Infographic on the Different Types of Senior Living Options

woman caring for an older adult

Older adults have different retirement situations, and if it is time to make a change in their living situation, picking from the available senior living options can be overwhelming. There are different options that range from aging in place at home to full-time care in nursing facilities. When you learn about the …

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Guide to Cutting Toenails When You Can’t Reach Your Feet

Sandy feet at beach

Keeping your toenails trim and proper is extremely important. If you do not cut your nails regularly and allow them to grow, there may be several complications like ingrown nails, infections, etc. Therefore, you should aim to trim your toenails regularly. This task may seem simple enough. However, it is not so …

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Knife Options for Elderly People


Living with or caring for the elderly requires being attentive on numerous fronts. You have to be careful about so many things. Older people often tend to lose their sense of direction or get confused quickly. Similarly, you might have your grandma at home who loves to cook food for everybody. On …

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Tips For Helping Seniors Open Cans and Jars


A small but major problem among the senior population is opening jars and cans. Hence why “extra help” is invented for ease and to prevent unwanted accidents. On average, more than 54 million adults suffer from arthritis – a condition in which the joints swell and get stiff, resulting in a decreased …

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Tips for Keeping Your Tongue Moisturized

A woman sticking out her tongue

Dry mouth usually occurs when your mouth is not producing enough saliva, and overall it can be extremely uncomfortable. There are many reasons because of why you may be experiencing dry mouth. Certain medications, infections, and dehydration are the most common causes, due to which you can experience a dry tongue or …

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Tips for Dealing with Constipation in seniors

An old man holding his chin with his eyes closed

Constipation occurs when bowel movements are abnormal, and feces become difficult to pass through. It often occurs due to changes in diet or schedule or inadequate fiber intake. If your elderly has severe pain, blood clots, or constipation lasting more than three weeks, you should call the doctor.  It may emerge due …

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Ultimate Guide to Sensory Toys for seniors

A sensory arm pillow

When people talk about the autism spectrum and sensory toys, they often think of kids. They forget that there are also adults who are facing the same issue. Adults with other types of neurodiversity, like sensory processing disorder and ADHD, can benefit a lot from sensory toys. Sensory toys are designed to …

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Tips for Dealing with Bedsores

An old woman sleeping

Are you worried about your bedridden elderly loved ones? Do you know the reasons that can cause bedsores to the immovable or unconscious person? We will discuss all the precautions and tips for dealing with bedsores. But wait! Let’s talk about the bedsores first. What is Bedsore? A bedsore is a medical …

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Ideas for Brain Games for Senior Citizens to Stay Mentally Sharp

Three senior citizens playing chess

The more time we spend with our elders, the more we realize about their behavioural changes and how their gradual forgetfulness affects their daily lives. To not leave them alone in such tiring times, it’s best to play some mentally challenging games with them. They will help keep their minds sharp and …

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What is AARP and What are its Benefits

An elderly person looking at a sailboat.

Retirement is always marked as a bittersweet experience, especially for the elderly people. There are a lot of foundations working for the benefit of elderly retired individuals. One of them is called AARP, an abbreviation for the American Association for the Retired Person. It is one of the best non-profit organizations that …

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What is a Dropped Head Syndrome

A man getting physical therapy for a damaged spine curvature

Dropped Head Syndrome (DHS) is identified by critical kyphotic deformity of the cervicothoracic spine. Comparatively, it’s a rare body condition, with a broad list of differential diagnoses. DHS can be categorized into neuromuscular, neurological, muscular, and several other causes. This deformity has critical implications on the life of affected individuals. They face …

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