Fabulous February Senior Activities

Our February senior activities will help you fill your time with fun — even if it’s a shorter month. Things usually focused on Valentine’s Day. But there is also so much more — themes for arts, crafts, recipes, parties, history, people, literature, movies, and more!

February Senior Activities

Commemorations for February

Black History Month – A great opportunity to become familiar with history not just on the national level, but also that of your region or town. Have a guest speaker come in to give a presentation as one of your February senior activities or watch a special movie.

American Heart Month – Serve heart-healthy meals this month and be sure to do a little exercise too. This is the month to encourage your group or your family members to tend to their medical appointments as needed. Medical staff could also give a refresher presentation about heart health.

And of course, this is the month to include the heart shape into arts and crafts.

International Friendship Month – This is an ideal time to stay in contact with friends from other countries, either by letter, e-mail, or phone. Do include celebrating friendships in your February senior activities, no matter where friends may be. It will make life richer and time passes.

Have everyone do something special for a friend, right where you are. You can draw names from a hat in advance, so no one is left out. Designate a week to have special surprises, messages, treats, thank us, etc. for the person whose name you picked. Almost like a secret Santa.

The Friendship Month

National Cherry Month – Serve a cherry dessert, cherry beverage, cherry candy, or just plain cherries as many times this month as you can – at least once a week. Especially fun to do on February 22, George Washington’s Birthday, to commemorate the tale about young George cutting down the cherry tree.

National Bird Feeding Month – If you don’t yet have a bird feeder area, this is the month to set one up. This celebration was set up in 1994 by Congress to educate people about wild birds, their habitats, feeding and shelter, and to promote bird watching and identification. A relaxing and fascinating pastime!  And it makes a great hobby to try with your February senior activities. Learn about the types of bird feeders, seed, getting or making a bird feeder, and even a bird house.

National Snack Food Month – Snacking is a favorite past time, especially for seniors. In fact, many elderlies almost prefer to snack rather than have large meals. And snacking can be super healthy, providing a great deal of nutrition. So see our healthy snack recipes page and get lots of ideas. Some of these can also become entertaining February senior activities to do with a group.

National Embroidery Month – Have a group embroidery day or special activity, for those who enjoy it or who want to learn. If some or all your seniors are no longer able to embroidery, have a display area where people can “show off” what they have done in the past. And perhaps they have won a ribbon too. It would be a great time to pick up embroidery as a new hobby, or to teach younger people. You can also make items for charity or to use in gift baskets.

National Grapefruit Month – Serve grapefruit for breakfast or lunch, including grapefruit juice (mixed with a little honey, it is said to help with fatigue). We know that grapefruit contains a lot of vitamin C and other vitamins and has anti-cancer properties. It is also sometimes used in aromatherapy to energize.

February is known as the month of grapefruits.

Dates for February

February 1 – National Freedom Day–  Include a little patriotism into February senior activities too. This day is an observance of signing the resolution by President Lincoln that proposed the 13th Amendment of our Constitution in 1865 to outlaw slavery.  A good day to reflect on our freedoms and goodwill. Many groups have an annual breakfast or luncheon on this date.

February 2 – Groundhog Day – I find the annual tradition that takes place in Punxsutawney, PA,  to be very amusing. I also love to watch the movie, “Groundhog Day.”

February 4 – Charles Lindbergh’s birthday, 1902 – Another day that aviation buffs can celebrate. Your February senior activities may not bring you outside to aviation events, but there are plenty of movies and documentaries about the life of Charles Lindbergh, as well as books in the library. This would be a fun day to have an aviation theme in the dining room or party room.

February 6 – Babe Ruth’s birthday – For baseball fans, have a baseball themed meal with favorite foods that you would find at the ballpark, such as hot dogs, beer if possible, soda pop, popcorn, peanuts and crackerjacks, etc. And even some baseball decorations. Watch a Babe Ruth movie too. Get ready for the season!

February 6 – Monopoly Game first sold, 1935 – This is the date the famous Monopoly game first came out in stores as we know it, although an earlier version started in about 1903. Fun to play for a little while or make it into a marathon for hours (even days). Set up a few Monopoly games and perhaps a placard telling a little bit about its history.  (It began as a statement about the economy and freedom to grow wealth; and now is played worldwide).

Monopoly is a fun game for all ages.

February 7 – Charles Dickens birthday, 1812 – Celebrate this well-known author. Watch a movie based on one of his books, such as the classic movie “Oliver,” based on “Oliver Twist;” “Great Expectations,” “A Tale of Two Cities,” or “David Copperfield.” You may be able to get these from the library. (If you feel like re-visiting the holidays, there’s always a version of “A Christmas Carol)! Or perhaps you have a favorite Dickens quote for the lunch/dinner table, or snack time.

February 7 – Laura Engels Wilder’s birthday, 1867 – No doubt you’re familiar with the “Little House on the Prairie” books and TV series. Add a little old-fashioned history and humor to your February senior activities. In many areas, the TV reruns are shown on a regular basis. Books are also easily available, including from the library.

Party Idea: If you like the prairie type theme, you can create an entire party around it, including a little costuming, hat, vest, apron etc.

