Tips For Helping Seniors Open Cans and Jars

A small but major problem among the senior population is opening jars and cans. Hence why “extra help” is invented for ease and to prevent unwanted accidents.

On average, more than 54 million adults suffer from arthritis – a condition in which the joints swell and get stiff, resulting in a decreased range of motion. As age increases, the normal daily routine work becomes pretty difficult or even impossible. For example, opening cans and jars are nearly impossible for elderly citizens. As their weak joints cannot bear extra pressure, putting much effort just for the sake of opening cans might result in some serious accidents.

Even if you or a senior you know is living with arthritic flare-ups, it’s better to find a tool to help you carry out your tasks, plus ensuring your safety.

The good thing is that hundreds of “gadgets” are available on the market made to help senior citizens carry out their routine tasks with ease.

With the huge number of available options out there, you must be wondering which one to pick? To help you choose the right tool, we have listed some amazing options for jar openers to make your senior’s life a bit easier.

How Do the Different Types of Jar Openers Work to Solve the Problems?

The jar openers are designed to work on three things. The openers “help” you with them:

  1. Grip
  2. Strength
  3. Leverage

Different Problems Encountered While Opening a Jar or a Can

1. Loose Grip

If the senior’s hands slip because of the slippery jar lid, it will not be possible to rotate open it. Therefore one of their hands needs to tightly grip the lid for its proper functioning.

2. Weaker Hands

One hand of seniors needs to tightly grip the can or the jar itself. The jar will not open if their hands are weak enough to grip, or if the jar itself is slippery, or if they have smaller hands than the jar.

3. Lesser Strength and Leverage

The most important step is to turn the lid and jar in opposite directions to break the seal. No matter how well your hand’s grip on the lid and jar, it is of no use if you cannot put adequate strength to rotate the lid. This step is particularly harder for people with arthritis or the elderly generation.

Few Tips to Help Seniors Open Cans and Jars


  • Repeated forceful gripping.
  • Continuous pinching.
  • Keeping the position of their hand in the same place through the opening process.


  • Try to use your palm rather than using your fingers when opening jars.
  • For a comfortable gripping, choose a jar with a larger lid. This will increase leverage.
  • No-slip lids and jars are comparatively easier to open.
  • Use two hands instead of one for better force, wherever is possible.
  • Use “adaptive equipment and tools” to open jars and cars with better ease and lesser pain. For instance, electric jar and can opener, flat rubber grip for opening jars, long-handled jar openers, larger handle manual can opener, cabinet mounted jar opener, etc.


If you have some medical condition or have a senior at home to look after, the smart choice is to have a portable, lightweight jar and can opener. We recommend you save your older loved ones from the unnecessary pain or stress that comes while trying to open a factory-sealed jar or can.

Moreover, to get the most out of your purchase, choose one with a full or limited warranty, automated options, and one that is well-made with high-quality material.

If you need product recommendations, you may check out our list of the Best Easy Jar Openers for Arthritic Hands.