Easy Halloween Crafts For Seniors and Elderly

Halloween is an exciting time of the year and as it enjoys the status of one of the biggest festivals of the year. Young or old, age is just a number when it comes to enjoying the joy of halloween. As an adult or a senior citizen you may not be able to “Trick or Treat” but you can still indulge yourself in some exciting Halloween crafts to match the ambiance of the festival. So, if you’re looking for fun additions to your activities calendar, consider some of these.

Our Easy Halloween Crafts

Lacy Candle

These lacy lights are elegant and very easy Halloween crafts, using only a bit of black lace and a candle– this one is a flameless battery type, which is especially good in crafts for the elderly. These candles are also nice gifts you can make.

Materials Used/ Required

  • Flameless (better), or no-drip pillar candle
  • Black lace
  • Craft glue, or spray adhesive
  • Candleholder
  • Water based craft varnish (optional)
  • Flat paintbrush (for varnish, if using)

Use a flameless candle for this project, to make sure the glue does not deteriorate since regular candles can give off a little heat. Cut your piece of lace to size so that it will fit and wrap around the candle tightly, with a slight ½ inch overlap in the back. (Because a pillar candle is fairly straight, there should not be much gapping).

After that, make small dots of glue all around the edges of the lace and on the overlaps and press them firmly in place. You could also spray the back of the lace with spray adhesive.

When dry, painting a coat (or two) of water base craft varnish over all the lace also works well. The varnish assures that the lace will stay nice and flat and in place. Dry thoroughly. Then put the candle on a black candle holder. You can also set it in a small Halloween garland or candle ring. 

Fancy-Hat Gourd Witch

It’s almost a must to include funny gourd witches as part of your easy Halloween crafts. Many of the materials can be bought at thrift stores too. The hat is from a craft store, but you can easily make one from black felt. Just make a cone from a circle, and glue it on to a circular brim.


  • A dark gourd
  • A witch hat
  • Decorations for the hat (flowers, baubles, feathers, rhinestones)
  • Raffia
  • Googly eyes
  • Pom-Pom for nose
  • 3-D squirt paint, or acrylics
  • Glue gun, or craft glue, like Tacky Glue
  • Small dish, or other stand

First take many strands of raffia and tie them around the stem of the squash, for the hair. You can do this with two batches of raffia to make the hair thick. Spread out the hair. Next apply glue to the eyes and nose and let it dry. Then squirt a smiling mouth with the 3-D paint. Or you can use acrylics and a brush. Just decorate it with whatever you may have around. Be sure to glue on all the pieces well. Place the hat over the stem – the stem will help keep the hat on.

Then put the witch on its stand. These are such cheerful and easy Halloween crafts that you might want to have several and put them in a grouping.

Witch Broom

You’ll find you’ll be able to use this fancy witch broom with many of your easy Halloween crafts.


  • Black decorative Halloween toothpicks
  • Long kebab skewer
  • Black ribbon
  • Strong tape 
  • Orange acrylics and brush
  • Bead for the top of a broomstick
  • Glue, if needed

Paint the kebab skewer orange. When dry, take about 6 fancy toothpicks, gather them together around the skewer, and tape them in place securely. Cover the tape with ribbon. If you have a decoration that is on a stick, like the orange bauble then trim the stick so it’s 1 or 2 inches long. Slide the stick under the ribbon. You can add a dab of glue to keep it secure. Otherwise, glue on your other decoration. Finally, add the bead to the top of the broomstick. You can also put on a bit of glue to keep it in place.

You can see below how it looks with the witch.

Golf Ball Owl

The owl is a popular theme for easy Halloween crafts, and this one is made from an old golf ball (from a garage sale). Here’s how:

Material Used/Required:

  • 1 golf ball
  • 3-4 white craft feathers (or make “feathers” from paper)
  • 2 googly eyes (or make eyes from paper)
  • Black, and orange paper
  • Jar cap for stand
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun or strong craft glue

First, wash and dry the golf ball. For feet – fold a square of orange paper in half and cut out 2 simple feet shapes. Glue the cap/stand onto the feet.

For Beak – Place the golf ball on its stand for stability. Fold another small square of orange paper in half. Cut out a triangle shape on the fold, forming the beak. Flatten the fold a bit so you can glue it onto the ball.

For Eyes – Fold a square of black paper in half, to cut out 2 outer eye shapes. They are shaped like circles, with a flare at the top. The outer eyes should be made quite a bit larger than the googly eyeballs. Glue the black outer eyes onto the ball above the beak. Then glue the googly eyes in the centers. Lastly, glue a feather wing on each side of the owl, plus a couple of feathers on top of the head.

Not-So-Scary Scarecrow Head

Scarecrow heads are easy Halloween crafts and can be used in many ways: put them on top of a broomstick, create a full scarecrow body, or hang it from the ceiling, mobile style.

