A Guide to the Different Types of Mattress Technologies

A night of good sleep is essential for our overall health. However, if the mattress you are using is not up to par, it can be difficult to sleep well every night. Therefore, finding a good mattress that will provide you with the right support and comfort when you sleep is needed. However, buying a mattress is also challenging, as there are now various types that offer different advantages. In addition to that, people require different attributes of a proper mattress to get a good night’s rest. Therefore, it is better to take into consideration the different options available today in order to find the best one.

Buying a mattress can be stressful for some as it is a major investment. It is also one of the things at home that has the most impact on the quality of both your daily and nightly life. Since a fraction of our time is spent sleeping, it is not surprising that the technology for a good night’s sleep has advanced in recent years.

When choosing a new mattress, there are various things that you need to consider, such as size, durability, and firmness. But aside from that, there are also different mattress technologies that you need to learn about in order to get the best one that will suit your preferences. If you are thinking of buying a new mattress but don’t know which one to choose, we are here to help you. In this post, we are giving you a guide to the different types of mattress technologies.

The Different Types of Mattress Technologies

The Different Types of Mattress Technologies

Before, there were only a few options to choose from when it came to mattresses. But today, with the advancement in technology, there are now different types of mattresses available to suit different needs. If you want to learn more about these, below are the different types of mattress technologies you can choose from.

Innerspring Mattresses

springs of modern mattresses

An innerspring mattress uses metal coils to provide support to the mattress. The type of coils and their configuration mainly determine the level of support, which is the defining quality of this type of mattress. Most innerspring mattresses have one of four configurations: [1]

Bonnell or Open Coils: These are the most common types of coil. They are usually in the shape of an hourglass and are typically wired together to create one continuous unit. It is a very durable type of innerspring mattress. However, there is little to limit motion transfer.

Offset Coils: These coils conform to the shape of the body better. They are also continuous hourglasses, but the bottom is offset, which gives a hinging effect when compressed.

Continuous Coils: These coils have several rows of wire molded into circle shapes. It offers less support compared to other coil types.

Pocket Coils: These coils are individually encased in fabric. This means that they can move independently. This coil technology reduces motion transfer seen in some other coils. They can also contour to the shape of the body better for more comfort.  

In addition to the configurations of coils that innerspring mattresses offer, there are also two other factors to consider when it comes to innerspring mattresses, which are the coil count and the wire gauge.

Coil Count: This factor contributes to comfort. But since there is a range of materials in use today, the coil count is sometimes less influential. Most of the time, the coil count should be at least 400. However, anything more than 700 is unlikely to make a lot of difference comfort-wise as other technologies tend to kick in.

Wire Gauge: The gauge of the coil pertains to the thickness of the wire to make the coil. The higher the gauge, the thinner the wire, which provides the mattress more spring. The thicker the coil, the more support it can provide. If you are looking for comfort and support, the coil gauge needs to be between 12 and 15. For additional support in the lumbar region, wire or foam needs to be added through the central region of the mattress. Without this, the mattress will sink in these areas.

Below are some examples of innerspring mattresses to help you pick:

NapQueen Innerspring Mattress: This is a medium-firm mattress that features a soft jacquard top and modern steel springs. It is an innerspring mattress that features memory foam. It has a gentle and breathable top that is smooth, soft, and ventilated. The springs it has makes it more supportive to the body of the sleeper while providing ultimate comfort.

Best Price Mattress with Bonnell Spring Base: This is another medium-firm mattress that is layered with a comfortable high-density foam top and supportive innerspring. It has a smooth woven jacquard fabric cover with microfiber padding. It features a heavy-duty bonnell spring base for highly durable and even support. This mattress meets high standards of content, durability, and performance.

Little Seeds Moonglow Reversible Innerspring Mattress: This is a reversible tight-top mattress that is lightweight and compact. It consists of 216 supportive heavy-duty bonnell coils, two-sided thick polyester padding, and a cozy quilted cover. It is made using 50% recycled fibers, making it an environmentally-sound spring mattress.

