What is a Running Recovery Shoe?

Running is a form of exercise that many people perform during the mornings or evenings. Its popularity is mainly attributed to it being one of the simplest exercises, as all you basically have to do is run from one area to another.

Moreover, running can also be considered a sport whenever people participate in half-marathons, marathons, and other running competitions. Because of how much we use our feet for running, it is already expected that they will feel very painful, especially if you run for miles in marathons and sporting events.

While the running shoes that we wear during our runs would still provide a little bit of cushioning afterward, there is nothing that can beat the level of support and comfort that recovery shoes provide. What is a recovery shoe? And why should we wear it after runs? To know more, here is a guide to running recovery shoes and their benefits.

What is a Running Recovery Shoe?

recovery clogs

A recovery shoe is a type of footwear that is typically worn after exercising, playing sports, or running. For this article, we will talk more about the running recovery shoe, which is specifically worn for letting your foot breathe and heal after an exhausting run. There is not much difference between a regular recovery shoe and a running recovery shoe, although the latter would sometimes have thicker midsoles or cushioning in order to make your feet feel like they are walking on clouds instead of concrete or other hard floors.

The running recovery shoe, as its name already suggests, can help in the recovery of the feet after an extensive run. Many running recovery shoes look like regular running shoes from afar, but their uppers are softer and more breathable, and their cushioning is usually too soft to use for actual runs. In addition, there are also running recovery shoes that look like slides, clogs, or sandals, and these offer more breathability since they don’t cover most parts of your feet.

What are the Benefits of Running Recovery Shoes?

There are several benefits of wearing recovery shoes after running. Recovery shoes often do a much better job in helping your feet recover faster compared to running shoes and other sports shoes that are also comfortable but aren’t really helpful in the healing process of the feet. Read below for the things you should know about the benefits of running recovery shoes.

They Can Help Alleviate Foot Pain

experiencing foot pain after running

Obviously, the main benefit of using recovery shoes is to help alleviate foot pain that you will get from running. All recovery shoes would have a wider toe box that can allow your toes to move freely without being constricted by the upper, while the midsoles of these shoes would be much softer compared to most sports shoes so that your feet wouldn’t suffer from any more impact on the ground whenever you are walking.

Foot massage is another thing that can help alleviate foot pain, particularly for runners and athletes. If you are interested to learn more about these, check out our Guide to Selecting Foot Massagers for Runners and Athletes.

They Provide Arch Support

If your feet have a high arch, then you will find recovery shoes to be very comfortable. Recovery shoes offer ample arch support, which is important to avoid injuries that occur on the arches or on the midfoot. While most recovery shoes have arch support, there are specific pairs that have a higher bump on the insole so that people with high-arched feet would get more support or protection for their arches.

They Can Allow Your Feet to Cool Down

a pair of recovery slides

During and after your runs, you will feel like your feet are too warm. Once your feet overheat, then you will feel more foot pain, and this pain can eventually lead to injuries if it is not treated. One of the best ways to prevent overheating in your feet is to wear recovery shoes that are extra breathable to help your feet cool down.

After your run, you should take your running shoes off and immediately wear recovery shoes to cool down your feet as fast as possible. You can also use recovery shoes during break times at work or after playing sports so that your feet can breathe for a while. Of course, you have the choice of wearing sports shoes that are more breathable, but they don’t provide the same level of breathability when you compare them to recovery shoes.

They Can Help in Treating Injuries

If you have minor injuries that need time to heal, like plantar fasciitis and ankle sprain, then you will find recovery shoes to be very effective in making the healing process faster. So, the recovery shoes are not only useful for recovering from foot pain, but they are also effective for helping your feet recover from minor injuries.

Whenever you have injuries, there are situations where you won’t be able to wear sports shoes and other types of footwear. However, you can wear recovery shoes since they don’t restrict the movement of your feet, and they also offer enough cushioning to prevent your injuries from worsening due to receiving impact from the ground as you are walking.

And these are all the details you should know about running recovery shoes and why they are beneficial for many runners. If you are looking for shoes, slides, or sandals that you can wear after a tiring or exhausting run, you should definitely check out recovery shoes, as they are one of the best pairs when it comes to helping your feet recover and heal.