Easy Recipes For the Elderly

A healthy bowl of soup

There comes a time in everyone’s life where there is a drastic change in one’s taste buds or the foods they would like to eat. This is especially true in the case of the elderly who cannot eat the same foods they used to with ease due to several reasons. Regardless, of …

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Moist & Natural Gingerbread Cake

Gingerbread can be cut down into several shapes

This spicy gingerbread cake recipe is all-natural and can even use fresh, real ginger…(Although fresh ginger is not necessary), adding quite a zing to the flavor. And there are lots of ways to dress it up. It’s an excellent addition to your senior activities and parties. You may have noticed that our …

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Healthy Dessert Recipes for Seniors & Elderly

An age for thoughts, an age for engaging in interesting activities.

We offer lots of delicious suggestions for healthy alternatives, including for low-salt and low-sugar desserts. Important as we age when nutrition can become more complicated. These healthy dessert recipes were selected especially for seniors. Easy and popular to do as senior activities too. And they can be modified to suit you. Natural …

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Creative Halloween Treats for Seniors

Hot Cocoa can be used in different desserts to add a chocolatey taste.

Think of these Halloween treats for seniors as actually easy Halloween crafts – that you can eat! Great for parties, giveaways, desserts, at place settings, and more. Make them as simple or fancy as you’d like. Our Halloween Treats for Seniors Marshmallow Ghost We’ll start with a couple really easy Halloween treats …

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Healthy Valentines Day Desserts

some valentine special deserts - strawberry and chocolate

If you need special Valentines’ Day ideas for treats and desserts (something to go along with those Valentine flowers or other Valentines’ Day gift ideas), then we just might have something here for you! Many of the desserts mentioned are made with fresh fruit, which is an important component of good nutrition, …

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Sweet Tart Apple Muffin Recipe

fruit-muffins with fresh organic apples and heart props

Apples, as we know, are one of the most nutritious fruits. An apple a day is not just an old wives’ tale: especially, when consumed with its skin, it gives one high level of antioxidants that fight free radical damage, fiber, and good carbs, as well as a multitude of vitamins like …

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Hershey Kiss Mouse Chocolate Crafts

Hershey's Kisses in foil paper

Mouse chocolate crafts made with Hershey Kisses are really popular. They’re a perfect project to enhance an heirloom or keepsake that you’d like to hand down to a loved one. Or to give as a special gift to a friend (young or old). These mouse chocolate crafts do take working with small …

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Picture Frame Crafts for Senior Activities

Picture frames are important for your memories

Picture frame crafts can be simple or very fancy, and perfect to give as gifts. Plus, frame your own art or photo. These crafts make great senior activities too. And simple to modify for those who need extra help, as with the beaded frame. The best type of frame to use is …

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How to Make a Microwave Cake

Making a microwave cake is quite easy.

Introduction If you are home alone and just bored, perhaps try making a microwave cake for yourself. Yes! You heard that right. You can easily make a cake from your microwave and that too, with a super easy recipe that we have provided below. It can also be a great activity for …

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Marvelous Marzipan Recipe

A Marzipan Cake

Our marzipan recipe is fun and an easy no-bake! You often see little characters or accessories made of marzipan in gingerbread houses. But it’s actually a traditional old European candy with an almond flavor. And since it’s pliable like play dough or clay, it can be made into all sorts of fascinating …

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