Use of Numbing Cream in Making Tattoos

Sometimes,all a person needs extra help and courage before putting a tattoo on his body. But now, a numbing cream is very beneficial to reduce your pain from the needles. It can also be used before laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo artists have been using numbing creams for many years, and you can buy them from a local pharmacy. But always make sure you buy a government-registered numbing cream; otherwise, it can be harmful to you.


Whether you are numbing your skin to reduce the pain or preparing for pain, there are both natural and medical choices. Before using any numbing cream, check with your doctor and discuss the safety precautions. Numbing cream is applied before starting the actual tattooing and when the skin is still untouched. It’s always considerable to use the product correctly to prevent any long-term impacts and to make sure it numbs your skin well.

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How to Apply Numbing Cream


  • Wash the area of the skin properly you’re going to have it tattooed with soap and water and let it dry properly.
  • Take a good portion in your hand and rub the cream into the area the tattoo artist will work on.
  • Always wear gloves and apply a decent layer over the skin your tattoo artist will be working on.It should look be roughly 1mm thick all over.
  • Tattoo artists always wipe off the numbing cream before applying the stencil so that they don’t get the cream on their hands. They also wear gloves for the same reason.
  • It is always better to cover the cream with either cling wrap or cheesecloth like fabric. It should be covered for around 45 minutes to 60 minutes before starting the tattoo work.
  • Don’t leave numbing cream on skin longer than one hour.

Tattoo artists use numbing cream and other numbing products before they start breaking the skin with the needleof the machine. There are also many other additional products used during the process of getting a tattoo.

After the Use of Numbing Cream


When you apply the numbing cream, it gets active after some time. As soon as it becomes active, the tattoo artists start tattooing. A person feels nil pain, at least for the first 45 minutes to an hour. However, this effect of numbing creams reduces slowly after an hour or two. It is very important to think about where you can use the cream and where it will be more beneficial, especially if you have a larger structure.

For example, if you want tattoos on your elbows, under the legs, knees, then they might be the best spot to begin tattooing while encountering the maximum effect of the numbing agent.

Regulatory, Safety, and Efficacy

Clinicians increasingly use anesthetics creams to decrease the pain, which is caused due to laser procedures, superficial dermatologic, and anesthetic. Various anesthetic creams are available, but there is a problem with their relative safety and appropriate dermatologic uses.

There are some important things that are linked with the use of anesthetic creams, so some factors should be considered to reduce the adverse effect.

  • The quantity of product use.
  • Method of application.
  • The area on which product is to be applied.
  • The time duration of product application.
  • Specific risk factors, such as drug interaction of patients.
  • The concentration of active ingredients in a cream.

Many adverse cases have been reported regarding the unfavorable use of anesthetic products. It also has a harmful effect during laser treatments when it is used on larger areas of skin.

Risks Associated with a High Concentration of Anesthetic Products

Although the Food and Drug Administration warns about the use of high concentration of anesthetic products, they are still used for the anesthetic procedure, which includes:

  • KWIK anesthetic gel
  • BLT
  • TAC
  • Hurricane
  • Photo gel
  • Laser gel

If the high concentration of multiple anesthetic cream or products is used in inappropriately large amounts or on a large surface area, it causes serious harmful effects. Some of the symptoms which are caused by anesthetic toxicity are:

  • Circumoral numbness
  • Muscle twitching
  • Respiratory depression
  • Tinnitus

Therefore, it is always better to consult with your doctor before using any product.

Importance of Using Numbing Cream in Making Tattoos

Numbing creams are used widely in a range of applications. Mainly used by skin experts, numbing creams are used during painful skin procedures to ease the pain of the applicant. They are also used in tattoo parlors, applied prior to the insertion of the ink needle. As tattoo application also involves needles and pain, numbing creams is a great way to relieve some suffering.

Needles generally involve varying levels of pain for different people. When applied to the required area, Numbing creams ensure that the pain involved is reduced to a minimum level.

Numbing creams provide a great number of benefits in their usage. A few of them are as follows:

1. Relieving the Pain

The main purpose of using a numbing cream is to relieve the pain. It works with the neuro-receptors present in the skin, leaving it senseless. Otherwise, needles could be potentially quite painful.

2. Making Long Sessions Easy

Often, tattoos require long and hardworking sessions of constant work. Under these circumstances, numbing creams really come in handy, providing long-lasting comfort so the extended sessions can become less tormenting in some aspects.

3. Making Things Easier For the Artist

The tattoo artists deserve all the recognition for making such beautiful and intricate patterns on the skin and with such delicacy. But the job isn’t easy. Numbing creams also help the artists in doing their job relentlessly. If the client is at home with the pain and isn’t flinching with every pinch of the needle, the artist would be confident in his work as well.

A typical numbing cream’s effects can last anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes. Therefore, a long period of comfort and ease is provided by a seemingly normal cream. They are greatly beneficial for the applicant’s pain endurance.

There is a common misconception that numbing creams alter with the tattoo ink and can cause the results to differ greatly. This is not true at all. Numbing creams act with the nerve endings present in the skin to relieve it of its senses. Numbing creams specially designated for tattoos are even water-based so as to not alter with the chemicals already present in ink.

It is common information that pain and tattoos go hand-in-hand. Depending upon the part of the body you are getting tattooed, the pain levels can be different. Places where the skin is thin and no fat layer is present will be the most painful, and even a numbing cream can help a little there. But most of the time, numbing creams can do great wonders while getting a tattoo done.


Practitioners are increasingly using numbing creams to reduce the pain caused during the procedure of tattoo making. Therefore, one should be careful in selecting and applying it asthe abuse of numbing creams can cause many complications.