Treatment for Bed Sores on Buttocks – The Complete Guide

Bed sores on the buttocks make all aspects of life a bit more difficult. The pain that comes with just shifting in your seat and the unsightly appearance is enough to make you cringe. When you have bed sores on the buttocks, tasks as simple as sitting down can be unpleasant.

Fortunately, bed sores can oftentimes be treated. Various creams are sold over the counter that combats these sores and allows new, healthy skin to form. There are also certain items that speed the development of fresh, healthy skin and prevent new sores from forming, such as seat cushions.

Unfortunately, not all treatments truly are effective in treating bed sores. To clear the air about which products are effective, this guide goes into detail on the absolute best treatment for bed sores on the buttocks. Here you can learn about the best skin creams you can use to treat bed sores, as well as the most effective seat cushions you can use to prevent present bed sores from getting worse.

What are Bed Sores?

A bed sore is also referred to as a pressure sore. It is an ulcerated part of the skin caused by irritation and continuous pressure on a particular part of the body. It begins as an area of skin damage, and it can spread to the tissues underlying the skin. In severe cases, bed sores can cause permanent damage to the muscle or bone underneath the skin. Bed sores can be very painful and can take a long time to heal, depending on how severe it is.[1] 

Bed sores can affect any area of the body, but they are more common in spots where the bones are close to the skin. These include areas around the lower part of the backbone and buttocks, heels, elbows, hips, back, bottom, back of the head, and shoulders. 

They are caused by the pressure from the weight of the body pressing down on the skin. They usually occur when a bony area of the body close to the skin is pressed against a surface like a chair or a bed for a long time. It compresses the skin and the underlying tissues and can also damage blood vessels. In addition, rubbing the skin can also play a part in the formation of a pressure sore.[1] 

Why Do Bed Sores Most Frequently Form on the Buttocks? 

person with painful buttocks area

Although bed sores can appear anywhere on the body where pressure is not relieved for an extended period of time, the buttocks or coccyx are where they appear most frequently. The primary reason that buttock bed sores are frequently observed in long-term care institutions is that many patients are not changed or rotated as regularly as they should be.

In addition, patients who are not appropriately positioned on their beds or chairs are more likely to develop bed sores, which is another factor in why bed sores commonly appear on the buttocks. When not eating or drinking, it is best to keep those who are at a high risk for getting bed sores as level as possible.[2]  

The Different Stages of Bed Sores

the different stages of bed sores

Bed sores may look different depending on how severe they are. They are also graded depending on their severity and how deep they go. Below are the different stages of bed sores:

Grade 1: The skin is permanently red but not broken. The affected area may feel warm, hard, or slightly swollen. In dark-skinned people, the skin may appear purple or blue in color.[1] 

Grade 2: The skin is broken, but the ulcer is still shallow. It may appear like a blister or abrasion.[1] 

Grade 3: The ulcer goes through the full thickness of the skin. There is also damage to the tissues underneath the skin.[1] 

Grade 4: This is the most severe form of a bed sore. In this grade, the ulcer is deep, and there is damage to the muscle or bone underneath the skin.[1] 

How to Prevent Bed Sores on the Buttocks

Nurse helping old patient get up
Smiling nurse assisting senior man to get up from bed. Caring nurse supporting patient while getting up from bed and move towards wheelchair at home. Helping elderly disabled man standing up in his bedroom.

People who have health or mobility conditions and are restricted to a wheelchair, bed, or day chair are at a high risk of developing bed sores or pressure ulcers. For example, the buttocks of a wheelchair user are under constant pressure the whole day, and people who are immobile or bed-bound and are lying stationary for most of the day and night can have constant pressure being applied to the back of their head, shoulder, spine, and heels. If you want to prevent bed sores on the buttocks, below are some of the things that you can do:

How to Prevent Bed Sores on the Buttocks

Change Position 

One of the most effective ways to prevent bed sores on the buttocks, as well as the rest of the body, is by making regular, frequent changes to the position. For wheelchair users, changing position at least once every 15 to 30 minutes is ideal. On the other hand, those who are confined to bed need to change their positions at least once every two hours. Also, if a bed sore has already developed, regular changing of the position may help avoid putting further pressure on the affected area, giving the wound a better chance of healing.[3]

Check the Skin Regularly

It is also essential to check the skin daily for any signs of pressure ulcers, including discolored areas of the skin. If you are checking your own skin, using a mirror can help you check your buttocks for any signs of a bed sore. But this depends on your mobility as you may need a relative or care staff to assist you if you are unable to check it yourself. This is a very important step, especially if you have known risk factors for bed sores, such as mobility issues, or an underlying condition, such as nerve damage or diabetes, which may dampen or numb feelings of pain in a specific part of your body.[3]

Use the Right Type of Cushion

For people who are at a high risk of developing bed sores, there is a range of specially designed pressure-relief cushions that may help relieve pressure on the buttocks and other vulnerable parts of the body. You can ask your care team to provide you with the most appropriate cushion for your condition to prevent bed soreness. These cushions can help redistribute the pressure across the buttocks to relieve the area that is under pressure while giving support for the rest of the buttocks.[3] 