Material Used/Required:

  • Old ball
  • Some newspapers
  • Masking tape
  • A large piece of burlap to go around the head
  • Acrylic or craft paints: black, blue, white, red
  • Twine or string
  • Autumn colored ribbon – optional
  • Paint brushes, rag, water
  • Old hat
  • Broomstick

The size of the piece of burlap you use will depend on the size of the ball for your scarecrow head. Or make tightwads of newspaper and form into a ball, using masking tape to keep them together. Cut a square of burlap large enough to fully wrap around the head form.

Gather it at the bottom. Take your twine or string and begin tying it, but not tightly, as you still need to insert the broomstick. Insert the broomstick at the back of the head if you are using a ball, or into the center of the newspaper wads. Finish tying the twine or string securely at the “neck.”

Next paint a simple face, use basic circles and ovals to make eyes, nose, and cheeks. The mouth is a simple grin with rectangular white teeth. These types of faces are easy to make and mistake-proof!

If you’re making a lady, add a few eyelashes and maybe some lipstick. You may need to put on a couple of coats, as burlap is rough to paint on. You can also add ribbon if you’re making a lady, or an old necktie if it’s a man. Add the hat on top. You can adhere it with a little glue, if needed, or tack it on with thread, running through the burlap and hat.

Then lean your scarecrow broom against a wall or tree. To hang it like a mobile, double up a long (strong) thread in a needle, and loop it tightly through the top of the head a couple of times, and then up through the top of the hat.

You could also make a full scarecrow body (instructions not included here). Scarecrow heads make delightful easy Halloween crafts, and if you have a group, different people can work on different aspects of the project.

Painting Clay Pots

Terra cotta clay pots are already an orange color so are perfect for easy Halloween crafts. There are unlimited designs you can use, including nature patterns. Or just adhere to simple decals and stickers. And what you put in the pot can range from traditional to quirky Halloween items. 

Material Used/Required

  • Clay pot and tray, your choice of size
  • Acrylic paints – black, gold
  • Paint brushes, rag, water container
  • Artificial foliage, pinecones
  • Black roses (optional)
  • Black decorative toothpicks
  • Black ribbon

First clean and wash the clay pot so there is no residue on the surface. When dry, paint on your design in acrylics. For this one, simply paint a round moon in gold, with a couple of black bats. With a flat brush, make an edging of square dots and dotted lines around the upper and lower rims.

Now fill your pot with foliage, black roses, frilly black decorative toothpicks, and a black ribbon curling down the side. Or anything else you can think of.

Other uses: Sit a dish of candy in the top instead, or put a pillar candle inside. Use these pots as centerpieces or in the middle of a large serving platter. They also make nice gifts.

Halloween Window Stencils

For Halloween Window Stencils, you can make shapes from black felt or colored paper and then glue them onto the non-sticky side of contact paper -very easy, or you can paint shapes onto the contact paper (2+ coats is best). Then peel the contact paper off its backing and attach it to the window. These can be removed and saved to use again, by placing them back onto their backing.

You can also purchase colored repositionable self-adhesive sheets such as in felt or vinyl. Then just draw your design onto the sheets, cut, peel, and attach to your window.

Halloween Lantern

Using old-fashioned lanterns for easy Halloween crafts is a great way to make a centerpiece. This one has an elegant yet somewhat spooky theme in mostly black. See what you have around to use, or get your group or family to pitch in with materials.

Materials Used/ Required:

  • Hurricane style lantern
  • Black artificial roses, or other foliage
  • Black feather
  • Halloween themed candle, flameless if possible
  • Black ribbon
  • Fake cobwebs (from the craft store)

This is just a matter of assembling the various elements of your centerpiece. First, insert your candle in the lantern. You can get a variety of holiday candles in the flameless style (including online). Tie a curly black ribbon on one side. Then arrange your artificial flowers around the base. Insert the feather wherever there is a convenient gap or opening. Drape the lantern with a few cobwebs, and presto! You have a really fast and easy piece for a table or mantle.

Colorful Corn Characters

These easy Halloween crafts take just a couple of steps and a few materials. They can be hung, or propped up against the wall, or added into a centerpiece. Or even given away.

Materials Used/ Required:

  • A couple of stalks of colorful corn
  • Raffia
  • A twisty or rubber band or string
  • Holiday ribbon
  • Googly eyes
  • Pom-Pom for nose, or a candy
  • 3-D squirt paint (red or pink),
  • or acrylics and brush
  • Glue gun, or craft glue (Tacky Glue)

Gather together the stalks of corn at the top and bind them together with your twisty or rubber band or string. Then cover the area by tying raffia around it, and a holiday ribbon. Spread out the corn leaves. Glue on the eyes and nose. 

Hanging Colorful Corn

This is one of our most easy Halloween crafts and can also be used within a centerpiece, or by nesting a few cobs upon moss in a Halloween bowl.

Materials Used/ Required:

  • Several ears of colored corn with husks
  • String
  • Wide ribbon with fall colors
  • Artificial berries
  • Narrow wire to attach berries

Tie together two or three cobs, husks on top as shown. Tie them first with string, as it is easier to handle. Then ribbon gets tied over that. Most artificial berries will have their own wire; if not you may need to use your own wire to attach them to the center of the bow. Wire attached to the backs can also be used to hang them up. Or use old ornament hooks.