Latex Mattresses

latex foam mattress

Latex mattresses are among the popular modern mattress technologies due to the extreme comfort and durability that they provide. They are commonly made up of different layers of latex foam in various configurations and combinations. There are three types of latex foam used in mattresses, which are synthetic, blended, and natural. [2]

Synthetic Latex: This is the most affordable latex mattress. However, affordability has come at the expense of durability because most synthetic latex mattresses have a limited lifespan. The majority of them are made of styrene-butadiene rubber, which mimics many of the qualities of plastic. This type of latex mattress serves a purpose, but one of its main issues is the chemicals used to make them, which is off-putting to a lot of buyers.

Blended Latex: These are less affordable and a bit more durable compared to synthetic latex. However, blended latex falls short of natural latex mattresses. They are created using synthetic and natural materials, and their price is a good indicator of the blend.

Natural Latex: Natural latex mattresses are made using the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis, which is a type of rubber tree. It is harvested in an eco-friendly way so that the tree may live up to thirty years. After harvesting, the sap will be used to manufacture either one of two supportive, durable and soft foams, which are Dunlop or Talalay. Between the two, Talalay latex is more expensive due to the considerable time and effort in making this mattress. Dunlop latex, on the other hand, is not as expensive as Talalay, and the process of making it is simple. But it is still considered a luxury latex product.

If you are eyeing to buy a latex mattress soon, below are a few examples that might help you pick:

Latex for Less 2-Sided Natural Latex Mattress: This mattress is made of 100% natural latex, organic cotton, and pure, natural wool. It has a medium side and a firm side, making it a great mattress for a lot of people. It comes with an organic cotton cover, ½ inch of natural wool, and 6 inches of 100% natural latex. It provides firm support while still molding your body for unbeatable comfort.

Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress: This mattress has medium firmness, which is perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers, and couples. It is filled with 8 inches of organic latex foam. It also comes with a quilted cover that is made of organic cotton and wool. No assembly is needed when using this mattress.

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress: This mattress features 6 layers of latex, making it built to last. It has medium firmness, which is ideal for side sleepers who enjoy maximum pressure relief in their shoulder and hip areas. It also has a circular knit design, which offers enhanced hip and shoulder pressure relief with unrestricted airflow and moisture absorption to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Memory Foam Mattresses

mattress made of memory foam

For many years, memory foam mattresses have been the gold standard when it comes to support and comfort. They are a popular choice for a lot of people because they conform to the natural shape of the body, provide the right amount of pressure relief, and give people a good night’s sleep. At the present time, most memory foam mattresses are created using third-generation foam, which is comfortable and supportive but can also be compressed or folded down by a significant amount to prevent taking up too much space in warehouses and shipping containers. [2]

Memory foam mattresses can be mid-tier to luxury when it comes to pricing. They rely on various combinations of different-density foams to give softness and support. These mattresses are softer for side sleepers and those who have joint pains. They can also absorb motion for restless sleepers. Also, since memory foam mattresses do not have springs, it eliminates noise when the sleeper moves. It is also more durable compared to spring mattresses in the long run.

However, one of the disadvantages of memory foam mattresses is that they usually trap body heat. Aside from that, softness may also cause a sinking feeling while sleeping. For other types of sleepers, a memory foam mattress may provide insufficient support. They are also more expensive than spring mattresses.

Below are a few examples of memory foam mattresses to help you pick:

Zinus Green Tea Essential Memory Foam Mattress: This mattress is made with body-hugging memory foam. It is infused with green tea and active charcoal, which ensures freshness and blocks moisture-induced odors. It is also certified for durability and performance, making it a high-quality mattress.

NapQueen Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress: This mattress may help in relieving aches and pains from bad sleep. It features a silky-soft jacquard top and a medium plush mattress, which is perfect for side and stomach sleepers. It is also infused with charcoal, making it better at regulating heat, moisture, and odor. This mattress is made using safe and non-toxic materials for better sleep.

Molblly King Memory Foam Mattress: This mattress is designed with three layers of an all-foam system, which improves support and heat dissipation. It includes 2.5 inches of memory foam, 2.5 inches of comfortable layer, and 7 inches of high-density base support foam for ultimate comfort. It is breathable and adapts to the body for optimal pressure relief.

