Guide to Selecting Car Caddies and Organizers for Seniors

There are many items, devices, or products that can help seniors and patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and special needs in their daily living, and two of the most popular items are the car caddie and the organizer. What are these items? How do they help seniors? And how do you find the best version of these items? Let us find out the answers to these basic questions as we continue with the guide to selecting car caddies and organizers for seniors.

What is a Car Caddie?

elderly woman opening a car door

A car caddie is an item that is used by a senior or a patient with special needs to get out of a car with proper support. Sometimes, the car’s door handles aren’t enough to provide support for a senior, as they don’t have enough grip, and they are located in an area of the door that can be difficult for seniors to hold onto. 

So, the car caddie is installed on the top section of the door so that the seniors will have something more secure and comfortable to hold onto whenever they go out of the car. In addition, the car caddie can also be held onto by a senior or patient if he or she feels uneasy while the car is moving.

The regular car caddie usually has a plastic handle that is attached to a strap made of durable fabrics and materials like nylon. To install the car caddie on the top of the car’s door, there is a quick-release buckle on each end of the strap that you can release so that you can strap on the caddie on the top portion of the door frame. However, before you strap on the caddie, make sure that the window of the door is lowered so that you will have an easier time hooking the strap. Then, adjust the window to its original position to secure the car caddie and make it stay in place.

What is a Car Organizer?

water bottle in a car organizer

A car organizer is an item that is utilized for storing different products and devices that seniors and patients use while in a car. The car organizer is usually placed on the back of the driver’s seat or the front passenger’s seat so that the organizer can be reached by the senior or patient sitting in the back seat. A lot of car organizers have multiple pockets so that various items can be stored in different pockets so that the elderly will have an easier time finding what they are looking for.

Most car organizers are made from soft but durable textiles and materials, and although they are usually available in different colors, black organizers are more common since they pair well with the color of most car seats. There will also be car organizers that have a built-in plastic desk where the senior or patient can place food that they want to eat in the car. The built-in desk can then be folded up whenever it is not in use.

Tips for Picking Car Caddies and Organizers for Seniors

There are already hundreds of different car caddies and organizers to choose from, but only a few are considered to be the best when it comes to features, durability, and reliability. In order for you to have an easier time finding the best car caddies and organizers, you will need to follow a few tips that will tell you more about the different aspects and features of the items you plan to buy. Here are the tips for picking car caddies and organizers for seniors.

The Caddie Should Provide a Firm Grip

handle of caddies

One of the most important features that car caddies should have is a firm grip, which basically means that the senior or patient that will be holding onto the caddie will remain safe and secure without slipping or falling. The firm grip of the car caddie is typically provided by the material that is used on the caddie’s handle. Rubber grips are usually the ones that provide the best grip for car caddies, but there are also plastic grips that have a rubberized texture that is more durable compared to soft rubber.

Here are three caddies that provide a firm grip based on reviews:

  • Stander CarCaddie – the most popular car caddie that you can buy online. It features a non-slip car bar grip, and its strap buckles around the top of the window frame so that it will stay in place securely.
  • Pivit Adjustable Sit-to-Stand Car Caddie – an affordable option is this car caddie by Pivit, which has a comfortable padded handle that offers a firm grip. Much like the Stander CarCaddie, the Pivit car caddie is very easy to install, as you just need to strap and buckle it around the top of a car door’s window frame.
  • Byojia Door Assist Handles – this product comes with not only a regular car caddie but also a car assist handle that can be hooked to the door latch on the side of the backseat. This car assist handle can also be used for cutting seatbelts and breaking windows for emergency purposes.

The Items Should Be Comfortable to Use

Another priority when it comes to buying car caddies and organizers is to know how comfortable and convenient they are to use. Simplicity is the key when it comes to providing items and devices for seniors and patients, as you don’t want them to have a hard time using different products like alarms, bed rails, and others. So, the car caddie and organizer you will buy should be as simple as possible to use so that seniors will have an easier and more comfortable time using them.

Here are a few car organizers that you can check out online:

  • Rubbermaid Automotive Back Seat Organizer – this organizer or hanging car caddy features a folding tray table so that the elderly will have a desk where they can place food while they are eating in the car. This organizer also has cup holders so that the contents of the patient’s cup won’t spill while the car is moving.
  • High Road DriverStash Front Seat Car Organizer – this car organizer is placed on the front of the car seat instead of on the back, so it is suitable for seniors that are driving a car and want their items to be organized and reachable on the passenger seat next to them. Moreover, the organizer can also be placed on one section of the backseat.
  • JUCAINHI Car Storage Organizer – this two-pack car storage organizer features plenty of pockets where seniors, patients, and caregivers will be able to store different kinds of items and devices. This organizer even has a tablet holder so that seniors or patients will have a source of entertainment while inside the car during an outdoor trip.

Read About the Weight Limit of the Items

elderly woman being assisted to get out of a car

Car caddies and organizers usually have a weight limit, so it is important to read about how much weight they can carry so that you or the patient won’t put too much weight on the items. The weight limit is specifically important for car caddies, as this will determine how well they can handle weight put on by the senior or patient that is holding on to it. So, you need to make sure that car caddies and organizers are durable enough to carry significant amounts of weight.

Look for Affordable but High-Quality Options

If you want to buy different items and devices for seniors and patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and special needs besides car caddies and organizers, then you will most likely need to budget your money so that you won’t overspend on those items. One of the best ways to fit different items on a tight budget is to always look for affordable options, but you need to make sure that the products you will be buying are high-quality despite how inexpensive they are.

Fortunately, there are a lot of car caddies and organizers that are very affordable, so you wouldn’t have difficulties finding inexpensive options when it comes to those mentioned items. Find these affordable but high-quality products so that you will still have money to buy other items like alarms and sensors, which are useful when you are taking care of a senior or patient with special needs.

Check Reviews

online reviews

An easy way to know about the weight limit, comfort, and gripping ability is to read or watch reviews. These reviews can take only a few minutes to read or watch, so they are a much faster source of information instead of checking out each and every car caddie and organizer in physical or online stores. Reviews would provide not only the important bits of information about different products but they will also give you the pros and cons of the products you plan to buy.

Reviews are readily available online through review websites that provide opinions and feedback on different kinds of products, video streaming platforms like YouTube that has videos of how well some car caddies and organizers are made, and blogs that usually offer unbiased opinions about specific products. There are even reviews available in some online stores where you can buy car caddies and organizers, so you don’t have to look for other websites sometimes to read reviews. Go on and read reviews of different caddies and organizers first so that you will have a better idea of which ones are considered the best by many customers and reviewers. 

And these are the details you need to know about car caddies and organizers, as well as tips on how to find the best ones for your elderly loved one or patient. Follow the tips we have provided above so that you will be able to buy the best and most suitable car caddie and organizers.