about remote-controlled heated insoles is their maintenance. They require regular maintenance, such as cleaning and charging. Therefore, if they are going to be used by seniors with mobility or dexterity issues, it may be challenging for them to do these maintenance steps unless they have a caregiver who can do the tasks for them.


Most remote-controlled heated insoles available today are fairly safe. However, if they are not used properly, there can be a risk of burns or overheating. It is not safe to be used by seniors who have decreased sensation or cognitive impairments, as they might be unable to detect when the insoles are too hot, which can only increase their risk of injury.

Limited Battery Life

The battery life of heated insoles may vary from one model to another. Some of them may last only for a few hours on a single charge. With this, seniors are tasked to recharge them frequently, which can be inconvenient for some of them.

Not for All Footwear

There are some types of footwear that may not accommodate remote-controlled heated insoles. These include sandals and open-toed shoes. This factor limits its versatility for seniors who usually wear these types of shoes or those who are not comfortable wearing closed shoes like running shoes and boots.


Remote-controlled heated insoles are among the most innovative and practical solutions to keep the feet warm and comfortable, especially during the winter season. Since they are equipped with heating elements that may be controlled by a remote, they are able to give instant relief to anyone who is uncomfortable due to cold feet.

They can be beneficial for seniors as they may help improve circulation and keep the feet warm. Also, they are customizable and convenient to use. However, before you buy heated insoles for your elderly loved ones, it is better to determine whether it is safe for them to use these types of insoles, especially if they have certain health conditions. We hope this post helped you learn more about what remote-controlled heated insoles are.