Have Good Nutrition

Good nutrition and a healthy balanced diet can play an important role in preventing skin damage, as well as speeding up the healing process of those who have bed sores. This is essential as those who are at risk of developing bed sores may also have pre-existing health conditions that may cause them to have a reduced appetite. Therefore, reaching out to a nutritional therapist to create a dietary plan may help you improve your diet and help prevent bed sores.[3] 

The Different Treatments for Bed Sores on Buttocks

Specific treatments for bed sores on the buttocks can be discussed with you by your health care provider and wound care team, as this depends on the severity of the condition. Treatment can be more difficult when the skin is broken. But there are things that you can do to help in treating bed sores faster, such as removing pressure on the affected area, protecting the wound, keeping the wound clean, and using medicines prescribed by your doctor.[4]  

But aside from those, there are also products available that you can use to aid with the treatment of bed sores on the buttocks. Read on to learn more about them.

Creams for Bed Sores on the Buttocks

Topical creams are one of the best ways to treat bed sores on the buttocks. By applying these creams and gels, you can heal pressure sores and prevent pressure sores from forming again. Antibacterial creams may help combat an infection, while using barrier creams may help protect the damaged or vulnerable skin. Below are some examples of creams for bed sores on the buttocks to give you more ideas:

Terrasil Wound Care

Terrasil Wound Care ointment is arguably the best cream you can buy over the counter to treat bed sores. Its effectiveness comes from its proprietary blend of natural minerals that include Magnesium Oxide, and Zinc Oxide. These natural minerals are full of potent nutrients that can nurture damaged skin. Once this formula is regularly applied, new healthy skin growth is promoted. Soon the sores will become, repaired and the damaged skin will be rejuvenated.

It is also important to note that this wound care ointment also contains bacteria-fighting ingredients as well. These ingredients are essential because most wounds get worse or fail to improve because harmful bacteria continue to slow their healing. With these antiseptic ingredients, the cream accelerates the healing process many times over.


  • Natural and all organic ingredients without any harmful chemicals.
  • Extremely powerful formula for killing off harmful bacteria.
  • Very fast-acting formula that rejuvenates skin in a fast time.


  • It takes a bit of time to rub into the skin.
  • Can be messy if not applied carefully.
  • May not be effective for extremely severe cases of bed sores.

To apply Terrasil Wound Care ointment, simply unscrew the cap, dip it in your finger, and scoop out an appropriate amount. From there, you may rub the ointment onto the area of irritation. Rub on a thin coat of the cream and then wait until the ointment absorbs into the skin.

Emuaid for Bed Sores

Emuaid For Bedsores ointment is a tried-and-true solution for treating bedsores of all different severity. This brand understands that the reason bedsores get worse and worse is that when the skin is broken, the area becomes prone to infection.

Once the infection develops it becomes much harder to treat bedsores. As a result, this brand has focused its product on fighting off the bacteria responsible for causing bedsores. Its many anti-bacterial properties make it a powerful agent in fighting infection and thus restoring the skin.

The natural vitamins and minerals in the cream also make it a powerful ointment for rejuvenating previously damaged skin. Its potent healing properties are effective in preventing scar tissue from forming.


  • Great for fast pain relief.
  • Fast-acting formula that fights infection at its core.
  • Natural, high-quality ingredients.


  • You must regularly apply for best effects.
  • Effective, but on the more expensive side.
  • Slightly greasy formula.

To apply Emuaid For Bedsores on the buttocks, scoop up the needed amount with your fingers and rub the formula upon the infected area. Massage the ointment until there is an even layer on your skin. From there, let the formula dry.

TriDerma Pressure Sore Relief Ointment

TriDerma ointment is also one of the most effective bed sore creams money can buy. It is formulated to treat bed sores and other conditions of a similar kind. One trait that makes this particular cream stand out is its use of AP4 Genuine Virgin Aloe.

This particular kind of aloe contains three anti-inflammatory agents that are powerful in reducing swelling. Not only that, but it also contains three analgesic ingredients to soothe pain and six antiseptic ingredients to kill bacteria.

Of course, this cream also contains many other natural vitamins and minerals that help to speed up the healing process and repair tissues as effectively as possible. Applying this formula regularly, even when you don’t currently have bed sores, promotes healthy skin as well.


  • Contains powerful, natural, and high-quality ingredients.
  • Specifically formulated for bed sores.
  • Non-greasy and fragrance-free.


  • Contains alcohol which can irritate the skin in some cases.
  • It can be messy to apply.
  • A little runnier than some creams.

To apply TriDerma ointment, dip in your fingers and scoop out the amount needed to cover the infected area. You may rub or massage the ointment in until the area of irritation is evenly covered. From there, wait until the cream dries.