Gel Infused Foam Mattresses

Gel-infused foam mattresses are also known as memory gel mattresses. It is a type of memory foam mattress that is infused with gel, making it amazingly comfortable to use, and it conforms to the body of the sleeper more. A gel-infused foam mattress can provide a comfortable and cool night’s sleep for many people. Using one also prevents the body from fighting against the force of springs or layers of fabric and padding. Instead, you will be enveloped in comfortable gel-infused material for a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.

This type of mattress technology is perfect for those who want memory foam mattresses but find them too warm to be comfortable. A gel-infused foam mattress can regulate the temperature in the bed more capably. It is gentle on the hips and joints, too. However, compared to memory foam, gel-infused ones are more expensive. They can also be combined into a hybrid mattress to attain some of the same advantages. [3]

Below are some examples of gel-infused foam mattresses to help you choose:

Dream Cloud Gel Memory Foam Mattress: This is a luxurious mattress that will provide you the ultimate comfort when you sleep. It has five layers, with the top layer being soft and airy due to the quilted cooling Tencel cover. The second layer is composed of gel memory foam to distribute the weight of the sleeper. It also has an adaptive response transition layer that gives support to prevent the feeling of sinking into the bed. It is also backed with an innerspring for more support, and the bottom part is an essential base layer to make sure that everything above performs at its best.

Mattress America Revive Gel Memory Foam Mattress: This mattress has a medium firmness. It features 3 inches of gel memory foam, 2 inches of air flow sculpting foam, and 7 inches of base foam, making it ideal for airflow and support. It is a premium gel memory foam mattress that is made using high-quality materials.

Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress: This mattress is made of premium pressure-relieving memory foam, and high-density aerated cool gel memory foam for essential support and comfort. It is beautifully tailored with a waterfall edge and matching knit side panels. The gel-infused memory foam provides a plush and comfortable sleeping surface for a more restful sleep. It also conforms to the body, while the gel regulates the body temperature.

Polyfoam Mattresses

Polyfoam pertains to polyurethane foam. It is quite similar to memory foam and is usually used as one of the layers that encase the coils of a spring mattress. Polyfoam comes in three types. Two of them are used only in polyfoam layers of spring mattresses. The third one is referred to as high-resiliency foam, which is firmer and more supportive, allowing it to be used alone. [3]

One of the advantages of polyfoam mattresses is that they can provide a similar comfortable memory foam feel. It also has a higher bounce-back capacity compared to memory foam, which lessens the sinking feeling. However, polyfoam mattresses are also more expensive, as high-resiliency foam costs more to manufacture.  

Hybrid Mattresses

different mattress materials

The hybrid mattress technology represents a combination of memory foam and innerspring technologies, which uses the best features of both of these products in one mattress. By combining them, the mattress creates a balance between cushioned comfort and adaptive support. The inner coils are often distributed throughout the mattress, with about 20% of them in the center third of the mattress for better weight distribution, improved posture, and targeted pressure points. Memory foam, on the other hand, is used to decrease motion transfer and provide support and stability. [1]

Hybrid mattresses are commonly preferred by couples and other people who choose the support of a spring mattress along with the comfort of a softer option. [3] They are perfect for those whose preferences are in between what spring and foam mattresses can offer. However, hybrid mattresses can be expensive, especially the higher quality ones. Also, compared to foam, hybrid mattresses do not absorb motion as great as foam.

Below are some examples of hybrid mattresses to help you pick:

Linenspa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress: This mattress provides the contouring comfort of memory foam and the durable, bouncy feel of steel springs. It is an affordable mattress that is made with durable materials for a comfortable sleep at night. It has a medium feel with multiple supportive layers. It provides the right amount of support as it is not too soft and not too firm.

Rimensy Hybrid Mattress: This mattress combines the innerspring-wrapped coils with the cooling gel memory foam for a comfortable and relaxing sleep experience. It has pressure-relieving foam that cradles the body, so you wake up free of aches and pains. The cooling gel helps maintain a comfortable climate all night, making it more breathable. The individual pocket coils of the mattress provide enough support for proper spinal alignment. It also absorbs motion to prevent disturbance while sleeping.

