Bookworm Bookmark Bead Craft

Have you ever spent hours looking for a gift for a friend and couldn’t decide on anything? Worry no more, for we are here to help you out. If your friend is a fellow bookworm, then we have the perfect gift: a hand-crafted beaded bookmark.

Picture of a beaded bookmark placed in an old book.
A beaded bookmark is one of the simplest crafts you can make to give away with a book. Not only is it a great gift for bookworms, but it also makes for a fun activity for elders to participate in. The process of making beaded bookmarks has proven to have therapeutic effects on elders, making them feel relaxed and happy. Moreover, it is extremely easy to make these bookmarks: almost every senior can make it without any extra assistance.

All the items needed for this craft can be found in a craft store at low prices. However, if a craft store is not accessible, you can buy them online as well.  Below we have listed the items you will need to make a beaded bookmark along with our top recommendations for each item:

How to Make a Beaded Bookmark?

Once you have acquired all the items, the next step is to make the beaded bookmark. Start with tying a knot on one end of the cord and then add the beads along the length of the leather cord. Use glass beads of different colors and sizes. It’s fun to let them slide around; however, if you want the bead to stay put in place, tie a knot after adding each bead to keep it from sliding. Keep enough cord coming out of the top of the head so you can loop it back into the bead hole.

You can use the colored markers to make different designs on paper or even write a short quote and then stick it on the bookmark with the glue gun or some other adhesive gun. You can also try making smiley faces or drawing your favorite anime or cartoon characters. Once you have added enough beads, tie a knot at the other end of the cord with the tassel of your choice. Voila, you have created a hand-made beaded bookworm!

The Takeaway

Crafting beaded bookmarks is not only hassle-free but also has therapeutic qualities for the elderly. It is a fun and easy way to let your creative juices flow without having to spend a vast fortune. Try making a beaded bookmark today and gift it to a dear friend or family member! If you are an elderly or someone caring for an elderly looking for more creative ideas to spend your time productively, read our article on Fabulous Craft Angels for Seniors and Elderly.