Guide to Caregiver Pagers

Being a caregiver is tough, as there will be nights where you won’t be able to sleep because of certain situations where you always have to keep an eye on the older person that you are taking care of.

When there are events where the elderly will not be able to call for help by yelling or screaming, the caregiver or home health aide won’t even be able to know if something’s wrong as everything seems to be quiet from the area where the aging adult is.

Due to the said problem, several companies have manufactured pagers that are specially made for the older persons to call for their loved ones or caregivers without straining their voice, which can be quite painful for them. In just a push of a button, the elder will be able to get the attention of the caregiver wearing a pager or having the device placed on a table nearby.

These pagers are beneficial in instances where the caregiver won’t be able to pay close attention to the older person because of doing other duties such as cooking or doing the laundry. There are a lot of caregiver pagers in the market, so here are just some of the best ones that you purchase.

Where to Buy
Smart Caregiver Two Call Buttons & Wireless Caregiver Pager
NiCalBel Wireless Caregiver Pager Call Button Personal Help Alert Pager System for Home Nurses Caregivers Patients Elderly 2 Waterproof Transmitters 2 Plugin Receivers
InnoGear Caregiver Pager with Two Call Button for the Elderly Nurse Call Alert Patient Disabled
SINGCALL Home Caring Alarm System Nurse Call,Oval Rounded Lightweight Convenient,Fit for Old, Patients Children,A Caregiver Receiver 2 Necklace Pagers
CallToU Wireless Wrist Pager Smart Call System Caregiver Pager, Nurse Calling Alert for Elderly/Patient/Disable at Home
CallToU Caregiver Pager Wireless Smart Call Button, Nurse Calling Alert Vibration for Elderly/Patient/Disable at Home 1 Receiver Wrist Pager 2 Pendant/Portable/Fixed SOS Call Buttons 500+Feet
CallToU Wireless Wrist Pager Smart Call System Caregiver Pager, Nurse Calling Alert for Elderly/Patient/Disable at Home 1 PC Receiver Alert Pager 10 PCS Fixed Mounted/Portable Call Buttons 500+Feet


Smart Caregiver Wireless Caregiver Pager

The most basic pager on this list, the Smart Caregiver Wireless Caregiver Pagers has two call buttons so that when the battery goes out on one button, the older person can use the other one as an extra. The call buttons can be placed in the elder’s pocket, or it can be clipped to their belt if they are going outside.

The pager is also portable, so the caregiver won’t have to worry about carrying a large device outdoors, and they can easily be placed anywhere around the house for convenience. In addition, the maximum range between the pager and the call button is 150 feet, allowing the devices to be used in almost every corner of the home. The call button would require two 12-volt batteries to operate while the pages need two AA batteries. Thankfully, the batteries are included in the package.

NiCalBel Wireless Caregiver Pager

If you don’t want to deal with many batteries to power up the pager, you can buy the NiCalBel Wireless Caregiver Pager that has two pagers that can be plugged to any electrical outlet in the house. The two pagers have 52 selectable tones for its alarm sound, and they also have five volume settings that are set to 0 dB to 110 dB. Moreover, its maximum operating range is 500+ feet, which is a lot longer than the Smart Caregiver pager.

The two call buttons in the package have strap clips so the older persons can place the buttons around their wrist or their neck. In addition, the call button has a mounting bracket so it can be placed on a wall in the bedroom or restroom.

One negative aspect of the pagers is that they are not as portable as the Smart Caregiver pager since you would have to plug them in an outlet. But their highest loudness level is enough for you to hear its sound even if you are in the next room or another area of the house.


InnoGear Caregiver Pager

Similar to the caregiver pagers mentioned above, the device made by InnoGear has two wireless call buttons, but these buttons are represented in different colors, namely red and blue. If the aging adult presses the blue button, the blue led light will flash in the pager, and the red call button will activate the red light once pressed.

Besides the difference in color, each call button will also activate a different sound. The red button triggers a siren-like alarm, while the blue button activates a softer melodic sound. This feature is helpful if the caregiver assigns one color for emergency purposes and the other for regular tasks like helping the elderly get up from the bed or assisting them in going to the bathroom.

The pager requires three AAA batteries to operate, and the two call buttons would need one CR2032 battery each. Batteries for the call buttons are already in the package, but the batteries for the pager are not.

SINGCALL Home Caring Alarm System

The SINGCALL pager is so small that it is almost the size of the two call buttons that are included in the package. The tiny pager has two buttons; the first one is the Initialize that turns on the receiver and the call button, and the second one is the Register/Cancel button that stops the beeping sound on the receiver once the call button is pressed.

Despite its portable size, the pager does not have batteries and would need to be plugged in an outlet for power. But because it is small, you can place it on any table in the house, and it will not take up a lot of space.

CallToU Wireless Wrist Pager

For caregivers who want to wear their pagers, there is the CallToU Wireless Wrist Pager that not only acts as a pager but also as a watch. The wrist pager can show the time and date for the day, but it also has a unique feature that displays the assigned word for each call button that the elder uses.

The words that can appear in the pager are Water, Coffee, Juice, Order, Pay, Call, Service, Cancel, Medicine, Needle, Sweep, Bill, Doctor, Positive, and Negative. All of these words can be set for each call button, but you will only be able to assign five words since there are only five call buttons that come in the box. However, there are other options for the wrist pager that include two or ten call buttons.

The call buttons are waterproof with an IP55 rating, so they won’t get damaged if the older person accidentally drops them in a bathtub. Also, the buttons can reach the wrist pager for up to 500 feet, which is similar to the range of the NiCalBel pager.

Besides the pagers, you can also buy special caregiver alarms that you can put under the elderly’s bed sheets or below their bedroom mats so that you will know if they are getting up on the bed or starting to walk around the house without pressing the call button to ask for your help. Some aging adults may not like asking for help sometimes, so it is good to have an alarm along with a pager for you to adequately monitor if the elderly need assistance even if he or she doesn’t want it.