Best Medication For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

You just want to make your life better, and that is completely understandable. After all, living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is difficult, the road to recovery is long and you want it to be as pain-free as possible. Unfortunately, there is no miraculous cure. There’s no magic drug you can take that’ll rid you of your woes. But, there are ways to make your symptoms much easier to live with. And, once you can manage your symptoms the sky’s the limit. Before long you’ll be moving on to a better life. To start of the process I’m going to be informing you in this article about the best medication for chronic fatigue syndrome. Now, there is a range of drugs available that will ease your symptoms. So, I’ll be giving you the details on each one, and then you can go to your doctor armed with all the knowledge you need about what each one can do for you. Are you ready? Then let’s start


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Any discussion about the best medication for chronic fatigue syndrome should start with drugs that’ll give you a boost. That’s exactly what your energy sapped body needs and I’ve got some for you.


It’s a mouthful to say and it’s also an Amphetamine so stick to the recommended dosage which is 200mg a day. Being an Amphetamine though, it’ll alter your brain’s chemicals to make you feel like you have a lot more energy.


This medication used to be given to patients with Narcolepsy or other sleep pattern disorders. However, as with many medications other uses have been discovered. Modafinil promotes wakefulness by energizing your neurotransmitters and so you’ll feel more alert and wide awake even when you’re sleepy. So you’ll have fewer hours when you’re tired and sleepy all the time.


This fascinating medication started its life as a potential cure for the Flu. But doctors quickly noticed that it also helped people with Parkinson’s Disease move their limbs easier and reduced fatigue in those patients. These days it’s used for chronic fatigue syndrome because it eases stiffness in joints, stops tiredness and it releases huge amounts of Dopamine in the brain increasing your happiness and energy. For these reasons, some doctors consider it the best medication for chronic fatigue syndrome.


Anxiety is a big time huge energy sapper. So if you didn’t want to try the sharp boost the Energizers might give you, or your doctor considers them not appropriate for you. Then, you might want to try Antidepressants. They’ll help you concentrate and they’ll help reduce your fears and stress. You may find your lack of energy vanish.


Basically, it helps your brain maintain the right balance of chemicals. Many people with chronic fatigue syndrome have a major imbalance of chemicals due to the depressing turn their life has taken. This medication restores that balance. So you’ll have fewer mood swings and as an added bonus your muscle and bone pain will be greatly reduced. Get them in slow-release tablet form because these stop fatigue best and won’t make you constantly tired.


These will help you manage the pain associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. This includes joint pain, muscle pain, stiffness, and inflammation. When you’re feeling less pain, your lack of energy will improve as your body won’t be using up energy on physical stress.


One of the more popular pain relievers. Tylenol is our top pain recommendation in this best medication for chronic fatigue syndrome discussion because it has no side effects in the majority of patients. You’re already having multiple symptoms so any medication that doesn’t add to those is a big plus. Tylenol is especially effective in working with strong muscle pain in the legs and the back.


Take this for mild and moderate pain. It’s an over the counter medication which is weaker than Tylenol and as such it’s meant for general pain relief. It’ll even fight any viruses and other secondary symptoms you have on to of your chronic fatigue syndrome. It’s also much cheaper than Tylenol, so if you choose to take this first and your pain persists then go to Tylenol. Unlike many pain medications, Ibuprofen does not make you tired and sleepy all the time.


Don’t take this if you have Asthma. Demerol is an Opioid pain reliever which means it attaches itself to your pain receptors inside the brain and blocks pain-related messages from the rest of your body. With your brain not receiving these messages; you won’t feel any physical pain. Use for severe pain.


These used to be taken by patients for seizures but doctors also noted a major decrease in pain from nerve endings. Which is why any list of the best medication for chronic fatigue syndrome should have them represented.


It works by cordoning off certain parts of the brain that deal with nerve pain and stress. With these now out of action, you should see some improvement on both fronts. Do not use if you have a history of heart problems.


You want to get the Horizont brand of Gabapentin because unlike the Neurontin brand it will be especially good at improving stiffness in the legs. It is prescribed routinely to patients with Restless Leg Syndrome so take advantage of that.

Final thoughts

Now that you’ve read this article you should have a good idea about the range of medications available for you and what they do. You should also, knowing your own symptoms, have a good idea about which is the best medication for your chronic fatigue syndrome. You can significantly stop tiredness and stop fatigue by lessening the effects your symptoms have on your body and on your emotional state. Go to your doctor and work out a drugs plan. More often than not he/she will advise more than one of these medications because you’ll be presented with a whole host of chronic problems. I’m sure you’ll see improvement soon. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for reading.