Raised Toilet Seats: Our Top Picks

A toilet with a raised seat and support

As per a recent study, about 80 percent of falls at home occur in the bathroom and are a leading cause of injuries and admissions to the ER. As such, it is crucial that any safety concerns in the bathroom are resolved including raised toilet seat and fall mats which can give …

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Guide to Gout and Its Medication

A person with gout

As a person reaches old age, certain medical concerns start to show up and Gout is just one of those problems. While the percentage of people who are affected by this problem is quite low, it is still of quite major concern. Follow our guide to gout to find out more about …

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Tips To Prepare Your Home For Elderly Parents

how can you prepare your house for elderly parents

As your parents grow older, there may come a time in your life when you begin to prepare your home according to your parents. It would be your turn to provide them with a safe place like they did when you were small. From preparing their bedroom to putting anti-slip carpet or …

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Top 10 Waterproof Seat Protectors


Many individuals spend far too much time in their vehicles. Unfortunately, their brief connection with it cuts short when they realize they are sweating and causing damage to the car seats. The same can happen with pets. Many people enjoy having their pets about them, but once the drooling and shedding starts, …

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Best Lens Cleaning Wipes

a pair of eyeglasses

All people that are wearing glasses suffer from having foggy lenses, which are often brought by our breath or the weather conditions. Cleaning these foggy lenses can be quite a struggle, especially if we only use our clothes or our handkerchief to clean them and keep them in pristine condition. Luckily, there …

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What Are Night Terrors


Most parents find it disturbing to waking up to the sounds of a child crying, particularly when attempting to console their child is met with a noisy face and flickering extremities. It’s not an alarm; it’s horror at night. Although night-time terror moments might feel prolonged and exhausting for parents, the episodes …

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Best Easy Jar Openers for Arthritic Hands

jars filled with honey

Most elderly people don’t possess the same strength that they once had when they were younger anymore, and the lack of strength prevents them from doing even the simplest tasks like closing a door or opening a jar. Luckily, there are many products online that their caregivers can buy to help them …

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How to Deal with Caregiver Stress

a caregiver taking care of the elderly

Caregiving is an arduous task, as most of us may not have enough patience and time to care for our loved ones who are elderly, disabled, or unable to take care of themselves. However, because we love them, caring for them can often be rewarding, especially if they would always be grateful …

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Making Eating Easier for Parkinson’s Patients

An older woman eating her food

There are many great pleasures that we get each day, including eating our meals in peace. However, for a person with Parkinson’s disease, it is more of a difficult task than an enjoyment. When we try to eat something, we use our complex motor skills without even thinking about it atleast once. …

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Making Fleece Blankets…Easy No-Sew Tips

You might make such a mess when making a fleece blanket

Making fleece blankets the no-sew way is a great activity for all ages and abilities, and they are excellent gifts you can make, for all sorts of occasions – not just winter holiday gift giving, but also birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. Even St. Patrick’s Day for those who …

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Paper Plate Picture Frame Craft

Arrange all the necessary items before beginning your craft.

Making picture frame crafts is one of the most interesting activities that anyone can undertake. From a single paper plate, one can make literally some of the best artistic pieces. There are so many other paper plate crafts that you can make easily. Get to know more about the paper plate picture …

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