Best Day Clocks for Dementia and Elderly

Dementia is one of the most common health issues of old age. People suffering through this problem start forgetting many things. Their memory becomes weak, and they start forgetting even the names of their loved ones.  

People with dementia, in worst cases, are not even able to keep track of what date, day, and time it is. Such people start missing their meals, appointments, meetings, and they cannot even take their medicines on time. Additionally, weak eyesight is also one of the common issues. For this purpose, they must have something that could keep their daily life on track.

Thanks to the latest technology and gadgets, we now have exclusive clocks available for all such people that can help them see time, date, and day all at the same time. These clocks can display all this information in clear and bold numbers and letters. Moreover, there are reminders in those clocks as well. The reminders help seniors and dementia patients live their life according to their plans. 

Seniors and people with dementia can also get confused between day and nighttime and between morning and evening times as well. Day clocks display time in detail, which means that they will also show whether it is 08:00 in the morning or evening. 

Day clocks are now readily available in the markets and online. If you want to buy one for yourself or your elderly loved one, but you do not know which clock would be the right choice, you can check out the following list of the best day clocks for dementia and the elderly:

Where to Buy
American Lifetime Day Clock
iGuerburn Talking Day Clock
SVINZ Digital Day Clock
Marathon CL030027-FD-BK Wall Clock 
SkyNuature Day Clock
DayClox – The Original Memory Loss Digital Calendar Day Clock

American Lifetime Day Clock

American Lifetime Day Clock is a popular product in the market these days. It has a bright and clear screen that displays everything in bold and clear letters that can help seniors keep track of days, date, month, and time without getting puzzled. This is an 8-inch high-resolution digital clock. 

It has multi-functional five alarms, which can be used to manage different types of events and chores during the day. You can set different alarms to get several types of reminders throughout the day. 

It is made of wood and is an excellent choice for a gift for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. The best thing about this clock is that if you are not satisfied with its quality and durability, you can return it and get your money refunded. 

Key Features:

  • It is an 8-inch high-resolution watch, which displays the time, period of the day, month, and year in large and bold letters and numbers. The clock uses no abbreviation to make it easy for the elderly to understand everything.
  • It has the option of setting five alarms throughout the day. You can use this helpful feature for taking medications timely. 
  • It provides battery backup, which means that if there is a power outage, the clock will retain the right time until the power returns. 
  • The clock is backed up by a one-year warranty. If you do not find it useful, it can be returned within 30 days of purchase. Your money will be refunded. 
  • You can set the clock in 8 different languages. 

Although this clock is very famous and has multiple useful features to help seniors and dementia patients, there is a drawback to this product, which is its too bright light that may disturb people who will have this clock placed on their side table.   

iGuerburn Talking Day Clock

This clock has a clear, 8-inch display. The touch screen display makes it much convenient to use. The clock shows the calendar, day, time, and part of the day as well. It has the option of setting eight alarms at a time. It is an excellent choice for people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, blindness, memory loss, and visual impairment. 

Key Features:

  • It’s a digital talking clock that helps the people in keeping their daily routine on track. The audible alarms can remind you to accomplish all your goals and works on time. 
  • The audio it provides is of high quality and is easily hearable. You can store the instructions in 8 different languages. This feature makes this product great for people belonging to different parts of the world. 
  • The touch screen is very vibrant and clear. 
  • You can adjust its volume and brightness according to your ease and requirement. 
  • It has two different types of settings – you can set it as either a 12-hour or 24-hour clock. 
  • The time, day, date, and alarms can be saved and retrieved even if a power failure occurs. 
  • The day display modes can help you set the preferred timings to remind you of the starting time of the day. For example, for some people 7 am is the start of the morning, while others may prefer 6 am as the start. You can also disable this function anytime you want. 
  • It comes with four different and vibrant-colored backgrounds, including red, black, blue and white. These colors can be changed as per your requirements to improve readability. 
  • The clock can be used as a photo frame as well. You can either connect a USB or insert an SD or MMC card in it to save your memorable pictures and display them in this clock. 


