Best Body Gait and Transfer Belts

A woman assisting an elderly man using a body gait belt

As people age, they require more and more assistance in carrying out simple daily tasks that they used to perform independently and with ease. Said elderly, or those people with specific disabilities that limit their mobility, often make use of certain tools to help themselves while shifting from the bed to a … Read more

Best Reachers for Patients and Elderly People

A reach extender grabbing tool resting against a door

A huge number of people are limited regarding various activities of day to day life. Elderly people make up a significant demographic of this category of people, and have to rely on multiple products designed to improve their accessibility and aid them in multiple tasks that they might have difficulty performing otherwise. … Read more

Best Weighted Cutlery Sets for People with Tremors and Parkinson’s

A stainless steel cutlery set

Anyone suffering from tremors or Parkinson’s should use weighted cutlery for eating their meals because it can help individuals with hand tremors, Parkinson’s, and limited mobility eat with ease. As the name suggests, weighted cutlery weighs more than the cutlery we use at home. The extra weight can help people with tremors … Read more

Best Wheelchair Belts for Seniors

An older man pushing a wheelchair of an elderly woman

There are different types of medical conditions due to which seniors are unable to walk, so they need to use wheelchairs. Safety for such people, even when they are moving around in a wheelchair, is a big concern. But with the help of a high-quality wheelchair seatbelt,the seniors can have maximum security. … Read more

Top 10 Foldable and Transport Manual Wheelchairs

Introduction We have already covered types of manual wheel chairs and things to consider when buying a wheelchair in general in separate posts. This post covers some of the best foldable manual wheelchairs and some important things to consider when buying one. One of the most important factors to consider when buying … Read more

Best Electric Power Wheelchairs

Introduction Electric wheelchairs make it easier for users to move around their home and perform essential tasks. However, buying one can be a daunting task compared to buying a manual wheelchair. That’s mainly because power wheelchairs are a lot more expensive and involve complex electronics and parts. We have already covered types … Read more

Best Travel and Mobility Scooters

Introduction Travel scooters are a great alternative to motorized wheelchairs and work well for senior citizens as well as people with disabilities. Motorized aka power wheelchairs cab be very expensive, making them more suitable for people with permanent disabilities or certain medical conditions. We have already discussed power wheelchairs as well as … Read more