Gait Disorders and How to Spot Them

Elders are at a higher risk of facing any gait disorder

When a person reaches old age, they face various problems, mental and physically. In these critical times, an elder requires more care than an average person. Many people take help from caregivers while others think it would be best to have the care for the elderly themselves.  One of the most common …

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Fall Mats Alert Others Someone Has Fallen

a blue-colored fall mat

Caring for old parents or people is not easy. They have a high risk of falling due to slippery floors, crooked throw rugs, or any misjudged step, even when they are at home. Seniors are susceptible to a catastrophic fall most of the time. You can’t watch them 24/7, so you either …

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Can Using a Fall Mat Give Caregivers Peace of Mind?

fall prevention mat

Older adults are at great risk of falling while they try to walk or get out of bed. The risk of potential falls is almost doubled if they suffer from some diseases or significant cognitive impairment. On average, almost 25 percent of the senior citizens fall due to various reasons each year …

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Best Grab Bars for Showers and Bathrooms

an old person grabbing a handle bar

Intro Falling down is a serious and constant worry for people looking after old family members or tending to elderly patients. And these concerns are not unwarranted, as it’s more common than you might think. Each year, more than one out of four elderly people (those 65 years of age or above) …

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How to Choose the Right Type of Bed Rail?

How to Choose the Right Type of Bed Rail

CDC reports that falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths in adults older than 60 years. As per the report, one senior in every four has to be hospitalized every year. That’s an alarming number. Not only can this concern torment you as a caregiver, but it can also spell anxiety …

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Best Bed Rails for Seniors | Buying Guide

A bed frame with a bed rail

Most of us don’t give much thought to getting into and out of bed but for most of the elderly, leaving and getting in the bed is nothing short of a challenge. With advancing age, our muscles weaken, mobility diminishes, and vision blurs, which makes seniors dependent on their caregivers for even …

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Best Emergency Nurse Call Systems for Assisted Living

A caregiver holding a patient’s hand

A lot of helpful products are being sold in the market for seniors and their caregivers. Emergency call systems are the best example of these kinds of products. With a nurse call button, a patient in health care settings can easily call a nurse or other health care staff member if they …

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Best Motion Sensor Alarms for Fall Management

Cordless Fall Monitor

When someone you love reaches a certain point in age or health that may hurt them, the need to be more vigilant arises. This is especially for those who become too sensitive and prone to falling and injuring themselves. According to a research, fall prevention is a major concern for every caregiver …

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Best Magnet Pull String Alarm Systems

If you have a loved one who suffers from Dementia or any other memory loss disorder, you see them failing to perform normal functions every day. Same is the case with very old adults like your parents or grandparents. The responsibility lies on their caregivers to make living easy for these individuals. …

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Best Motion Sensors with Pagers

It happens so often that caregivers are consumed with their responsibility which leaves them very less time for their own. Thanks to technology, motion sensors are now a functional part of the health industry.  A motion sensor alarm works on infrared technology to detect movement around your loved one. As soon as …

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Best Fall Safety Floor Mats

Drive Medical Tri Fold Bedside Mat Blue

Falls are one of the most significant sources of injury, especially for those over the age of 65. However, there are several fall safety floor mats available in the market that can make the difference between a serious injury and a minor inconvenience. According to a report The National Hospital Discharge Survey, …

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