What is AARP and What are its Benefits

Retirement is always marked as a bittersweet experience, especially for the elderly people. There are a lot of foundations working for the benefit of elderly retired individuals. One of them is called AARP, an abbreviation for the American Association for the Retired Person. It is one of the best non-profit organizations that facilitates individuals who are about to retire. People who are under the age of fifty can also benefit from AARP membership. 

However, one of the drawbacks is that the person wouldn’t be eligible for full membership, and the benefits wouldn’t be the same as compared to those retiring at the age of fifty plus. It gets reduced. This type of membership that younger individuals can avail themselves, is called Associate Membership. Here are some of the most important features of AARP and its benefits.

Cost of the AARP Membership

Cost of the AARP Membership

The cost of an AARP membership is quite reasonable. It is just $16 annually. They also have certain promotional offers for those who choose the auto-renewal option or pay for a few years at once. For instance, if you feel like this membership will be beneficial for you in the long run, you may choose to go for the automatic renewal option in which you can get a massive 25% discount which would reduce the annual cost drastically to $12 only. On the other hand, you can also opt for the annual auto-renewing subscription and pay $14, a 12% discounted price.

Furthermore, there are even more AARP Membership discounts which include:

  • $43 if you choose to pay for three years in advance.
  • $63 if you choose to pay for five years in advance.

Benefits of AARP Membership

Benefits of AARP Membership

Full members of AARP receive endless benefits. It ranges from healthcare and travel to financial services and entertainment. They would also provide counseling for people who have exceeded 50. The AARP’s counseling or advice includes guidance about careers, caregiving, and some other essential topics for aged people. 

When you decide to join the AARP, you’ll have the opportunity to avail a lot of benefits. Most people love the discounts which the AARP membership offers. It is not just limited to the travel discounts or the discounts in the restaurants. There are a bunch of other things that you can benefit from, when you are an AARP member. Ensure that you avail maximum discounts when you are a member. Below are some of the most amazing discount offers provided by AARP. 

1. Free Financial Advice

Free Financial Advice

When you are getting old and close to the age of retirement, you’d want someone to guide you all about finances so that you can take care of the hard-earned money. AARP allows you to get free financial publications. You can also get suggestions on how you can carry mortgage debt into retirement, the ways to face age discrimination, investing in an IRA, and what would be the right time to claim Social Security.

2. Save on Car Insurance


You have been driving a car for a long time. You must be an experienced driver now. With the help of AARP membership, you can get enrolled into the Auto Insurance program. This would make sure that you don’t have to pay much for the premiums. You’d get it done at a lower cost.  

3. Cut the Cost of the Home Insurance


You can get some discount from the AARP Homeowners Insurance program. This would help you to provide coverage for personal property. It would also provide protection against personal liability. You shouldn’t worry if that discount applies to just the house, condo or if you’re a renter. Because there are a bunch of discounts available according to your needs, and you can have a great deal if you get your home and auto policies.

4. Get Dental and Vision Insurance


When you are getting old, your eye and oral health might need a regular check-up to maintain them. There are some activities which the elderly can perform for free and would help to keep them fit. However, we all know that eye and oral health is critical, and to take care of this you’d need to visit the doctor for a checkup. That’s why AARP facilitates its members through EyeMed to provide different vision insurance plans. They have three different insurance plans that you can choose from. It includes a detailed check-up of your eye, and some good discounts if you would like to purchase the frame or the lenses.

On the other hand, dental insurance is provided through Delta Dental, which has a lot of dentists on the panel. Resultantly, if you are having any oral health problems, you can get help quickly if you are a member of AARP.

5. Improve Your Hearing


Apart from oral health and good eyesight, hearing is also vital. You should never ignore it. The AARP hearing care program would help you to get an in-person hearing test. If you want to get a hearing aid, you can also get custom-fitting hearing aids and 20% off on digital hearing aids. There is a recurring expense of buying the battery. But the good news is that you can get a completely free three-year supply of hearing aid batteries.

6. Pay Less for Prescriptions


Around 70% of Americans consume prescription drugs. The percentage of people who take fiver or more is 20%. So, if you sum up the yearly cost of the prescription drug, it will be a quite good amount. It will be a wise decision to get some discount on it if you are a member of the AARP. The AARP Prescription Discounts would allow you to get the prescription drugs at a discounted price. It includes even those drugs which are not covered by the regular insurance companies. 

7. Get the AARP Magazine

Get the AARP Magazine

When you are a member of AARP, you’ll receive the AARP The Magazine. It would contain all the essential and useful advice for the 50-plus readers. Three of the main areas which the magazine focuses on are health, money, and wellness. Some of the recent topics have been observed to be exercising well, how can you raise funds quickly, and how having a garden would help you to cut the grocery bill. 

There is a large number of companies that target the older population of America for different kinds of scams. You’d get to know more about this topic in the AARP magazine including all the trending information about Medicare and Social Security benefits. On the other hand, you can also have an easy access to the magazine by downloading it digitally. You’d just need to download the AARP publications app. 

A Comfortable Ageing Process – With AARP

AARP has a lot of benefits. People who are under the age of 50 can also get the membership which would be called an associate membership. But, even in associate membership, you’ll get a lot of perks. Some of the benefits which the members love to make use of, are AARP Travel, Delta Travel, and AARP Hearing Center. You can also download the AARP Now mobile app to update yourself about the AAPR and some other opportunities. One of the greatest advantages of getting the AARP membership is that you can even add your spouse or partner for free, and make the best out of the post retirement days.