Fancy Purse Planter Craft

You can make a beautiful and unique planter with an old purse, vintage purses, colorful straws, and small purses with a shape that works best. Just add a plant or artificial flowers, and that’s it.

You can make a nice beaded purse that you hardly want to use and display it by putting a small container inside and filling it with dried roses (even from some wedding), a few artificial leaves, baby’s breath, etc.

Suppose you don’t have dried flowers or an artificial look, that’s fine too. If you have a stronger type of purse, you can even put a real plant in it, but make sure to line the inside of the bag with plastic or some liner. And put a tray under the pot. When you water the plant, it could leak a little.

It is an especially meaningful craft to make and give to someone if you use their purse or flowers that they’d given to you. You may have something from a grandmother or mother that holds unforgettable memories. It’s also reasonably easy to find unusual purses at flea markets, garage, and church sales—the more unique and one of a kind, the better.

Try to keep those flowers, hang them upside down to dry them, and then use them in crafts, like these purse planters. They turn out well, and ladies get a real kick out of them as gifts. We also used one as a door prize at the senior center, and everyone loved it.

Things Required for Making a Purse Planter:

1. Pea Pebbles


Besides having a large purse, you also need to have some pea pebbles and a plastic bag that fits your wallet’s size, some potting soil, and flowers of your choice, such as pink petunias, as they make planting much more straightforward and quick.

2. Lining The Inside Of the Purse

You need to line the purse’s inner side with a plastic bag and add about two pea stones. Doing this helps in draining away water from the soil and giving some weight to the planter so that it doesn’t get blown away on a windy day.

3. Adding The Potting Soil

Once you are done with lining the inside of the purse and adding some pea pebbles, you need to add some potting soil in it as it is necessary for holding nutrients and moisture in the air around the plant’s roots.

4. Placing Your Flowers In The Planters

You need to place your flowers like petunias into the planter and fill the gaps that are left with more potting soil as it helps in preventing water from leaking through the holes. Also, it is a great way to recycle trash like plastic.

5. Tightening it in a Plastic

You need to tighten it in plastic so that everyone can see it. You can water your purse’s planter with a single watering sprout to get the water into the soil so that it doesn’t spill over the outer side of the bag.