Benefits of Footwear with Arch Support

Similar to every good structure that needs a strong foundation, the human body also needs strong feet supported by shoes that offer the ultimate comfort solutions. That is why we usually look for shoes that fit well and are comfortable. But did you know that aside from choosing the right size of shoes, it is also important to pick one that has good arch support?

People may have high, normal, or flat feet, and it may help to know that investing in a pair of shoes that offer arch support can go a long way, especially if you are always on the move. If your daily life requires you to walk a lot or be on your feet for long periods, your feet are susceptible to pain, and that is where footwear with arch support may help.

There are many available insertable soles for lending arch support. But through the years, the shoe industry has started catering to specific needs. With this, many shoes today feature arch support technologies that are certified by podiatrists for a more comfortable walking experience. But aside from comfort, how else do you think footwear with arch support may help? If you have the same question in mind, we are here to help you. In this post, we are giving you the benefits of footwear with arch support.

Why Do We Have Arches on Our Feet?

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You might also be wondering why our feet have arches. They are there to support the body weight while we are standing. Aside from that, these arches also play an important role in helping people propel forward when running or walking. They move along with your other tendons, ligaments, and bones to create a spring-like action to move you forward.

In addition to that, the arches on our feet also absorb shock when our foot hits the ground. It’s because the connective tissue in the arch stores elastic energy, which is released when the foot recoils from the ground. That springy effect is what moves us forward.

The human feet are naturally designed to walk on surfaces that follow their form, such as dirt and sand. That is why hard surfaces put a lot of stress on our feet, as they provide no contour. Those hard surfaces are also a huge part of why a lot of people are suffering from pain and foot issues.

Different Types of Foot Arches

different types of foot arches

Did you know that your arch is individual to you? Yes, because the height, width, and shape of foot arches differ from one person to another. People are born with flat feet, and the arch develops during childhood and continues to transform through adolescence. There are different types of fully formed arches, such as:

Normal Arch

Normal arches can support the body weight adequately, and they roll in slightly as you walk or run. If you have a normal foot arch, no special support arch is needed, and you can wear a “neutral” shoe comfortably.

Flat Arch

People with flat arches make their feet roll excessively when they walk or run. If you have a low arch, it can cause foot pain, muscle stress, and joint problems that may reach up into your ankles, knees, and hips. For those with flat arches, using footwear with stabilizing arch supports is a better option for more comfort and to prevent foot pain.

High Arch

A high arch may also cause joint strain and muscle pain not only in the feet but as well as all the way up the kinetic chain. When people with high arches walk or run, their feet may not absorb shock that well, which makes their feet easily tired. That is why for people with high foot arches, arch supports with lots of cushioning are usually recommended.

Benefits of Footwear with Arch Support

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Arch support pertains to different shoe inserts that help support the arches of the foot. They range from basic pads to hard graphite custom-molded support. But today, aside from arch support inserts, some footwear is made with built-in arch support, which is more convenient for many people. But how do you think these footwears help in supporting the arch? To learn more, below are the benefits of footwear with arch support:

Helps Distribute Pressure

Footwear with arch support is more contorted to the wearer’s foot. With this, the primary pressure points are eliminated, which are commonly on the heel and ball of the foot. These types of footwear help in distributing the pressure evenly by putting some of them into the arches of the feet instead of leaving all the weight in the heel and ball of the feet.

Provides Support

Most people might think that the arch only supports the feet. But the reality is that the feet are the foundation of the whole body. Therefore, if you lack support in the foundation, it can affect the whole body. That is why footwear with arch support is generally used to help with knee, hip, and back-related alignment issues.

Reduces and Prevents Pain

This is among the main reasons footwear with arch support is used, as they are among the commonly recommended non-invasive treatment for most foot ailments. A lot of foot problems are solved by wearing properly fitted footwear and arch supports. In addition to that, it also helps relieve knee pain and back pain.

