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Mobility Aids

Best Body Gait and Transfer Belts

As people age, they require more and more assistance in carrying out simple daily tasks that they used to perform…

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Best Reachers for Patients and Elderly People

A huge number of people are limited regarding various activities of day to day life. Elderly people make up a…

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Best Couch Canes

A couch cane is a handle or a sidebar that aids people in getting up from a couch, chair or…

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Best Wheelchair Accessories

Introduction Wheelchair accessories add functionality and although they might seem small, these accessories can make life more comfortable for the…

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Best Weighted Cutlery Sets for People with Tremors and Parkinson’s

Anyone suffering from tremors or Parkinson’s should use weighted cutlery for eating their meals because it can help individuals with…

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Best Wheelchair Belts for Seniors

There are different types of medical conditions due to which seniors are unable to walk, so they need to use…

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Top 10 Foldable and Transport Manual Wheelchairs

Introduction We have already covered types of manual wheel chairs and things to consider when buying a wheelchair in general…

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Best Electric Power Wheelchairs

Introduction Electric wheelchairs make it easier for users to move around their home and perform essential tasks. However, buying one…

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Best Travel and Mobility Scooters

Introduction Travel scooters are a great alternative to motorized wheelchairs and work well for senior citizens as well as people…

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Wheel Chair Buying Guide Part 3: Things to Consider

Introduction Buying a wheelchair can be a costly affair and there is also no such thing as one-size-fits-all thing. That’s…

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