  • Sometimes the touch screen takes a second to respond. 
  • No radio.
  • The time disappears when the clock is on photo mode. 

SVINZ Digital Day Clock

This clock has a clear and vibrant 8-inch display that shows day, time, and date in bold letters and numbers without using any abbreviations to make it easier for seniors and patients to understand the time, date, and day. The clock shows five different cycles, including morning, predawn, afternoon, evening and night. 

It can help seniors and dementia patients in managing their important activities of the day independently. They can set their alarms for taking medicines or meals in a day. 

Key Features:

  • It offers adjustable alarm volume. 
  • It has an improved glare-free HD screen.
  • Its battery life is great, and the battery can last for many days. 
  • It offers three different alarm settings. 
  • You find two color displays in this clock, including yellow and white. 
  • Auto-dimming option – You can either turn it on or off, depending upon your requirements. If you want to adjust the brightness manually, then you can turn off this feature. 
  • The clock comes with an AC adaptor certified by UL.


  • There is no automatic time adjustment option. 

Marathon CL030027-FD-BK Wall Clock 

Marathon CL030027-FD-BK Slim Atomic wall clock that has a minimal design featuring highly legible display on its 2-inch HD display. You don’t have to mess up with this clock to adjust the right time and date as it has a self-setting/adjusting option that sets the right date, time, and day using radio frequencies broadcast from NIST’s Colorado Atomic Clock. However, this feature only works for people living in North America. 

It is equipped with a built-in foldable stand that makes it an ideal choice for home, office, and workstation settings. The information it displays includes clock, temperature, and calendar that can all be seen in one glance because of the way they are displayed on the screen. The clock also comes with a wireless remote sensor that is used to monitor indoor/outdoor temperatures. 

Key Features:

  • The clock displays times from 8 different time zones. 
  • It can display outdoor and indoor temperatures either in Fahrenheit or Celsius. 
  • It comes with two durable AA batteries. 
  • The letters and numbers are bold and vibrant, which are easy to read. 
  • Dual time settings, including 12-hour and 24-hour clock. 
  • The time and date are auto adjustable. 
  • It offers automatic day and night time adjustment. 


  • The size of letters and numbers may be unsuitable for older people with weak eyesight. 
  • It does not have the option for setting multiple alarms. 
  • Months are displayed with an abbreviation. 

SkyNuature Day Clock

SkyNuature Day Clock is not only helpful for seniors and dementia/Alzheimer’s patients but also for their caregivers. It has a different and unique design as compared to other clocks we have mentioned in our list. It spells out the full day of the week, month, and date clearly without using any abbreviations because it can be difficult for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s to process abbreviated words. 

Key Features:

  • The months, days, and dates are spelled clearly, and the size is bold and big enough to be read clearly by dementia patients and elderly people. 
  • The clock can display information in 8 different languages including English, Italian, Polish, Spanish, German, Dutch and Welsh. 
  • It has a glossy look and can be displayed as a decoration piece as well. 
  • It can either be mounted on the wall or placed on a table. 
  • It comes with a screen protector. 


  • No dimming option. 
  • No backup battery. 
  • It does not come with any warranty. 

DayClox – The Original Memory Loss Digital Calendar Day Clock

This digital clock by DayClox is made to help people with memory loss. It displays full spellings of the day of the week, month, and date in large, bold letters without using any abbreviations, so the seniors suffering from memory loss due to dementia, Alzheimer’s or just advancing years, don’t have difficulty processing these abbreviated words. 

It is an excellent choice to be used in home, office, and classroom settings. It features eight different languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Dutch and Welsh. It is powered by an AC adapter that is included in the package as well. The clock is backed up by a one-year US warranty, which gets void when used outside the USA. 

Final Words

The purpose of listing some of the most popular day clocks in this article, which are very helpful for seniors and dementia patients, is to help and support them in their daily routine life. The available options can help these people choose a clock that can help them keep track of time, day, date, temperature and part of the day without getting confused. These clocks can help this weak segment of society to schedule their lives like healthy people.