Best Grip Bath Mats for the Elderly

Going to the bathroom is an easy task for most of us, as all we have to do is to walk or run there in just a few seconds, and we will be able to take a bath, brush our teeth, or do any other things that people are supposed to do in the bathroom on a fly. However, those activities can actually be a struggle for the elderly, as they would have to worry about where they are standing or walking since the floor of the bathroom can be quite slippery. Fortunately, the slipperiness of the bathroom floor can be remedied by an item called the “grip bath mat.”

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There are thousands of different models and brands of grip bath mats for you to choose from, although there is only a handful of them that can be deemed the best in terms of providing safety for the elderly. Here are some of the best grip bath mats for the elderly that you can buy online.

1. Gorilla Grip Original Bath Mat

First on the list is arguably the most popular and best-selling product, the Gorilla Grip Original Bath Math. The Gorilla Grip bath mat features hundreds of suction cups that allow it to grip the bathroom floor better than most bath mats. However, the bath mat could only be used for smooth and clean surfaces, as it wouldn’t grip well on newly refinished surfaces.

Besides the suction cups, the Gorilla Grip bath mat also features small drainage holes so that the water won’t get trapped within the mat. In addition, the Gorilla Grip mat is also much longer than most bath mats, so you will be able to cover more floors with this product. After using the mat for a couple of days or weeks, you can then wash it easily since its materials are washing machine-friendly and can be cleaned with gentle detergent.

2. Flamingo P Microfiber Memory Foam Bath Mat

If you want a great bath mat for an affordable price, then you should get the Flamingo P bath mat, which features a microfiber memory foam that provides a softer area for the elderly to stand on before getting into the shower or inside the bathroom. In addition to being quite soft to stand on, the Flamingo P bath mat also features a foot massage that will give your feet a relaxed and comfortable feel.

Most people would worry about memory foam bath mats since the material is known to absorb water, but the Flamingo P bath mat’s memory is not only absorbent but also fast-drying, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the product soaking too much water. Furthermore, its fast-drying feature also prevents mildew buildup on the bath mat, thus allowing you to have a safer bath mat that doesn’t keep bacteria and fungus within it. The downside to the Flamingo P bath mat is that it is relatively smaller than most bath mats, so you may be forced to buy two of them to cover more floors.

3. OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

Next on the list is the OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Mat, a product that is specifically built to be placed on the bathtub to prevent slipping. Much like the Gorilla Grip bath mat, the OTHWAY mat features dozens of suction cups at the bottom for it to have a better grip on the bathtub. While the shower is turned on, the OTHWAY mat will stay in place even if it gets wet.

The OTHWAY bathtub mat is also easier to clean than most bath mats, as the materials used to create this great product can be easily cleaned on a washing machine. The non-slip feature of the OTHWAY mat is provided by its surface that is filled with fake cobblestones that each has a suction cup underneath for a better grip. This bathtub mat is perfect for the elderly so that they won’t slop while they are in the bathtub or shower.

4. Sultan’s Linens Foldable Bath Mat

The fourth bath mat that you should know about is the Sultan’s Linens Foldable Bath Mat, which features a textured surface at its front that makes it grip better on the feet while also having a non-slip surface at the bottom for it to remain in place on the floor. What’s great about this bath mat is that it is foldable, so it is much easier to store anywhere in the bathroom compared to other bath mats that cannot be folded or even rolled for storage.

The Sultan’s Linens bath mat also features several drainage holes so that water won’t build up within the mat, thus making it dry quickly. The product’s packaging is also reusable, so you can use it as a bag for storing the bath mat whenever it is not in use.

5. DZY Absorbent Bath Mat

If you want the same features found in the Flamingo P bath mat but don’t want the soft feel and texture, then you can buy the DZY Absorbent Bath Mat instead. The DZY bath mat features a highly adsorbent surface that will quickly absorb water and dry itself up in just a few minutes. So, if you want a floor that will quickly dry after you get out of the shower, then you can place this bath mat outside your shower or bathtub to quickly dry your feet and the floor.

The DZY bath mat also has an anti-slip feature that prevents you from slipping on wet floors. Moreover, the bath mat can also stay in place because of its sticky bottom that stops it from moving. The DZY bath mat has an easy-to-clean surface that doesn’t create stain residue or keep mildew, so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting bacteria or fungi on your foot. If you want to clean the DZY bath mat after a few days or weeks of use, you can just easily wash it with running water and scrub it gently with sandpaper to remove stubborn dirt.

These five grip bath mats are just a few of the best ones that you can buy in online stores, and some of them can even be bought in your local appliance or DIY store. You can give these products as a gift for your elderly loved ones, or you can use them at home if you are taking care of an elderly or disabled person. These bath mats would allow the bathroom to be a much safer place for any type of person.