Seat Cushions for Bed Sores on Buttocks

a seat cushion on a chair

Skin creams are effective in treating bed sores once they have already developed. However, in order to treat these bedsores at a greater rate of speed, it is important that you don’t keep too much pressure on your buttocks. Keeping the pressure off your buttock is also essential for preventing new sores from forming.

Seat cushions are a great way to make sure that you aren’t putting too much pressure on certain spots of your buttocks. Below are some of the best examples of seat cushions for bed sores on the buttocks:

Premium Air Inflatable Seat Cushion

This waffled cushion is one of the best seat cushions for treating tissue damage that comes with bed sores. Its design is unique in that it gently cradles the body and eliminates any harsh pressure points that are responsible for bed sores.

It is made specifically to relieve pressure not only just on the buttocks but also from the hips, lower back, and spine as well to reduce any discomfort. The waffle cushion design is made so that the buttocks have enough space between the seat to allow for air circulation.


  • Evenly cradles the body to mitigate pressure points
  • Can be more comfortable to some than foam or gel
  • Easy to fold up and transport


  • Not always easiest to use for a wheelchair
  • Can sometimes shift in the seat
  • Needs to be inflated before use
  • Made for all body shapes and sizes

To use the cushion, you need to inflate it with the pump. You can inflate it so that the cushion is firm, or you could inflate it a bit less for more of a sag. It all depends on personal preference and how severe your bed sores are.

Purap Clinical Cushion

The Purap clinical cushion is possibly the best-designed cushion that you can buy. The cushion is made up of five layers: the anti-skid bottom, the layer of memory foam, the air pocket layer, the fluid-filled layer, and then lastly, the waterproof cover that you sit on. Designed by 3D fluid flotation technology, this cushion provides minimal pressure to common pressure points of the hips and buttocks.

The seat disperses pressure in order to heal bed sores as quickly as possible. As a result, this cushion allows you to sit for long periods at a time without getting numb from high-pressure sitting. This particular cushion is also better for wheelchairs since the rubber grip bottom keeps it in place much better than many inflatable seats.


  • Extremely good seat cushion for wheelchairs
  • Multiple layers of support for your body
  • Prevents butt from going numb
  • Prevents bed sores from developing


  • Not as easy to transport as a foldable inflatable seat cushion
  • Extremely effective but on the expensive side
  • Not adjustable in the same way as an inflatable seat cushion

Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion

The Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion is an excellent seat pad that not only reduces pressure points but provides great comfort. If your bed sores are particularly painful, a cushion with support like this would be a good choice. This seat cushion is made of highly adaptable memory foam, but at the same time, it won’t get worn out and flattened over time like other cushions.

Not only that, but the cushion is breathable due to the air-circulating properties of the cover and the seat cushion. You may choose to use the cushion with the bare memory foam or with the breathable cover- it all depends on how severe the bed sores on your buttocks are and your personal preference.


  • Good seat cushions for wheelchairs
  • Highly adaptable memory foam shapes to the contour of your body
  • Non-slip bottom keeps the cushion in place at all times
  • Good circulation for your buttocks


  • Not as easy to transport as an inflatable cushion
  • Some claim to not be comfortable sitting on the material
  • Not manually adjustable

Bed Sore Bed Pad Treatment for Bed Sores of Buttocks

a comfortable bed pad mattress

Since people spend a large amount of time sleeping, spending hours on end in bed is one of the main causes of bed sores. Of course, bed sores have their name for this very reason. As a result, a good mattress pad is essential for relieving yourself of bed sores. Listed below is our top pick of the mattress pads we have studied.

Drive Medical Med Aire

This particular mattress pad is designed to distribute pressure along your entire body. The mattress alternates pressure by inflating various bubbles in the pad and inflating different bubbles every 5 minutes. This allows your body to never place too much pressure on one area. In turn, the mattress pad makes it extremely difficult for bed sores to develop.


  • Comfortable for patients
  • Has alternating pressure to relieve pressure in various parts of the body


  • The pump has a faint humming sound

DMI Egg Crate Mattress Foam Pad

This foam mattress topper is designed for comfort. It features sculpted medical-grade foam that provides air circulation and weight distribution for optimal support and contoured pressure relief for spinal posture and alignment. It can help prevent pressure sores, pressure point stress, and decubitus ulcers. It is ideal for back and side sleepers to reduce pressure on shoulders, back, and hips for ideal rest and weight distribution. 


  • Has contoured pressure relief for optimal support
  • Has a cooling effect with consistent airflow


  • Does not feature an alternating pressure mechanism
  • Can be worn out after many uses


Having bed sores on the buttocks area is a serious health problem that should be addressed and treated immediately to prevent it from getting worse. In addition to the treatments given by healthcare professionals, doing proper at-home care is also essential, such as regularly changing positions and eating healthy meals. Aside from those, using products like ointments, cushions, and mattresses that are made especially for those who have bed sores on their buttocks might help. We hope this post helped you learn more about the various treatments for bed sores on the buttocks.


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