Protect Feet Arches from Harm

While some people choose to first wear arch support based on inflammation, injury, or trauma, wearing footwear with arch support can be very beneficial when it comes to protecting the arches of the feet from harm. One of the common ailments on feet arches is plantar fasciitis, which can usually be prevented by wearing footwear with arch supports.

Provides Balance and Stability

Filling the gaps in your arches can provide you with a more stable surface area for the feet. This, in turn, will improve your stability and balance. Therefore, if you want to improve your balance when walking or running, wearing footwear with arch support is one of the best solutions.

Reduce Overpronation

In simple terms, overpronation pertains to the foot rolling inward as you walk or run, which may lead to a flattening of the feet, straining your tendons, ligaments, and muscles, and increasing your risk of developing injuries. If this commonly happens to your feet, it is better to wear footwear with arch support.

When Do You Need to Wear Shoes with Arch Support?

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The reasons for needing arch supports vary depending on different foot health issues. People who have foot ailments usually visit doctors and get advice on wearing shoes with good arch support. When these types of shoes are utilized properly, they may help improve a lot of foot problems and other back, hip, and knee issues. Below are some of the common foot ailments that may benefit from footwear with arch support:

Plantar Fasciitis

This is probably one of the most common foot ailments that a lot of people face. It is a kind of inflammation of the fibrous tissue, which causes pain at the bottom of the feet, the arch, and the heel. There are various causes of plantar fasciitis, such as wearing tight or badly fitted shoes, experiencing foot trauma, or having flat feet. When you have this condition, you might feel pain in your heel when you wake up in the morning.

Usually, if you do not give enough support for the arch of your feet, the pain and inflammation may become worse. That is why most people who suffer from plantar fasciitis are recommended to get proper arch support by either using orthotics or wearing shoes with arch supports.

You may also discover more foot products for this foot condition by reading our Guide to Selecting Essential Foot Products for Plantar Fasciitis.

Arch Pain

If the arch of your foot is painful, it might be time for you to wear shoes with arch support. There are various reasons behind foot arch pain, such as excessive workouts and activities. The use of shoes with arch support may help lessen this problem and as well as benefit your whole body in the long term.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, overpronation is when the foot or ankle rolls inward as you move, which may also lead to pain in your arch. When you are diagnosed with this issue, using orthotics or insoles with good arch support for your shoes is usually recommended. These will help keep your ankles and whole body correctly aligned.


When you supinate, your ankles tend to roll outward when walking. Similar to overpronation, wearing a pair of shoes with arch support or orthotics may help in improving this foot issue.

Heel Spurs

Heel spurs pertain to calcium accumulation that leads to bulging bones on the lower surface of the heel bone. This is not usually painful, but there are times when you can feel pain at your heel. If this is the case, wearing shoes with arch support may help relieve heel spur pain. They evenly distribute the pressure, which will significantly lessen pain at your heel and other foot areas. In addition to that, it may also diminish the possibility of your heel spurs getting sorer.

Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is the thickening of the tissue around one of the nerves that land on the toes. While this foot ailment is benign, it may cause pain and affect the ball of your feet. People who have this condition may benefit from footwear with arch support and orthotics with a met pad. They are great at relieving pressure and pain around the toe areas.

In addition to these conditions, there are many others that may benefit from wearing shoes with arch support, such as those with diabetes that experience pain and swelling at the feet and those who are suffering from arthritis.


Footwear with arch support is indeed beneficial for everyone. In fact, you do not necessarily need to have any foot ailment to wear arch-support shoes. You can wear them regularly to provide support to your arches and prevent the development of certain foot issues and pain. Our feet are responsible for supporting our bodies and taking us to different places. Therefore, see to it that you are taking good care of your feet. You can begin by choosing footwear that will provide the right support to your arches and give comfort to your feet to prevent strains and pains. We hope this post helped you learn more about the benefits of wearing footwear with arch support.