Guide to Selecting Fall Safety Floor Mats

rubber floor mats

Getting good sleep is essential for all of us, as sleeping allows our bodies to recover and heal after doing many activities at home, at work, or in school. While many of us do get enough sleep, which is about seven to nine hours each night, there are a few that don’t …

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Guide to Selecting Bed Rails

elderly patient holding onto a metal bed rail

The bed is very important for many of us, as this piece of furniture is what provides us with good sleep and relaxation whenever we are at home. While beds are relatively safe for a lot of people, they can sometimes be dangerous for those that have no control over their movements …

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Guide to Selecting Motion Sensors

motion sensor installed on a blue wall

Caregivers often have difficulties in taking care of their patients, which are often the elderly or people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and special needs. These difficulties arise whenever they have to do another task or chore in another room while they are away from their patients, as there is a chance that the …

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Gait Disorders and How to Spot Them

Elders are at a higher risk of facing any gait disorder

When a person reaches old age, they face various problems, mental and physically. In these critical times, an elder requires more care than an average person. Many people take help from caregivers while others think it would be best to have the care for the elderly themselves.  One of the most common …

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Fall Mats Alert Others Someone Has Fallen

a blue-colored fall mat

Caring for old parents or people is not easy. They have a high risk of falling due to slippery floors, crooked throw rugs, or any misjudged step, even when they are at home. Seniors are susceptible to a catastrophic fall most of the time. You can’t watch them 24/7, so you either …

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Can Using a Fall Mat Give Caregivers Peace of Mind?

fall prevention mat

Older adults are at great risk of falling while they try to walk or get out of bed. The risk of potential falls is almost doubled if they suffer from some diseases or significant cognitive impairment. On average, almost 25 percent of the senior citizens fall due to various reasons each year …

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Guide to Selecting Grab Bars for Showers and Bathrooms

simple grab bar

The bathroom is one of the essential rooms that every home should have. Bathrooms usually have tiles on their floors that are made from porcelain, ceramic, or marble. While these materials are effective in making the bathroom floor easier to clean, they can also be very slippery when they are wet. Because …

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Guide to Selecting an Emergency Nurse Call System

For many seniors and people with special needs, the caregiver is one of the most important people in their lives. A caregiver is a person that provides care for the elderly, the injured, and those with special needs, and the care they offer include assistance in accomplishing common tasks like walking, going …

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Guide to Selecting Pull String Alarms

senior man on a wheelchair with an alarm attached on the back

There are many different types of alarm systems that are designed to alert caregivers if their patient is getting out of bed and is walking or wandering in the bedrooms or other parts of the house or nursing facility. One of the most effective alarm systems for seniors and patients with Alzheimer’s, …

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Best Fall Safety Floor Mats

Drive Medical Tri Fold Bedside Mat Blue

Falls are one of the most significant sources of injury, especially for those over the age of 65. However, there are several fall safety floor mats available in the market that can make the difference between a serious injury and a minor inconvenience. According to a report The National Hospital Discharge Survey, …

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Guide to Selecting Car Caddies and Organizers for Seniors

caregiver assisting an elderly woman to get inside a car

There are many items, devices, or products that can help seniors and patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and special needs in their daily living, and two of the most popular items are the car caddie and the organizer. What are these items? How do they help seniors? And how do you find the …

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Major Pull String Alarm Manufacturers

Pull string alarms are the cost-friendly alternative to the major fall monitoring systems out there. Their function involves attaching a clip to a piece of garment worn by a senior patient, and then the pull string is hanged on the chair’s back. When the senior leans forward in an attempt to get …

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