What is a Running Recovery Shoe?

When runners are on the run, they pack a handful of gear to make life easier for them. They bring a trusty pair of running shoes, technical T-shirts and shorts, hydration tabs, energy drinks, and more. But there’s one piece that you may not have considered: a pair of recovery shoes. These come in many different forms, but sliders are most common. This helps support your feet recover from the long runs. Meanwhile, you must know the best basketball shoes for flat feet if you suffer from that condition. 


After a long run, an exhausting race, or a difficult match, your feet will need some TLC. Removing your running shoes (or any sports shoes for that matter) and slipping into something more comfortable and breathable is a great feeling. Recovery slides can do that job of reviving your feet. 

Why can’t I just wear my every day flip-flops?

Some people see no advantage to getting a recovery shoe, because they have flip-flops anyway. Well yes, your flip flops can dry your sweaty feet, but it doesn’t provide enough comfort. Most flip-flops (except recovery flip-flops, of course), cannot give any support for your feet and it can easily cause blisters. Plus, podiatrists blame flip-flops for bacteria, blisters, viral infections, bad posture, shooting pains, bunion exacerbation and formation, lack of arch support, and hammertoe issues. Wearing flip-flops for a longer time can actually change the way wearers walk, sometimes permanently. Wearing flip-flop all the time can wreak havoc on the rest of the body. 

Meanwhile, running recovery shoes are breathable, lightweight, well-cushioned, and well-designed to provide ample support to your feet. Their purpose is to unburden your tired feet, air dry it, relieve them of impact, and cradle the arch of the feet. They are recommended by podiatrists for giving comfort and support to the foot. Some are even resistant to water and bacteria, and they are ready for the shower. If you want to know what brands to look for when picking out a recovery shoe, check here.

Here are some great running recovery shoes to choose from: 

Where to Buy
OOFOS OOahh Post-Run Sports Recovery Slide Sandal
adidas Men's Adissage Slide Sandal
New Balance Men's Response Slide Sandal
HOKA ONE ONE ORA Recovery Slide 2 Sandal
adidas Men's Alphabounce Slide

1. OOFOS OOahh Post-Run Sports Recovery Slide Sandal

In case you didn’t get it by the name, the OOFOS OOahh Post-Run Sports Recovery Slide Sandal will make you feel the “oooah” – the sound of comfort. Runners after a long run will love the comforting feel of this sliders. It looks goofy and unattractive, but you will get over it once your feet tasted how it feels. It’s one of the best recovery shoes out there. 

This running recovery shoe is equipped with OOfoam Recovery Technology that absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foam. The footbed can cradle your arches to reduce stress on ankles, sore feet, knees, and lower back. Once you use this slides, you can take strain off the body, allowing you to recover faster. 

2. adidas Men’s Adissage Slide Sandal

If you don’t own an adidas Men’s Adissage Slide Sandal, perhaps you know somebody that has. This slip-on seems to be around forever for a good cause. As the name suggests, it brings a subtle massage to the feet. It comes with a footbed with massaging nubs to soothe the feet after workout. 

These slip-ons have an adjustable strap for the perfect fit. It comes with a quick-drying EVA upper, a synthetic sole, and an adjustable synthetic bandage upper.

3. New Balance Men’s Response Slide Sandal

After your intense running session, the New Balance Men’s Response Slide Sandal could be the slide for you. This slide has a thinner sole that’s perfect if you don’t want a thick one. These slides come with a comfy foam midsole for a soft underfoot feel.

This slide is lightweight and comfortable to wear to the gym or around town. Its upper is adjustable and it comes with a hook and loop closure. It has a synthetic PU upper with Lycra liner. 

4. HOKA ONE ONE ORA Recovery Slide 2 Sandal

If you’re looking for a slide to help you recover from a grueling workout, the HOKA ONE ONE ORA Recovery Slide 2 Sandal can be something you’re interested in.

Like several shoes from the brand, this slide boasts maximal cushioning between feet and the ground. The thick lug sole is comfortable to wear. Your feet will feel some TLC once it enters this slide.

5. adidas Men’s Alphabounce Slide

If you’re looking for comfort as soon as you step off the basketball court, adidas Men’s Alphabounce Slide is for you. Perhaps you’ve seen it worn by someone on the street, because its design is flexible and it’s oh so comfy. After you unlace your sneakers, get this ready to give rest to your feet

 These slides have a soft foam lining for comfort, EVA outsole for cushioning, and synthetic single-bandage upper for comfort and durability. It’s also very affordable.

Where to Buy
Nike Men's Ultra Comfort 3 Slides
Birkenstock Arizona
Under Armour Men's Locker III Slide Cross-Trainer Shoe
Under Armour Men's Ignite V Slide Sandal
Jordan Nike Men's Hydro XI Retro Slide


6. Nike Men’s Ultra Comfort 3 Slides

Want a slide that will surely not fall on your feet as you walk? Nike Men’s Ultra Comfort 3 Slides will be there for you. This is one of the recovery shoes that you will look forward to wearing after a game, or even if you’re not an athlete at all. 

This slides feature a gore panel on the strap to keep it on your foot. It contours in the footbed to align with the natural flex points to provide arch support. Its increased footbed landing pad also allows for a greater range of foot placement. And most importantly, the stacked memory foam makes it super comfortable underfoot.

7. Birkenstock Arizona

For more than 200 years, Birkenstock has been making quality, supportive footwear. That’s a lot of experience for a footwear brand. And with Birkenstock Arizona, you can achieve ultimate comfort and function, plus fashion.

It uses non-leather, leather, nubuck, and suede uppers with contoured soles made of natural latex and cork. The firm sole helps ensure proper weight distribution, with raised arches that will help your feet take a natural shape. The slides also feature a deep heel cup, which allows the bones to bear the body weight, preventing spine and leg ailments.

8. Under Armour Men’s Locker III Slide Cross-Trainer Shoe

This one-piece EVA slider from Under Armor is meant to dry quickly and move water away from your foot. It’s an ideal footwear in the shower after a hard workout. Aside from its quick-drying benefits, this slider is also cheap.

Besides being a recovery shoe, this can also be used for the locker room and poolside use. The straps, footbed and outsole are all engineered to transport water away from the foot. The lug sole is super comfortable. 

9. Under Armour Men’s Ignite V Slide Sandal

If you don’t want to wear bulky sliders, the Under Armour Men’s Ignite V Slide Sandal will keep you in style. It provides relief as you rip off your bulky, hard cleats and slide into something more open and comfortable.

These slides have a synthetic sole, and adjustable Velcro strap. The strap itself is made of HeatGear fabric to keep your feet cool and dry. The footbed is built with two layers of Performance 4D foam for unprecedented comfort. The anatomical contours provide additional cushioning. 

10. Jordan Nike Men’s Hydro XI Retro Slide

If you want one with a sporty design, the Jordan Nike Men’s Hydro XI Retro Slide is an excellent choice. These Jordan Brand sliders have the look of a classic Air Jordan.

These lightweight, comfortable and durable sliders are better than any brand. It comes with a soft midsole and outsole combination for long-lasting comfort.