Jazzy July Senior Activities

Find some new ideas for your July senior activities. Find crafts to games and outdoor activities, to summer food projects and parties.

You’ll discover some here that go beyond the ordinary, and others that will please those with special interests. There’s sure to be something for everyone.

Many people love to travel during the month of July because America itself is quite a hot place. On the other hand, Canadian readers will of course know about Canada Day, so we won’t go into these holidays on our summer senior activities page in great length.

But July is a month for many more excuses to have parties and festivities. Lots of July commemorations and special dates happen to involve food! Take a look at some of our favorite activity themes.

Our July Senior Activities

Commemorations for July

National Hot Dog Month — Yes, this is an actual Day, created by the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council. Hot dogs can range from traditional, to kosher, to turkey dogs, and even vegan. Bratwurst may do as well so everyone can get involved. Showcase those hot dogs with all the usual condiments, pickles, sauerkraut, chili, and cheese too. Try something new on your hot dog! Since this is a traditional ballpark food, why not plan a festivity along with watching a game. Music and dancing are other popular July senior activities to include. In any case that you have an elderly with you whose hands are trembling, you should look at this link for some useful tips.

July is the National Hot Dog Month.

National Ice Cream Month–  An ice cream social is the perfect party for this Month. (And you can always combine it with your hot dog fest). Activities could include making an ice-cream and see what flavors you can come up with. This page includes some of Dad’s favorite original recipes. We like to make our ice cream with honey or maple syrup. (There are more ice cream themes in the calendar dates section).

National Picnic Month – One of the favorite summer pastimes. You can also combine this with National Hot Dog Month celebrations. Either have an outing to a park or simply on your own grounds. This is the perfect time to add in some other outdoor games and activities. Picnics of any kind are quintessential July senior activities. Make sure that you have sufficient unbreakable plates and hotpots so that there is no mismanagement at the picnic.

National Blueberry Month – July summer activities can include berry picking! If your group is not able, try to visit a Farmer’s Market or fruit stand and buy them fresh. There’s always the grocery store. At least eat them this month! Your group may enjoy making and sharing blueberry treats, potluck style. Maybe sharing recipes if they’re not able to bake or choose a couple as a foodie cooking/craft activity. There are very simple ways of using fruit in treats.

Blueberries could be the perfect fruit for July

National Recreation Month – What are your group’s favorite recreation activities? If you ask, you may find out something new and interesting. (And even if some are not able to do them anymore, it’s fun to share and reminisce with stories). Take a few of those ideas and turn them into events throughout the month for your July senior activities.

Dates for July

July 1 – International Joke Day.  Pull out the joke books for your July senior activities! Or leave a printed-out joke or two at every table during one of your meals.  Or at everyone’s place setting. Members can read them to each other and have a good laugh. Plus, be prompted to tell a few of their own. You can also make a game of this, having participants tell jokes, then a vote for the top 3. Winners would get a prize. Or everyone who tells a joke gets a prize. It’s always a good thing to add a little humor to July senior activities.

July 2 – First Zeppelin Flew, in 1900. A zeppelin is also known as a rigid airship and was created by Count Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin. The first test flight (which was not totally successful) was on this day in Germany. Later it was used in World War I especially, and commercial endeavors. After one caught on fire, killing all the passengers in 1936, they lost popularity. For those interested, its history and the way it was would make a fascinating presentation. You may even have members in your group who rode in a zeppelin!

July 3 – National Chocolate Wafer Day.  This one is easy. Just serve chocolate wafers for dessert (with a short announcement) or during a snack. Choose from chocolate mint wafers, waffle style wafers with cream filling, rolled Pirouline, etc. Wafers are just anything thin. And they can be included in cakes, cupcakes, and with ice cream too. But remember. They have to be chocolate.

Enjoy loads of Wafers this monthJuly 4 – 4th of July (American Independence Day). Mostly everyone has included this day in their July senior activities. This is because it is one of the most important days of the year with regards to American history. Join a group that is celebrating the day.

July 4 – National Barbecue Day.  Since this is also National Hot Dog and National Picnic Month, the July senior activities can simply combine a couple of these in the same celebration. And think of the things you can barbeque hot dogs and burgers of course, ribs, poultry, fish, corn on the cob, and a variety of veggies. It’s the sauce that makes it too!

July 5 – Birthday of P.T. Barnum (1910). Famous for his Barnum & Bailey Circus, “The Greatest Show on Earth,” which was later sold to the Ringling Brothers; and also, the creator of the first aquarium. This is a chance to celebrate the world of the circus. There are many movies of course. But also consider having someone come in who has been or is an interesting  performer, to give a presentation. Perhaps someone who had even been in the circus in any capacity for a while. They’ll be full of stories!