Halloween Ornaments

Ornaments are not just for Christmas, but can also be used for other holidays; certainly for easy Halloween crafts. You will use either a plain colored ornament which you would paint orange; or a gold ornament, which looks fine as is.

Materials Used/ Required:

  • Ornament balls, plain color
  • Glitter craft paint, orange or even black
  • Craft water-based varnish (optional)
  • Small 1-inch piece of sponge, if painting
  • Water dish and paint brushes
  • Plastic picnic plate for a palette
  • Black fine-tip marker
  • Spanish moss or raffia, for hair
  • Black craft feather
  • Cord or thread for hanging
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue

If you will be painting your ornament, hold the ornament by its hanger on top while you paint. Just put some paint on a plastic picnic plate as a palette. Dab a moist sponge into the paint, then dab the paint all over the ornament. Hang it to dry.

Using a black marker, draw on a simple jack-o-lantern face. It can be crooked looking and does not have to be perfect. Dry thoroughly. Tie on your cord or thread to the hanger. Next, glue a wad of Spanish moss to the top for hair. Tuck in a black feather, and it’s ready to hang! Ornaments look great clustered in groups or strung together. You can also insert them into centerpieces. 

Painting On Pumpkins

Our list of easy Halloween crafts included painting on pumpkins. A nice and quick alternative to carving a pumpkin, and you can make them as detailed as you’d like, even using markers. 

Halloween Door Hanger

Door hangers are very easy Halloween crafts because you can use just about anything for the holiday you may have on hand. Popular colors are black, orange, gold, purple, lime.

Materials Used/ Required:

  • Black glittery artificial roses and leaves
  • Small glittery balls on stalks, or other novelty items
  • Black curly ribbon
  • A twisty tie
  • Black foil garland (any Halloween color)

First gather black roses and bind them together in the upper-middle with a twisty tie. Wrap and cover with a bunch of black curly ribbon. Next, insert stalks of glittery balls upside down into the bouquet bundle. Before putting it on the door hook, fist hang a loose coil of metallic black garland on the hook. Then hang the bouquet over it.

Painted Halloween Glasses

These easy Halloween crafts can really be used throughout the fall months if you use a basic leaf motif with a long, curved vine line, and a few round berries. But of course, you can make something very Halloween-ish. Try bats, moons, black cats, ghosts, pumpkins.

A basic good design for glassware is to have it swoop diagonally down the glass. Grouping and overlapping keeps a nice tight design, instead of it looking scattered. Also, use some large and small shapes together. And don’t forget to add a little decorating to the stem and bottom. When painting on glass, always start at least an inch down from the rim, as you do not want to have the mouth touching the painted area. 

Apple Doll Witch (or Granny)

Apple dolls are good, old-fashioned, easy Halloween crafts. It does take several days to dehydrate the apples (it can be done in the microwave), so this is a project to be done in stages. But well worth it! You can also add a mini witch hat (from the craft store) or make a simple one yourself with a colored paper cone shape glued to a circle brim. Or you may have your own ideas. In this case, making a hat of the same matching black print fabric would look fun too.

Gourd Gouls and Witches

Speaking of witches and other wonderful gourd ghouls, they make very easy Halloween crafts. A local activities director has used this project (with assistance) with her memory care group. Lumpy bumpy gourds can be found in abundance during the fall and are really fun to get creative with. You will also find some very easy ones on that page, which can also be made with elderly and dementia patients.

Hanging Ghost

This hanging ghost craft idea was submitted by one of our readers in our Share Your Crafts section. It’s made with a standard white plastic trash bag which you can get in different sizes – a grouping would look great. These would also work wonderfully hanging indoors at a party, from the ceiling, or on a door. 

Decorate Caramel Apples

These easy Halloween crafts can be done in two steps (or one, the simple way). First, you need to have caramel apples. So you can either dip your own and make an activity of that (you can get kits complete with instructions and sticks at the grocery store). Or dip them in chocolate, either dark or white.

Second, you can decorate them after they’re dipped. If you dip them yourself, as they’re setting on waxed paper, press in a variety of candies to make faces while the caramel (or chocolate) is still warm and soft. If you have the already-made kind, use squirt tube frosting as “glue” to attach the faces.

You can also use tube frosting to draw decorative lines when you decorate (like smiles or shapes). Add a drop or two of food coloring to some frosting in a small dish, to color it, then “paint” details on (with a clean, new brush). 

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Halloween is that time of the year when everyone gets together to have some fun and make life-long memories. While this may be the favorite time for children, the elderly also enjoy treating the kids well. Getting the elderly to come up with creepy Halloween decorations is going to engage them with the family and encourage creativity. And if you want to take it a step further, try the recommended Halloween products to make it friendly, enjoyable and most important spooky.