Paper Plate Picture Frame Craft

Making picture frame crafts is one of the most interesting activities that anyone can undertake. From a single paper plate, one can make literally some of the best artistic pieces. There are so many other paper plate crafts that you can make easily. Get to know more about the paper plate picture frame crafts in the article below.

For those who don’t have a practical example of a paper plate frame craft, consider this. If you’re giving an anniversary party, then save a paper plate and frame a copy of their original wedding picture, or a photo from the party itself. It makes a very nice moment. There are many other crafts that you can make.

Here’s what I used and did:

1 large paper plate

5 or 6 small doilies


Scissors, craft glue

A piece of plain paper

Needle and thread

How to get these items?

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First, I wanted to find the center of the plate. So, I traced it onto a plain piece of paper. Then I fold the paper in half, and then in half again. I opened it up, and where all the folds intersected in the middle, that of course was the center. Then I placed the circle on top of the plate and ran a needle through the center point of the paper, and through the plate. So, the needle hole in the plate marked its center.

Many Crafts can be designed from a simple paper plate.

Then I needed to make an oval hole in the middle of the plate. First, I made an oval shape on a separate piece of paper. Later I could then trace around it onto the center of the plate and cut out the hole. But first I had to get the oval size and shape right.

I drew an oval shape from a plastic template and cut it out. (You can also cut an oval yourself without a template, by folding paper in half and cutting the shape on the fold.) Then I found the center of the oval and matched it with the center of the plate. I traced the oval shape onto the plate. Then I cut out the oval hole. I used a pair of manicure scissors because it was easier to manage.

I next decided to put a doily frame around the oval hole. So, I traced the hole shape onto a doily and cut the oval out of the doily. Then I glued the doily onto the front of the plate.

For the hanger, I just threaded a needle and poked a hole through the top of the plate, to hang it with the thread.

The next step was to glue doilies to the back edges of the plate to make the edges fancier. Lastly, I placed the photo behind the oval hole and taped it in place. I made a copy of the original photo to make sure the original wasn’t ruined in any way!

These are a fun way to decorate for a party too! Make the photo frames up in advance and hang them on the wall around your food or gift table. Or just set them on a table. Later, people can take them home.

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