July 5 – Graham Cracker Day. A good time to use a graham cracker crust, either pie or tart size. Graham Crackers first became popular in the 1880s and it is commonly consumed as a snack food with honey. Try out making a Graham Cracker on this day and enjoy with your friends. As I mentioned, July senior activities are full of food!

July 6 – National Fried Chicken Day. Sure, it may not be the very best for the arteries but why not have it on the National Day dedicated to it? We recommend you prepare it at home rather than ordering from somewhere.

Fried Chicken

July 6 – National Strawberry Sundae Day. Yep, ice cream again. And very delicious, made with either chocolate or strawberry topping.On any kind of ice cream, especially strawberry.  And of course, add a few fresh berries in with it.

July 7 – Chocolate Day.One of my favorites for July senior activities, and any time. And it pairs nicely with wine or any sparkling drink – Eat loads and loads of chocolate on this day to celebrate it on its fullest but make sure that you don’t overdo it. In case you have any elders, you would want to see this link for care on oral hygiene.

Chocolate is very easy to use as a theme for many July senior activities and parties. To plan your food, consider chicken chocolate sauce (mole), chocolate desserts of all kinds, coffee with a squirt of chocolate in it (which I always order when eating out), chocolate shakes, chocolate sodas (I still make them: ice cream, chocolate syrup, and sparkling water), chocolate fondue, and even a chocolate fountain.

July 8 – Video Games Day. There are many simple and enjoyable video games available for seniors. Some of them are ones that kids would enjoy too and add a little video expertise to your July senior activities. This would be an excellent day to spend with grandkids (and perhaps learn a few gaming lessons), or to invite a scout troop in.

While Video games may not be your only choice, you can look for other kinds of games at this link.

July 10 – Pina Colada Day. (The national drink of Puerto Rico). July senior activities always seem a little livelier with a special beverage involved. The phrase actually  means “strained pineapple,” and that’s exactly what is in these drinks. There are also non-alcoholic versions available. Recipes call for about 2 oz. of pineapple juice, 2 oz. of Cream of Coconut, a splash of rum, and crushed ice. Blend until smooth. Add a wedge of pineapple to the side of the glass. And a little umbrella if you’d like. There are lots of recipes, all pretty similar, and you’ll find them online. If you want to leave out the rum, just enjoy a refreshing pineapple-coconut blended beverage.

July 11 – National Blueberry Muffin Day. A perfect addition to your breakfast or snack. This could be a food activity for individuals or groups as well. Then serve within your group or save for a later larger group event.

July 12 – Birthday of author Henry David Thoreau (1817). For anyone interested in literature…This author and poet was famous for “Walden” and was a great environmentalist and nature lover. So, environment and nature themes can additionally be added into your July senior activities, in his honor. Readings from his book and discussion about the simple life in nature, his philosophy, etc. can also be included.

July 12 – National Pecan Pie Day. I usually don’t think of July as a pecan pie month, but in those states that grow pecans, I’m sure this is the case. And it’s fun for anyone to celebrate.

July 13 – International Puzzle Day. A perfect time to bring something outside for your July senior activities. Or if it’s a rainy day, do it inside. Puzzles are favorites for seniors. And this day can also involve crossword puzzles, sudoku, and other types of word puzzles as well.

Puzzles could be a fun activity to kill out time.

July 15 – Artist Rembrandt’s birthday (1606). For art enthusiasts, this Dutch painter is one of the world’s most famous. This is a good opportunity for an art history event. Have a local professor or expert come in for a talk. And a little Dutch refreshment as well. Try herring and crackers, oysters, beer, gouda and edam cheese, rye bread, and fresh fruits. If you are able to locate genuine Dutch desserts or recipes, this is always a plus. You might also consider doing a digital slide show of his art. You can find many images online, then download them.

July 15 – National Ice Cream Day. Well, July senior activities do include National Ice Cream Month and the various days that go with it. So, here’s one. My Dad had a great way of making home-made ice cream in a very simple way. In lots of flavors. Even with honey and maple syrup as sweeteners. If you want a foody activity, give it a try, or at least serve ice cream in some form on this day! Tip: There’s another ice cream theme day on July 23! So, take your pick.

July 16 – Apollo 11 takes off, 1969. This was a landmark space travel event from earth to the moon, manned by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. A few days later, Armstrong was then the first person to set foot on the moon (on July 20 – see below). He soon became famous for his statement, “One small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” This is an outstanding topic that lends itself to some interesting July senior activities. There have been a couple movies made about this event, “Apollo 11,” and “Moonshot.” You may be able to find them at your library. This would also be an excellent subject for a presentation, especially those interested in space travel and history.

First landing on the moon.

July 18 – Nelson Mandela’s Birthday (1918). There are a variety of documentaries and movies about the life of this beloved South African patriot and social activist, including “Long Walk to Freedom,” “Invictus,” and “Nelson Mandela: Life and Times.” Some of these may be available at your public library.

