Fabulous Craft Angels for Seniors and Elderly

We’ve got lots of craft angels for you to make! All kinds, from glass centerpieces, to bells, to foil, to wood, to old-fashioned corn husk dolls! These are all easy craft ideas, and many are excellent for elderly activities, suitable for those who may have limitations. And of course, additional help can always be given.

You can make most of these angels from at least some of the materials you may already have on hand (sort of recycled crafts). Or get things inexpensively, including at thrift stores and garage sales. Be sure to also see lots more ideas and projects at Senior Activity Ideas.

Our Craft Angels

Wooden Angel Ornament

You will need:

  • Wood piece for body
  • 2 wood pieces for wings
  • Bead for head
  • Wood glue
  • Gold wire for halo
  • Black, a permanent marker for the face (fine point)
  • White acrylic paint

This cute angel is made of interesting wood pieces that you can get in craft stores and also home improvement stores. Just decide how big you want it (this one is about 3 or 4 inches high), and what pieces you’ll use for the body and wings.

Depending on where you shop and what they have, some pieces may need to be cut (sawed) down in size. Unless you want a larger angel. A bead can be used for the head. Then use wood glue to attach them all together. When dry, paint the angel white or any other color you’d like. Anything simple can be used for a halo – gold-tone wire, or a little bit of a metallic or foliage garland. Even a circle of ribbon works well.

If you make a face, we suggest something very simple. It’s easiest to draw on with a permanent, fine-tipped Sharpie pen. A tiny bit of red marker, rubbed in after applied, can be used for the cheeks. A very simple project and excellent for crafts for the elderly — with a nice, finished look. Make several of these angel crafts to give away, or to sell at functions or craft fairs.

Autumn Gourd Angel

We made this autumn angel from a white gourd. Use her as an unscary alternative for Halloween, or to bless your Thanksgiving table. She can also be a Christmas angel. If you can’t find a white gourd during the holiday times, you could also use a Styrofoam ball or even an ornament for the head of these craft angels.

You will need:

  • Small white gourd (shaped like a little pumpkin)
  • Hair – I used fake spider webbing. Or cotton balls, cotton in a roll, etc.
  • White tissue paper, folded twice
  • Markers or acrylic paints and brush, for the face
  • Circlet of ribbon for the halo
  • A large square of lace
  • Wine glass, jar, etc. for this stand
  • Flameless tea light or votive candle
  • White thread
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun or craft glue
  • Corsage pin(s)

First, we turned our wine glass upside down, putting the tea light candle under it. Then draped it with a large square of white lace.

To make the head, we first drew on a smiling face with colored markers. After that took a piece of our fake spiderweb material, stretched it out a bit, and glued it around the head. You could also use cotton balls which you would stretch out, or cut a piece from a roll of cotton. You can also use yarn or Spanish moss. When the hair is dry, make your circlet from a piece of ribbon, and glue it to the top of the hair. Set the head on top of your stand with lace.

Now it’s time to do the wings. We took a large piece of tissue paper, folded it in half, then in half again. (The wings have four layers). After folding the tissue, we cut out a large oval shape – large enough to amply stretch out on each side of the angel.

Then gather and pinch all the layers together in the middle, and tie it securely with white thread. When it’s tied, spread the layers out on both sides of the wings. To attach the wings to the angel.we just took a long corsage pin and stuck it through the middle of the wings into the back of the gourd.

Natural Clay Pot Angel

Make a chorus of these clay pot craft angels and set them on a table, mantle, or in a centerpiece. Or place on an upturned branch of a Christmas tree.

You will need:

  • Vary small clay pot
  • Large wooden bead, or styro ball
  • Moss for hair, or ribbon, fake fur, etc.
  • Several strands of raffia for wings
  • Thread
  • 2 twigs or pieces of pipe cleaner for arms
  • 2 small beads for hands
  • Tiny wreath for the halo, or circlet or ribbon
  • Small piece of cardboard, or card stock for book
  • Black fine-tip marker to make a face
  • Glue gun or craft glue like Tacky Glue
  • Acrylic paint, your choice of colors (or markers)
  • If painting pot – Small paintbrush, water container, rag

We first painted the decoration on the bottom of the clay pot with acrylics and set it aside to dry. But you could also make something simple with good markers like Sharpies.

Second, since these craft angels are small, we made an easy little face on the large bead/head with the black fin-tip marker. Then glued on a bunch of moss for the hair, topped with a mini wreath for the halo. Set aside to dry.

When the painted pot was dry, we cut a twig into 2 small pieces for the arms, slid on the small bead hands, and glued them in place on each side of the pot.

For the wings, we made loops of several strands of raffia, cut in a length so that they would amply stick out on both sides of the angel. Then, we tied the loops in the middle with thread, then spread out the wings on each side. This was then glued in place to the back of the pot. A glue gun works best.

When everything was dry, we lastly make a little book from card stock (an old file folder). A dab of glue was put on each bead hand, and the book pressed into place.

Feather Angel (and Mobile)

Feather craft angels are probably one of the easiest projects to make. These are great for all ability levels, and even participants with elderly issues that limit activities should be able to make these with a minimum of help. With just a few inexpensive materials, you can have angels galore!

There are so many things you can do with them, including making mobiles! There are easy and more advanced ways to make mobiles, and we discuss both. No matter what, these feather angels are delightful to have around and to watch gently “fly” in the air or breeze when hung.

Metallic Foil Angel Craft

The beautiful metallic angel craft idea was submitted in our Share Your Crafts forum by Donna of Iowa. Her instructions are easy to follow and thorough, so make sure you take a look at this one.

I’m sure these angels would look beautiful hanging in windows any time of the year (the blue metallic on this, if mixed with red ribbon and the white bead head and hair, would make a great Fourth of July angel too!) Stretch your imagination on how you can use these craft angels any time.

Angel Cornhusk Doll

The cornhusk doll is a traditional craft from Native Americans dating back hundreds of years. Our angel has a little bit of a different twist on the tradition. We don’t make it exactly the same way if you’re familiar with the process, although we do use the cornhusks.

This is a wonderful project for any season. I keep mine on a shelf of my hutch all year long. Or perhaps give one as a keepsake gift. You can get cornhusks at craft stores, even the grocery stores. (And not just in fall – I just saw some lately at my store, and it’s March).

Elegant Glass Angel

This glass angel craft is elegant and easy to do. You can make it from everyday items you may already have. You could also use plastic items instead of glass if the glass happens to be a safety issue for elderly activities. These craft angels are excellent for centerpieces at home or an event. They’re made from a vase turned upside down.

Imagine a line of glass angels on your table or mantle, in different sizes and shapes, all twinkling with candlelight. (I often use flameless candles now in my crafts).

Angel Valentine and Candy Holder

Our cute angel valentine craft has so many possibilities. Use it to hold candy, give a valentine or gift, or as a centerpiece. And so many ways to decorate it too – including as a boy angel. It doesn’t have to be just for Valentine’s Day either. Since it’s made with a paper cup, you can use a cup in any color or with any kind of design, a birthday or anniversary, for instance. Have the angel holding a card instead of a valentine message. These craft angels can be used for giving gifts or at place settings at a party or get-together as well.

This article aimed to provide splendid craft angel ideas for seniors and the elderly. Since the elderly tend to be alone mostly during the day, the craft angel ideas above will keep them entertained and allow them to create something that offers them the feeling of achievement. It is hard to believe that a thing such as a craft angel could keep their mood lifted but such is the charm of these tiny magnificent craft angels.