What Are the Types of Foot Massagers?

Standing too long, doing excessive exercises, and wearing improper shoes are some of the factors that cause foot and leg pain. If you often experience foot and leg pain, you need a device which focuses on your foot problems to reduce the pain.

Today, foot massagers have been developed to keep up with the demands of users. Owning a foot massager will no longer require you to visit health clubs and spa centers because you can enjoy its convenience at home. One of the great things about foot massagers in the present time is that they offer various ways for users to relax. They have different shapes, sizes, and the most important factor that users should bear in mind are the types of foot massagers. There are two types of foot massagers you can find in stores. They are the manual foot massagers and the electric foot massagers.

Manual Foot Massagers

Most of the manual foot massagers look like a tube which you simply place on the floor and roll your foot over it, working from your heels to your toes. But there are also some which comes in different shapes. There are also manual foot massagers that have multiple rollers which can massage the whole foot at once. The good thing about manual foot massagers is their portability because you can bring them anywhere. They are also easy to store.

Here are some of the best manual foot massagers you must try.

  • Footlog: If your job requires a lot of standing, walking, or running, this manual foot massager is best for you. It is an inexpensive massaging tool which can provide your foot instant relief from pain. You can check out its full review here.
  • Foot Rubz Foot Massage Ball: This is another inexpensive manual foot massager. Some doctors recommend this foot massager as a relief from plantar fasciitis which is one of the common foot ailments that can be severely painful. You can find out more about this product here.
  • TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller: This is a foot massage roller which can massage both feet at once. It is designed to soothe foot and heel pain due to plantar fasciitis and other ailments.

Electric Foot Massagers

If you want to have a massager do the work for you, the type you need is an electric massager. It is a modern and effective tool to relieve foot pains. Electric foot massager models have two different functions which are oscillating or back and forth motion, and rolling motion. Most of the electric foot massagers are designed for both feet to get them massaged at the same time. Some electric models are large which can massage the calves as well. If you have foot and ankle issues, a large one would be great for you.

Here are some of the best electric foot massager models you might want to try.

  • Foot Vibe Vibration Massager: This electric foot massager offers three types of treatments such as light treatment, high-frequency vibration, and acupressure which can provide the soles of your feet a soothing massage. You can read more about this product here.
  • Shiatsu Kneading Foot Calf Leg Massager: This is a large electric foot massager which can relieve the pain on your aching feet, calves and legs. It has five massage techniques such as shiatsu, kneading, rolling, vibration, and heating. Check it here to know more about what this electric foot massager can offer.
  • SPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager: This electric foot massager features kneading and infrared heat which help sooth your aching feet. Using this machine is like giving yourself a reflexology or acupressure treatment. You can find out more about its functions here.
  • MediMassager MMF06 Variable Speed Foot Massager: If you need a strong foot massager, then this one is the best for you. This is possibly the most powerful foot massager for clinical and therapeutic use. You can check out a full review of this product here.

Benefits of Foot Massage

Aside from giving your foot relief from pain, there are other benefits you can get from it, like relaxation. Nothing beats a good foot massage after a long and tiring day.

Foot massage can also increase blood circulation. Since our feet are far from our hearts, they tend to have decreased circulation, therefore, a foot massage will help increase the circulation and improve the blood flow from out feet.

Foot massage can increase energy and immunity. A massage can release tension on your feet which can make you feel energized. And as your energy increases, your immune system also benefits. When you make foot massaging a routine, you can boost your body’s ability to fight some types of diseases.

Based from the two types of foot massager, which do you think is the best one for you, manual or electric? Whichever you choose from the two, both can surely give your feet relief and relaxation.