What are Specialty Shoes?

People with diabetes often have problems with their glucose levels, which leads to many health problems, including improper blood flow in areas such as feet, and some cases can often require amputation where these shoes help prevent that from happening.

In other words, specialty shoes are also called orthopedic shoes that are often used by people who have issues such as swelling, arthritis, and diabetes. They are common among the elderly. You might have seen some people wearing unique shoes that look different from thosethat people usually wear. If you have noticed this, then you know what specialty shoes are.

These shoes are designed specially to ensure the smooth and proper working of the functions of the foot as they support the whole structure of the feet, legs, and ankles, regulating blood flow, decreasing the swelling while also providing comfort for people with diabetes.

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Conditions That Require the use of Specialty Shoes

Specialty shoes are required by people suffering from lymphedema, edema, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, bunions, hammertoes, diabetes, and arthritis.

Best Orthopedic Shoes

Due to the advancements in technology and the medical field, we now have different orthopedic shoes for various activities or functions, ranging from walking to running to specialized support shoes for the heels, toes, ankles, and specific arches.

The following are some of the best shoes for orthopedic purposes:

1. Propet Strap Sneaker for Diabetic People

Propet is a well-known company that has been making orthopedic shoes using high-quality materials since 1985. They use comfortable material in their shoes, so their strap sneakers are very soft to wear. This is especially preferred by women with feet issues as they can wear these shoes with ease.

The upper side of the shoes is modified and pierced so that the feet don’t get very sweaty and keep the ventilation going on. You can easily open and close the straps because theydon’t have laces like traditional shoes.

2. Comfort’s William-X shoe for Men with Diabetes

Dr. Comfort is another famous diabetic shoe company that started in 2002. They make high-quality, comfortable shoes for people with diabetes. The William-X shoes are no exception since they are made of comfortable and high-quality materials designed for utmost comfort and regulating the blood flow.

It is a double depth shoe with a ¼ inch depth that is perfect for accommodating people who have severe kind of edema and internal braces. These shoes help prevent your feet from getting worse due to diabetes as they come with gel inserts and the gel soles that provide comfort, stability, and shock absorption, making the person feel easy when wearing them.

3. Orthofeet Proven Foot and Heel Pain Relief

Many people consider Orthofeet to be the most comfortable orthotic shoes on the market. Softness is provided by premium ORTHOTIC INSOLES with an adjustable ARCH BOOSTER and several CUSHIONING layers. Non-binding, flexible uppers with extra foam cushioning and a SEAM-FREE fabric inner relieve pressure and give superior comfort and protection for sensitive feet.

This shoe includes a “anatomical insole” as well as two “fitting spacers” to help you get the best fit possible. To make the shoe more snug, simply add one or more of the spacers. While the insole provides adequate arch support, you can replace it with orthopedic inserts of your choice.

4. Mejor men Women Shoes for Swelling

MEJORMEN makes shoes for women with diabetes and arthritis. These slipper-like shoes are specifically made for women who have swollen feet to combat swelling. You can use them as slippers or a shoe or both. These shoes providea cushion that keeps the feet warm, and ensures smooth blood flow, help prevent swelling. They are also easy to take on and off.

5. Brooks Addiction Walker 2 Shoes for Walking

Brooks mostly sells running shoes. Brooks Addiction Walker 2 shoes are made specifically for walking. They also have soft cushioning inside like other orthopedic shoes and are slip-resistant.

The people who wear them for the first time say that they are the ideal for walking because of the cushioning and weight, as they provide the right balance of stability, cushioning, and flexibility.

6. Ortho feet Men’s Loafer Shoes

If you are feeling a bit athletic and energetic, then you would probably love a pair of these shoes that would fully support you when working out.They have a wider sole space that gives your feet plenty of room to flex comfortably. The toe box is wider and more spacious in the shoes that are important for the people who are concerned with the pressure sensitivity.

People who use them for the first time appreciate that the shoes provide good cushion on the top, sides, and the bottom of the feet. Although these shoes aren’t that heavy as compared to the other shoes, they still provide plenty of protection along with reducing the swelling.

7. SAS Gretchen Boot for Women

SAS Gretchen boots are an excellent choice for women who work in shoes all day long, as they are very supportive and protective. These shoes have removable soles and shock-absorbing quality that outline the shape of your toes and heels. Moreover, Gretchen boots are made with materials that reduce friction, which can otherwise increase heat and inflammation in the feet over time.

These shoes provide extra support on the main pressure points of the feet, such as the inside balls, the outside balls, and the heels.

8. Performance Go Walk 4 Pursuit Shoe for Women by Skechers

These shoes are like slippers, which means you just have to put them on. The best thing about them is that they come at a price less than other similar shoes in the market, and they are great for supporting and protecting your feet. They have soles in the middle that is responsible for cushioning, and they have high footbed rebounds which give your feet extra support.

These shoes are also sheathed with bamboo fabric, which will keep your feet cool, dry, and safe from bacteria. The midfoot design is for improved arch support, which was not available in the previous version of the shoe. The fabric present on the top of the shoe provides excellent breathability while protecting your skin from the remains that could lead to unwanted cuts and scrapes.

9. Women’s sandal called Drew Cascade

Drew Cascade is one of the most long-lasting and supportive sandals for women with diabetes. The design of the sandals is shaped to comfort you all day long when you wear it. The cascades have excellently soft insoles made with the polyurethane that provides metatarsal support. You will find it very comfortable and lightweight to walk in because of the outsole rubber support that makes your walk smoother and pain-free.

10. Drew Men’s Adjustable Sandals for Men

Drew Men make comfortable sandals for Men. They have an impressive range of sizes, and it has two removable insoles that allow you to adjust the depths of the sandals according to your choice. The sandals have a very soft interior, lined with drives to avoid sweat and keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable.