Fungavir Review

This Fungavir review delves into the effectiveness of our favorite nail fungus removing product we have studied.

In this review, you should expect to learn how effective the product is, and whether or not it is right for your given circumstances.

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What is Fungavir?

Fungavir, not to be confused with Funginix, is a topical fluid that is used to treat all types of nail fungus including dermatophytes, molds, and yeasts.

Once you start to regularly apply the solution on the infected area, the products dual action fungavir reviewformula eliminates fungus embedded in the nail, under the nail and in the skin surrounding the nail.

Typically the users will start to notice significant improvements in their conditions after one month of use and should expect to be completely cured of the fungus after two months. As the fungus infection is killed from the compound, new fresh nail begins to replace the once infected areas.

What sets Fungavir apart from other formulas?reviews of fungavir

Quality of ingredients– A concoction of raw natural ingredients formulate Fungavir.

Many people are attracted to the product because it simply uses the core ingredients necessary to kill off the fungus. Fungavir does not use harmful chemicals and fillers. Its patented blend of specific oils and extracts make the solution powerful even in small doses.

Its versatility– This is one of the few products that works effectively on all fungal infections of the nail. Most other products simply target the common yeast infection of the nail however Fungavir kills off dermatophytes, molds, and yeasts in all the varying degrees.

The strength of the product–  Argued to be the strongest over the counter medications, Fungavir is one of the most effective products you can buy. The sheer strength of the formula allows users to combat the effects of fungus at a quicker rate of speed than the typical formula as a result.

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nail fungus
After Nail Fungus

To spread the solution around you can use a cotton swab to spread the mixture into the edges of the nail that are typically hard to get to. Next, you must wait to let the solution dry.

In order to make sure that your nail recovers as quickly as possible it is extremely important that you should keep the nail as dry as possible at all times. A nail in a damp dark environment encourages the infection to spread.

To keep your nail dry you should apply baby powder on your toes (if the infection is on your toes) and try to keep your feet out in the open as much as you can.


  • Bee propolis- Antibacterial compounds that are produced to reduce inflammation and nail infectionpromote skin healing
  • Flaxseed oil- This oil is key for hydrating and softening the skin surrounding the nail
  • Sweet almond oil- Almond oil is a common soothing ingredient that can also relieve irritation
  • Canola oil- Contains fatty acids that also have antioxidant properties
  • Tocopheryl acetate- Restores skin hydration
  • Mineral oil- A clear mixture of higher alkanes. Mineral oil is used also as a moisturizer to prevent rough and dry skin that can result from using Fungavir
  • Camphor oil- This compound is a natural anti-itching agent
  • Clove and bud oil- This is an antiseptic agent and also an anesthetic agent
  • Jojoba oil- This oil soothes the skin as it becomes absorbed
  • Black walnut oil- contains polyunsaturated oils to reduce inflammation
  • Tea Tree oil- This oil has antiseptic and also soothing properties
  • Aloe vera– One of the most powerful compounds to sooth the skin and also promote healing
  • Undecylenic acid- Makes up 25 percent of the most effective concentration. You can derive this anti-fungal compound derived from castor oil
  • Menthol- Farmers derive this extract from mint plants that provide analgesic and also inflammation relief
  • Chia oil- Derived from the chia plant it is rich in omega-3-acids
  • Lemongrass oil- Lemongrass oil is a powerful antiseptic oil and is effective in destroying fungal bacteria
  • Lavender oil- Antibiotic properties can fight infections
  • Manuka oil- Significantly helps with fighting the fungus and promotes the healing of the cells

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Prosfungavir review

  • Fungavir uses 100 percent all natural ingredients that are of top quality
  • One of the top highest success rates in the nail fungus removal industry
  • No additives and fillers
  • Extremely versatile. Cures all major types of fungal infections
  • Dual action allows it to cure the nail as well as the surrounding areas of the skin


  • Like all other nail fungus treatments, there is not a 100 percent success rate. Some cases do require prescription medication if the infection is too strong
  • People can have allergic reactions to some nail fungus removers. Refrain from using the product if you are allergic to any ingredients listed above
  • The skin surrounding the nail can also dry out with frequent use
  • The product does not guarantee that the infection will never come back once cured

checkVerdict- Fungavir Review

To conclude this Fungavir review, this product is of the top fungus treatments on the market today and due to the quality of ingredients and safety of use, it is highly recommended.

There is also a 60-day money back guarantee if you find that the product is not working to your satisfaction. It’s risk-free- no questions asked.

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Thank you for reading this Fungavir review- I hope it helped!

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