Sleepmax Hybrid Mattress: This mattress has both the benefits of a pocket spring and a memory foam mattress. It features multi-layers of foam, such as premium memory foam, comfort layer foam, and high-density support foam to support the body evenly. In addition to that, the individually wrapped coils can minimize motion disturbances as you sleep. It has a reinforced border and base to prevent sagging or sinking.

Air Mattresses / Adjustable Firmness

Air mattresses are usually used for short-term options, such as for camping, travel, and short overnight stays. Even though that is the popular use of air mattresses, they still have particular features that can make them more pleasant to sleep on at home.

Standard air mattresses are often taller than a few inches, but there are also double-high air mattresses that keep sleepers further from the ground. There are also air mattresses that feature built-in inflation devices that allow sleepers to adjust the firmness of the mattress with just one touch of a button.

Air mattresses feature adjustable firmness technology. Most adjustable firmness mattresses usually come with dual controls, which enable each person occupying the bed to find their exact comfort level. These are ideal for couples who have different preferences when it comes to the firmness of their mattress. [2]

Below is an example of an air mattress or mattress with adjustable firmness technology:

Beautyrest Silver Duet Air Mattress: This air mattress is perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. It offers two separate sleeping zones that are adjustable in order to find the perfect combination of comfort and support. The materials used in making this bed prevent it from stretching and losing air in the middle of the night. It is made of ultra-strong, premium vinyl with a unique poly blend fabric for unmatched durability and strength. It also has additional edge support that prevents the sleeper from rolling off the bed.

Mattress in a Box

delivering a mattress

Since online shopping has become popular for a lot of people today, mattresses can now be ordered online. To make it easier for companies to deliver their mattresses to people’s houses, some of them are placed inside a box. Most of these mattresses are made up of memory foam instead of springs, making it easier to compress and package for shipping. [4]

Below are a few examples of mattresses in a box to help you choose:

Milliard Memory Foam Mattress in a Box: This mattress is made of responsive, plush memory foam with 9 inches high-density foam base for a firm and supportive feel. It comes with a beautifully designed cover that is removable and machine washable for easy care. It is durable and built to last. It comes compressed and rolled in a box, and it may take 72 hours for it to fully expand.

Crayan Full Mattress in a Box: This is a hybrid mattress that features pocket coils and comfortable foam for a good night’s sleep. It is compressed and smartly packed in a box, making it easier to be transported to your room. When removed from the box, allow it to fully expand for about 48 to 72 hours.

Heating and Lighting Mattresses

woman feeling cold in bed

Natural insulation may be affected by different factors, such as body heat, humidity, and external temperature. All of these may keep you from achieving the ideal temperature when you sleep. But heating and lighting mattresses may help fight this issue. They come with a built-in controller that allows the sleeper to adjust the firmness, heat, and brightness of the mattress.

These mattresses have a gentle warming mechanism to alleviate aches and pains, which is perfect for elderly people who have difficulties regulating their body temperature. The light, on the other hand, is an innovative feature that can help people save time when waking up during the night. Most of the time, you need to get out of your bed and walk over to the wall to switch on the light in your room. But with this technology, when you get up during the night, your motion will be detected, and a light that only illuminates the spot will turn on. [4]

Sleep Sensor Technology

woman sleeping peacefully

There are also smart mattresses out there that can tell you how effective your sleep is. There are many people who turn to sleep studies in order to know the level and quality of sleep they are getting on an average night. But some mattresses have a built-in sleep sensor technology that can provide you the same information without having to sleep away from home.

Sleep sensor technology in a mattress can track your breathing and heart rate and may even monitor how many times per night you get out of bed. There are also more advanced types of beds with this technology that can actually tell you the hours of quality sleep that you received on any given night. [4]


There are indeed a lot of mattress technologies available today that you can choose from. This is actually beneficial as each person is unique, and there are lots of variables to consider in order to pick the best mattress that will give you a comfortable sleep. Just keep in mind that the mattress you should select should be adaptive to your needs. This is why mattress technology has advanced so much in recent years, as the needs of people are also changing and improving. We hope this post helped you learn more about the different types of mattress technologies.


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