Treatment For Bursitis Of The Shoulder

One of the most common places people experience bursitis is in the shoulder, and for good reason. The shoulder is an extremely intricate and dense collection of muscle, bone, tendons and ligaments that have to work effectively together to serve the shoulders function.

Because the various soft tissues of  the shoulder work in an interdependent manner, when one part gets damaged by bursitis, others are likely to be affected. In turn shoulder bursitis can be debilitating. Fortunately you can most certainly treat the condition when you address shoulder bursitis properly. This guide outlines the best methods and treatment for bursitis of the shoulder.


Shoulder bursitis typically occurs due to certain repeated movements of the shoulder that may cause inflammation. Whether it be movements that are bad for the shoulder such as throwing a baseball to simply running in an certain way, repetitive movements such as these can damage your shoulder over time. Therefor to make sure that the condition improves, it is necessary to stop these movements or exercises.

You should spend as much time as possible with your shoulder in the resting position. Try to avoid jerking your arm around in a way that might disturb the already irritated shoulder.

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Shoulder Brace

In order to make sure that you keep the shoulder in a sound resting position, a shoulder brace is  often recommended.

A good shoulder brace is important for keeping your shoulder stable and compressed. By supporting your shoulder you can avoid irregular movements and tweaks that can worsen your condition. The compression that the shoulder brace provides improves blood flow which can aid in helping your shoulder repair.

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Anti-inflammatory Cream

Bursitis is caused by inflammation of the bursa. The bursa is a fluid filled sack that acts as a cushion between joints. When it becomes inflamed,  you experience the pain and immobility that comes with bursitis. Using anti-inflammatory creams is thus one of the most effective ways to treat bursitis. Below you can find the best creams you can use to treat bursitis.

Work Pain Relief Cream


Work Pain Relief Cream is a great quality anti-inflammatory cream that is a fantastic treatment for bursitis of the shoulder. It contains powerful key ingredients that can aid in the healing process. MSM and chondroitin are powerful ingredients in the formula that are effective in reducing inflammation and also repairing damaged tendons and ligaments. Similar to Arnicare, the formula also contains powerful natural pain relievers such as eucalyptus. Work Pain Relief Cream is also made in the USA to ensure the formula’s quality.

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Penetrex Pain Relief


Penetrex pain relief is a powerful pain reliever and anti-inflammatory that is also a great treatment for bursitis of the shoulder. It is unique in a sense that you can use Penetrex for not only bursitis but really for any kind of inflammation of the joints, arthritis, muscle pains or soreness. The formula is extremely versatile.

Penetrex also has something of a “self sustaining” pain relief effect. According to users, after the first few times of using the formula, it is not necessary to use it as frequently after. Its almost as if the pain relief stays in your system after the first few uses.

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Biofreeze is an excellent formula for those who have shoulder bursitis but are still active. By using cold therapy, Biofreeze essentially acts as an icepack in the form of a gel. Once you rub the formula into the shoulder it gives off a chilling sensation that not only numbs the pain but also reduces the inflammation of the bursitis.

Biofreeze is commonly used by gym goers and athletes who benefit from the effects of cold therapy. If the bursitis is extremely insignificant, applying biofreeze before a workout can make the experience much more pleasant. Keep in mind that if the shoulder bursitis is too painful you should not be working out at all. Consult with your doctor before exercising with shoulder bursitis.

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Various shoulder exercises and stretches can help to reduce tension in the shoulders. As a result, relieving tension can help to reduce inflammation and promote blood flow. Practicing these exercises a few times a day is great treatment for bursitis of the shoulder if they are performed regularly in a controlled manor. However talk to your doctor before performing these exercises to be sure that your bursitis is mild enough for stretching and exercise.

Listed below are three of the most basic exercises you can perform.

Shoulder Shrugs

Shoulder shrugging is a one of the most basic stretches for bursitis.

Start by standing straight up or sitting up, looking ahead with your arms straight at your sides. Slowly shrug your shoulders as if you are trying to touch your earlobes with the tops of your shoulders. Once your shoulders are at their peak hold the position for three seconds. From there, slowly bring your arms back down. Be sure to feel the stretch at the bottom position.

If the pain in the shoulders is less severe you can add a little variation to this exercise. After you raise your shoulders you can then focus on rolling your shoulders back as you move back to the resting position.

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

Again, start by standing or sitting up, looking ahead with your arms straight at your sides. Proceed to pull your shoulders back. Try to imagine squeezing a tennis ball between your shoulder blades. Make sure that your don’t elevate your shoulders but keep them at a steady level. Squeeze your shoulder blades together for three seconds and then slowly release them back to the starting position.

Posterior Stretch

Again, start by standing or sitting up, looking ahead with your arms straight at your sides. Bring your straight arm across your body. With your other hand, gently pull your arm in across your chest. Concentrate on getting a stretch across the back of the shoulder blade. Hold the stretch for three seconds and then slowly release the arm.

You may repeat these exercises multiple times in one session and you can practice these exercises two to three times a day.

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