Best Motion Sensor Alarms for Fall Management

When someone you love reaches a certain point in age or health that may hurt them, the need to be more vigilant arises. This is especially for those who become too sensitive and prone to falling and injuring themselves.

According to a research, fall prevention is a major concern for every caregiver and hospital out there. You may be doing your best at taking care of a resident, but one moment of unawareness can be fatal. Motion sensors are a wonderful new technology to help you in that one moment where you are not watching over the patient. 

Motion sensors stay active throughout, monitoring a wide space around the patient. As soon as the person moves from their bed or wheelchair, you will get a notification. These devices also save you from complete burnout while watching over a patient. You can take some rest or a little nap with the alarm in close proximity. 

Where to Buy
Cordless Fall Monitor
 Motion Sensor and Remote Alarm
 SafeWander Bed Exit Alarm
AliMed Motion Detector Alarm
Smart Caregiver Motion Sensor Alarm

Cordless Fall Monitor

This economical and effective fall prevention alarm is cordless, and provides wireless monitoring 24×7. The range of 300 ft. monitoring makes this monitor ideal for use in homes and small spaces. The set includes a wireless monitor, a cordless floor mat and a bunch of cleaning wipes. 

Sensory floor mats are placed right under the patient’s bed where they step down. These mats can also work near wheelchairs or near the toilet where the patient walks regularly. It is unto you to place the mat at the best position. This sensory mat is anti-slip, so you don’t have to worry about more fall-related injuries. It is recommended to replace the floor mat once a year, because its batteries are non-changeable. 

As soon as someone steps on the mat, it will send a wireless signal to the monitor which will sound an alarm. The monitor has adjustable volume levels from low, medium to high. This monitor runs on batteries which are not included in the set. You can also power the monitor on an AC adapter that is sold separately.

Here are some popular and user-friendly motion sensor alarm sets you can pick:

 Motion Sensor and Remote Alarm

This alarm set is for constant monitoring, but without making a noise. The patient’s room will continue to be noiseless because the alarm is remote. This is a set of motion sensor and alarm, so you place the infrared motion sensor near the patient at all times. When there is a movement, wireless signals will alert you through the remote alarm.

The remote alarm can be placed at a distance of 100 feet from the source sensor. You can mount the sensor near a wall, on the bed or place it on the bedside table. There are 3 volume levels in the alarm, to help you keep as little noise as possible. 

The motion sensor and alarm both run on batteries, but you can buy an AC adapter to run both devices as well. 

 SafeWander Bed Exit Alarm

Safe Wander has created this tiny bed sensor to make fall prevention easy. Attach this wireless sensor to clothing, wheelchair or the bed and turn it on. This sensor sends alerts directly to a paired smartphone or tablet. Since smartphone and tablets are always nearby, you will be alerted and rush to help your loved one.

Safe Wander bed exit alarm can alert multiple family / team members at the same time, which makes it the best device for use at homes. If you need to use it at a clinic or hospital, one smartphone can be paired with multiple sensors at the same time. 

This tech-backed sensor also archives bed exit data for your patient. You can see complete bed exit history to recognize visible patterns of a patient, enabling you to care for them in a better way. The sensor runs on batteries, which need to be replaced every 6 months. 

AliMed Motion Detector Alarm

This device is also run through the infrared technology. PIR alarms are safe to use in homes and very accurate for caregivers. In the detection area of this alarm, any movement will be immediately reported to the caregiver.

This system is good for elderly people or patients with brain disorders, because there are no cords involved. No cords mean the chances of fall prevention become higher. Nurses or caregivers can carry the remote alarm with them through hook and loop attachment on their clothing. When there is movement, you will receive an alert to rush after the patient.

The alarm on bedside can be custom set to stay mute or make a sound. The remote alarm will receive signal up to 100 feet away from the sensor. When a signal arrives, both volume and flashlight will warn you simultaneously. Installation is easy as per requirement and all batteries are included in the set. 

Smart Caregiver Motion Sensor Alarm

This set of alarm and pager is perfect for caregivers, especially those living alone with a patient. The benefit of remote pagers is great for sensitive patient, as you remove all noise from their bedside. You can still opt to sound an alarm in the room, based on the condition of your patient. 

The alarm monitor and motion sensor as an on/off button and a flashlight which indicates that alarm is in function. You can place the sensor near the bed or mount it on a nearby wall with the help of a mounting bracket. 

Both devices run on batteries which are not included in the set. The pager has multiple volume adjustment levels for noise reduction and a light which flashes when alarm is on. Do not take the pager more than 150 feet away from motion detector, because it will go out of range. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many more models available that cater to specific patient and caregiver needs. Motion sensor technology is a win-win for both caregiver and patient because it is least invasive and does the job perfectly. We hope you find these motion sensor alarms useful and reduce the chances of a loved one hurting.