Hershey Kiss Mouse Chocolate Crafts

Mouse chocolate crafts made with Hershey Kisses are really popular. They’re a perfect project to enhance an heirloom or keepsake that you’d like to hand down to a loved one. Or to give as a special gift to a friend (young or old).

These mouse chocolate crafts do take working with small objects, so determine if some in your group may need extra help.

But don’t let that stop you! The result is really cute – you’ll have a fun (and edible) ornament, or you can use it to enhance a special gift. Like our “Mouse in a Teacup.” – it tops off a special heirloom teacup that is being given away.

But there are many other ways to use them too! So, use your imagination and see what you can make these little mice for. They’re fun for ornaments, parties, favors, centerpieces, and kids love to make them too! (Also see other senior activities on our Jazzy July Senior Activities Page).

Mouse Chocolate Crafts – Instructions

You’ll need:

  • 2 Hershey Kisses, your color choice
  • 2 small googly eyes (from craft store)
  • Small square of colored paper to cut into ears
  • Small red or pink bead, or pompom for the nose
  • Thread (the nylon “invisible” kind is perfect)
  • Craft glue (Tacky Glue or a glue gun is good)

Apply craft glue to the bottom sides of both of the 2 Kisses. Let it get tacky. Meanwhile, cut two ears out of the colored paper. When the glue is tacky, press the ears into place on the Kiss that will be the head.

Cut about 6 inches of thread and knot a loop on one end, as a hanger.

Place the other end of the thread into the tacky glue, between the two Kisses with ears. Then press the Kisses together (with thread in between), holding them in place for a minute.

When that glue is dry, glue on the eyes and nose. Keep the Kisses paper tag at the end of one mouse to form the tail. Let it all thoroughly dry before trying to move or hang it.

My son first made these for me when he was a child, and we’ve used them as ornaments for years.

The Arrangement

Now it’s time to make the “Mouse in a Teacup” (or platter or dish) arrangement. You’ll need a special teacup, dish, or plate that you’d either like to give away, or to just use in the arrangement.

Inside the cup, place a few pieces of cheese for the mouse. If you’re going to be using or serving this right away (such as at a party), you can use unwrapped cheese.

Cheese curds or small chunks of string cheese work well. (If you are working with unwrapped food, we do recommend handling it with those vinyl surgical type gloves.) I used the mini individually wrapped cheeses. Fit as many as you can into the cup. Then set the mouse on top.

Use a small strip of double-sided tape if you need to, to keep the mouse in place (obviously you don’t want to stick tape to unwrapped cheese, though!)

Voila – you have very cute mouse chocolate crafts, and we’re sure you’ll be able to find many uses. Including making them with red Kisses for Valentine’s Day! Just add a few chocolate pieces in with the cheeses.

For Christmas, use red and green Kisses and add in a few holiday candies. Use orange for Halloween. You can, of course, skip the cheese altogether and just use candy. But we thought the idea of cheese with the mice was fun.

If you want to make this into a centerpiece — just get a larger dish, which you can stand on a candle holder or turned-over wine glass as a base, and fill it with more candy or cheese, and two or three mice on top.

You can also make Hershey’s Kiss mouse in red, cutting the ears into heart shapes. These are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Hershey's kisses are just amazing



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The traditional packaging of Hershey's kisses in silver foil