Derma E Scar Gel Review

This Derma E Scar Gel review delves into the effectiveness of one of our favorite scar gels we have studied.

Scars of all kinds are unwanted almost all the time. Yet, our bodies are littered with pesky little scars from our early years of childhood but also through the rest of our lives. Whether they are formed from that one time you got a light scratch on the shin to that other time where you got a gash on your finger from a kitchen knife, we all have scars in varying degrees. Sometimes they make for amusing stories but more often then not we would rather not draw attention to them at all.

Luckily, over the past few decades, numerous scar gels have emerged that can help with this issue. This Derma E Scar Gel review dives into detail on one of the top scar gels we have studied.

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Derma E Scar Gel, 2 ounces

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What is Derma E Scar Gel and what does it treat?

Derma E Scar Gel treats just about every scar that you can receive. The types of scars that the gel can be applied to include…

  • Scars from burns
  • Scars from scrapes and cuts
  • Marks from abrasions
  • Post surgery scars
  • Acne scars
  • Scars from rashes

In turn, Derma E Scar Gel is created to heal practically any damage to the skin. Keep in mind however that this scar gel only works for exterior skin scars and won’t help with bruising.

What is Derma E?

Derma E is a leading company in the scar treatment industry. The company has built its reputation around the effectiveness and quality of ingredients.

The company began as a small health food store in Southern California. After releasing their first simple but effective product they received fantastic feedback as it “worked miracles” for its user’s skin. Since then, Derma E has produced an array of new product all while putting an emphasis on wholesome natural ingredients.

Derma E is one of the few companies today that is cruelty-free, GMO-free, Gluten-free, and Soy free. It puts huge stress on providing exceptional remedies while being as eco-friendly, and natural as possible.

According to Derma E, their scar gel is proudly composed of potent natural extracts, botanicals, and vitamins with care and precision to ensure the maximum effectiveness of their products.

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What sets it apart from other scar gels?

Derma E Scar Gel stands out from its scar treatment competitors in multiple ways in terms of…

Its versatilityDerma E Scar Gel is a scar gel that can treat many different types of scars including scrapes, burns, acne scars and more. The majority of scar gels on the market tend to focus on simply one type of scar which would be the common scrape that you might get from falling off your bike. However, Derma E Scar Gel fights just about any external marks as long as you apply the gel consistently.

The ingredients- The ingredients in Derma-E scar gel include…

“Water (Aqua), Allium Cepa (Onion) Bulb Extract, Glycerin, Allantoin, Panthenol, Carbomer 940, Beta-Alanine, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Potassium Sorbate, Natural and Fragrant Oils”

Derma E uses a mix of natural extracts and botanicals to create a completely all natural gel. The company stresses using only ingredients that are essential to the development of the skin without any fluff that simply isn’t effective. No fillers are used in addition just to sell at a lower cost.

How to use it

The scar gel is quite easy to use. Simply unscrew the top and scoop out a bit of product from the container big enough to cover your scar. Keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way so you might not need as much as you think. Rub the gel on the scar and rub it in until the sticky feeling of the gel is gone and the material has been absorbed into the skin.

It is recommended that you apply the gel at least once a day for up to 6 months for older scars. Since scars which are a year old or longer have had more time to form a more permanent shape in the skin it takes a bit of time before you might see results. For scars less than a year old you can apply the gel for two months or longer until you are satisfied with the appearance.

Do not use the gel on open wounds, however. It is critical that you disinfect these wounds and wait until they are completely closed up before applying the gel.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results, however. It really depends on the severity of the scar to know how long it will take to completely fade. Naturally, for larger or deeper gashes of the skin, the area will take a bit longer to look like normal while minor paper cuts are expected to look like new in about a week. The skin naturally regenerates every 28 days, so in 4 weeks you should be able to see some improvement as the gel reconstructs the newly grown skin.

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  • Gel is created by a pioneer in the skin cream industry
  • Effective for treating all different types of scars
  • Can treat old scars with persistent use
  • It’s very mess- and hassle-free when applying


  • Not guaranteed to work for every scar
  • There are cases of allergic reactions to the product. Read ingredients above to make sure you are safe to use the product
  • It takes a little while to dry and thus get absorbed into the skin
  • Has been known to cause breakouts for people with oily skin


At the end of the day, Derma E scar gel is strongly recommended for anyone who wants to effectively treat their scars. The sheer quality of ingredients ensures that you get the best possible results from a scar gel. Keep in mind however that the healing process for scars does take time. If you don’t see results after 3 weeks or so, continue to apply it consistently and the results will come.

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We hope this Derma E Scar Gel review helped. Thanks for reading!

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