July 20 – Chess Day.  No doubt your group may have people interested in chess. So why not host chess games. Tournament-based games are a great addition to your list of July senior activities.

July 20 – The day astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first landed on the moon, 1969. For those interested in space flight, have a day with a moon, astronaut, and/or outer space theme. And do you have access to a good telescope? They can enhance many July senior activities for the evening. In party stores you can find moon-sun-star  themed paper goods to decorate with.

Crafts–  Make some decor of your own. Painting a few pillar candles with moons and stars is an easy way to add ambiance (they can also be the flameless kind). One can make different types of crafts which can be used in the long term for decorative purposes as well.

July 21 – Birthday of author and Nobel Laureate Ernest Hemingway (1889).This popular author appealed to a very wide audience, so if you want to host an arts and cultural event, consider his works, such as “Old Man And The Sea,” and “Farewell To Arms.” Both are also movies.

July 22 – Summer Leisure Day. (Also, National Hammock Day). I’m sure we could think of a zillion things to do on such a day. But this is the time to make a production out of just Leisure for your July senior activities. What does that mean to your group? Just ask what their favorite things would be to do to commemorate this. And be sure to have some unique treats on hand.

July 23 – Invention of Ice Cream (1904 by Charles Minches). (Yet another ice cream theme). At least this is the date ice cream went public. (Actually, some history scholars say Italian duchess Catherine de Medici created it and brought it to Europe in the 1500s). It was introduced at the World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1904. This can be the perfect day for your ice cream celebration. Perhaps the traditional ice cream social.

Try kinds made with honey or maple syrup. Again, you can see our page with Dad’s own all-natural recipes, on how to make ice cream the easy way. with and be sure to include all the fixings, including fresh fruit. Or maybe get an old-fashioned ice cream cart to visit.

Remember the old movie, “Meet Me in St. Louis” with Judy Garland about that 1904 World’s Fair? This would be a perfect activity to fit into the day.

An ice-cream sundae combination tastes so good.

July 24 – Amelia Earhart Day (born in 1897). For anyone interested in aviation, this day commemorates the legendary pioneer in aviation lost over the Pacific while attempting to fly around the world. There are several documentaries available about her, and probably in your local library. You may be familiar with the latest discoveries regarding this unsolved mystery found on a small Pacific island. This is an excellent reason to host an aviation-themed get-together, lecture, outing, film, etc.

July 25 – National Hot Fudge Sundae Day. Yes, another ice cream type day. Just in case you needed one.

July 25 – Merry-Go-Round Day. For those in your group who are able to do a field trip, you might consider visiting a nearby park that has a carousel, if available in your area. Otherwise, a carousel-related theme can be used in crafts.

July 26 – National Bagelfest.Since 1986. Think of the possibilities. Plain, rye, whole grain, cheese, onion, veggie, etc. And the toppings! Serve them for breakfast topped with eggs and bacon, lunch, or dinner with just about anything on top. You might find bagels on sale at your local bagel shop or grocery store.

July 26 – National All or Nothing Day.A day for July summer activities to celebrate (big or little, fun, or serious) of making decisions, getting off the fence, making a commitment.Doing something.Whatever that may be. It will make us feel better too. You can make light of this day, or have it been contemplative; whatever suits your group. Have participants write down what they want to jump in and do. And ideas of how they will do it. Depending on your group, you might share aloud. Especially if you are keeping it light. Otherwise, after they have their idea firmly in mind, they can rip it up. Later all the scraps of paper can be collected and recycled. This exercise will work for individuals, or for groups who are trying to decide on something.

July 27 – Bugs Bunny’s Birthday, 1940. The date this famous character first appeared in a Warner Bros. short cartoon called “A Wild Hare.” At that time, his name was called Tex’s Rabbit, rather than Bugs Bunny. And he looked a bit different too. Before long he became known for his iconic phrase, “What’s up doc?” To celebrate, find some old cartoons at the library and show them for fun. Lots of nostalgia! You could also use a Bugs Bunny image in a craft project. You’ll be able to find one online.

July 29 – National Lasagna Day. Since it’s also Picnic Month, this would be an item to serve as well. And actually, one of our favorite versions is made with chicken instead of beef, from a well-known local Italian restaurant. Try it! It’s just a simple substitution. I also like to include spinach leaves layered in mine. Sometimes other vegetables, like zucchini. Even my kids love it. Normally it seems like July would be pretty hot to serve lasagna. But it’s The Day.

National Parents Day – The 4th Sunday of the month. This day was established by President Bill Clinton in 1994. Most of your groups are likely to have been parents. Whether family can be present or not, make this a special day. For those who were not parents themselves, they certainly had them! This can be a commemorative day as well

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