February 9 – Hershey chocolate founded, 1894 in Pennsylvania – Celebrate chocolate! Be sure to include chocolate or a dessert on this day.


Enjoy a huge party with Hershey’s.

…Craft Idea: And if you want to do a fun craft, make mouse chocolate crafts with Hershey’s Kisses. You can make one in red, with the ears cut like hearts for February.

…Party Idea: A chocolate and wine party is one of our favorite February senior activities. We know organizations that use this for a fundraiser and have fabulous attendance from the public.

February 11 – Thomas Edison’s birthday, 1847 – Without Edison, our lives would certainly be different! Think of the light bulb, the phonograph, the motion picture camera, his use of direct current, and the fluoroscope imaging technique, to name a few. You might consider “unplugging” for a few seconds in honor of Edison, and to appreciate what it would be like without these modern conveniences.

This date also celebrates National Inventors Day, in Edison’s honor. Do you know anyone who has made an invention?

February 12 – Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, 1809 – His birthday is commonly celebrated on Presidents’ Day, but it might be nice to have a special commemoration for him on his birth date.

February 12 – Charles Darwin’s birthday, 1809 – Darwin was an English naturalist and biologist, and of course developed the theory of natural selection and evolution, also writing the famous Origin of Species, among others.

He traveled all over the world, collecting unusual animals, and made the Galapagos Islands famous. Use some of these animal themes in your February senior activities and crafts.

He’s known as one of the top influential people in history, and his ideas are still debated today (do your members like a good debate?). There was a movie made about him in 2009, “Creation.”

February 14 – Valentine’s Day – Needless to say, we are all familiar with Valentine’s Day, one of our best-known February senior activities.

If you are looking for something new to do or want festive food ideas to add to your February senior activities, see our page on festive Valentines crafts and Valentine’s Day desserts.

And since I love making chocolate covered strawberries so much, I just had to sneak in a project for Valentine’s Day.


A card could also be a great valentine’s gift

February 17 – World Human Spirit Day – Celebrates our achievements as well as acknowledging we don’t have all the answers, yet the human spirit persists in moving forward, expanding, and pondering the Unknown. Some also embrace this day as a spiritual break from the superficial world, and for contemplating a Higher Power. A good day to recognize the vastness of the Universe, of hope, and appreciation for what we have.

February 18 – Presidents’ Day – This day of course celebrates both Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. A standard for February senior activities. Do a little something red, white, and blue on this day. Serve your dessert with miniature flags, red, white, and blue frosting, etc., or make a patriotic craft. We have several ideas for any patriotic event, on our page for 4th of July crafts.

February 19 – National Chocolate Mint Day – Need another day to celebrate sweets? We’ve already had a couple different celebrations for chocolate or cocoa over the weeks and months, but this time it’s chocolate mint! Well why not. Serve hot cocoa with a little mint flavor or mint stick. And any chocolate dessert with a dash of peppermint extract would be fun.

February 22 – George Washington’s birthday, 1732 – You may remember the tale about George Washington cutting down the cherry tree. So, serve a cherry dessert in commemoration. Even though he is also celebrated on Presidents’ Day, you might like to do something special on this day as well.

February 26 – William “Buffalo Bill” Cody’s birthday, 1846 – Have a wild west party and add a little summer pizzazz to your February senior activities. You may be able to even get some hay bales to add to the ambiance. Folks can dress up in western clothing, a cowboy hat, bandanna, plaid shirt, boots, etc.

Serve a menu of buffalo burgers, hamburgers, or good old chili, beef stew, pulled pork, anything barbecued, etc. Play lots of cowboy music or have a live group or musician play. You could also include a little dancing. There are several movies about Buffalo Bill, one being a classic made in 1944, which your library may be able to get for you.

February 27 – International Polar Bear Day – This day brings our attention to the challenge’s polar bears face as the Arctic warms, and to global warming in general. Plus, they’re beautiful and fun! A good day for furry slippers and a white sweater. Have some hot coco too, or warm apple cider.

If you’re able, take a walk in the snow. Or perhaps you live near a zoo that hosts polar bears; they usually give special presentations. Polar bear movies include “The Journey Home,” and “Snow Babies/Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice.”

February 27 – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s birthday, 1807 – Favorite famous poems are “Paul Revere’s Ride,” “Evangeline,” and “The Song of Hiawatha.” (My dad used to read this to us when we were little, and it became one of our favorites). February senior activities can include literature too — Have someone do a poetry reading to your group as part of literature appreciation.

February 28 – Congress approved the Lewis and Clark expedition, 1803 – After the Louisiana Territory was purchased, Pres. Jefferson approved the expedition. There is an excellent documentary about this exploration which started in 1804, beginning in St. Louis and traveling west through the Continental divide. The famous Native American woman Sacajawea assisted them. You may be able to get it from the library.

It’s also interesting to post a map and use pushpins to follow the route that this group took. Much of the route can still be traveled today. And discuss the amazing things they discovered along the way about our country.

For more ideas on senior activities, you may also read our article about Simple Elderly Music with Chimes.