10 Best Water Flosser Reviews


Water Flossers According to many types of research and studies, it has been concluded that most of the health concerns faced by humans are just because of an unhealthy mouth. If you really want your life to be healthy then you must clean your mouth in a nice fashion but the reality … Read more

Dental 360 White Strips for Home Use


Pearly-white teeth are one of the best assets you can ever have. Whatever the situation comes, you are ready to flash that bright white smile!  Fortunately, you don’t have to go to a dentist or spend hundreds of dollars to attain that. With a lot of options for dental home care products … Read more

Do Whitening Strips Work and If So, How?

Dental health is not just about having a nice set of teeth to show to the world, but it’s also about basic hygiene and staving off diseases. Yellowing teeth, stubborn stains, and other problems in our oral cavity can diminish our appearance, self-esteem, and overall health. Unfortunately, unhealthy eating habits and the … Read more

How to Keep Your Lips Healthy?


Everybody finds full-looking, soft lips nice, but keeping them healthy and hydrated is crucial. Most people do not pay much attention to the health of their lips. Your lips will not look plump, pink, and soft if you do not pay extra attention to them. Therefore, keeping them healthy should be as … Read more

10 Best Electric Toothbrush Reviews

Electric Toothbrush According to several studies it has been proved that the role of your mouth plays a critical role in your overall health and brushing is one of the key factors to maintain that sensitive area. On average we humans do not give appropriate time to brushing and that really hurts … Read more

Dry Mouth Guide


We need saliva to moisten and cleanse our mouths and digest food. Aside from that, it also prevents infection by controlling bacteria and fungi in the mouth. Your mouth gets dry and uncomfortable when you don’t make enough saliva. Decreased saliva and dry mouth can range from being merely a nuisance to … Read more

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy While Traveling


Keeping Your Teeth Healthy While Traveling Traveling gives us an excuse to take a break from the daily grind but going on vacation can pose a challenge when it comes to keeping up with a healthy oral hygiene routine. Whether you are going to San Antonio Texas or heading to Bulgaria, dental … Read more

Bamboo Toothbrushes


From the time we’re young, we were taught that using a toothbrush regularly is one of the best ways to keep our teeth and gums healthy. Just like mouthwash, the toothbrush dates back to a time of utter filth where chewing on a twig passed as dental hygiene. But today we have … Read more

Guide to Preventing and Treating Halitosis


Guide to Preventing and Treating Halitosis Who would want to be ignored by their friends because of bad breath? An estimated 25% of people suffer from bad breath. Having this condition can really ruin you and might lose you some friends or people to talk to. If you suffer from halitosis, this … Read more

Flossing and Dental Hygiene


Aside from brushing and using different kinds of mouthwash to keep our teeth clean and our breath fresh, another important step in dental hygiene we shouldn’t forget is flossing. Through the use of dental floss, plaque and food debris are removed in between our teeth and in spots where a toothbrush can’t … Read more

The Top Products to Help You Fight Bad Breath


Bad breath, also known as Halitosis, is a common problem that can be embarrassing to talk about. Believe it or not, it affects about 25 percent of the population. There are a lot of possible causes of bad breath like indigestion, having a high acid diet, smoking, dehydration, and sinus and throat … Read more

Guide to Preventing and Treating Gingivitis


You want to focus on avoiding gum disease at all costs, if you love talking to people, smiling in front of a camera, and wanting to keep your teeth healthy. After eating your meal, a biofilm of debris and bacteria, commonly known as dental plaque, which is attached to the surface of … Read more